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  1. My favourite colour scheme...…...lovely bass
  2. I have just bought an Ampeg SCR DI (used and from the Effects for sale section) suits me down to the ground. I plug my iPhone or laptop into it, headphones into the other end and everyone's happy. It also records nicely into my Audient ID14 and Reaper. It works much better than the irig I used to use, and I think there is another one up for sale at the moment. If I hadn't found that I would probably have got something very similar such as the Harley Benton one which looks very reasonably priced and well reviewed or the TC Electronic Spectradrive. https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_custom_line_bass_di_expander.htm?sid=f410180210a10e0afe04bb1fc80359c4 If you are feeling flush and would make use of all the features, the new EBS microamp 3 looks very nice, and would be very versatile. https://ebssweden.com/content2/effects/ebs-microbass-3-professional-outboard-preamp/
  3. What a great story, and great respect to Lull for their actions
  4. If that's the one you want to get rid of, I'd like to see the rest of your collection 😏
  5. Thank you kindly booboo, that's exactly what I was hoping to avoid, I am glad I didn't get carried away
  6. Thanks abar121, I am enjoying it immensely
  7. Thank you very much police squad
  8. That looks a very smart guitar, beautiful finish
  9. That's looking lush now Soledad, well worth your perseverance
  10. love it.……….could have been an un-hackable password (no good now, of course 😏)
  11. Ha Ha thank you very kindly moley6knipe...……………………...what an amazing name
  12. thank you very much DJ'65
  13. That's very gentlemanly of you Bassman Sam, thank you
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