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  1. The best live video I've seen
  2. Thank you kindly folks, I got some of the wool felt underlay stuff on the way home from work today. It looks just like the stuff Christine recommended above (thanks again) I think I will fart (probably the wrong word) about with it, holding it in place with double sided tape, until it sounds right, as per the advice above, and then use up the spray glue I have left from telexing for a more permanent job.
  3. If you do decide to go for chambering, here is an idea of how Warmoth do it, with a kind of honeycombe-looking thing which you may be able to do with a forstner bit in a pin drill, and avoid nasty routers! Given the larger scratchplate on a 51(ish) p bass, it might work well. I've done chambering before, and it is effective, but I have only done it where a top has been glued over the chambers. I did it on an Ash and Wenge 'Blingray' build a while ago, it did cut the weight down quite a bit, but all the photos have gone from the thread, so not much help there, sorry! https://www.warmoth.com/ordering/chamberedbody30dayguarantee.aspx
  4. Here is a link to a 51 p bass build on the TDPRI site, they mention a bloke called Preeb, who has done some extraordinary builds, both basses and guitars, he is fastidious to say the least with his research. I think you would find all the information you need on there. There is also a link on that thread to a PDF named "P bass comparison" which is an accurate outline plan for the body shape, if you don't already have one. There are lots of other plans for things like headstocks and pickguards if you need them, not sure how much you plan to do yourself. Great project though, keep us all posted with it please, and best of luck https://www.tdpri.com/threads/51-p-bass-build-looking-for-info.187396/
  5. I hope someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but the body is around 42mm thick Having said that, I just looked at the ones on the Warmoth website, and they are 1 3/4" which is about 44mm or 45mm. Anything in that area would be fine, I don't suppose anyone is going to take a set of calipers to it! More important, is that it balances well and doesn't feel like a millstone around your neck
  6. Thank you very kindly Christine, I will look for some of this stuff tomorrow
  7. I am in the process of making as sure as I can that there will be no leaks or rattles on this cab, an I have another advice question for you all please. What would you recommend to use for lining the inside of the cabinet? I have four squares of egg-box style foam lying around that I was going to use on a guitar cab, so I tried that in there, but I think it's a bit too thick. It will lie very close to the slotted holes on the front baffle, and I worry that they would not be able to function as they are intended to. I then thought I could cut up to completely cover the back panel, and use something thinner an less obtrusive on the sides? Is there any kind of best practice involved with lining cabs? What's the best stuff to use?
  8. What a glorious lump of a thing, I wish I had a need for it, but I fear it would bring my house down! In fact, the three little pigs wouldn't have been quite so smug if the wolf had had one of those!
  9. Yes, I quite agree, his attitude reminded me of Wilco Johnson when faced with similar prognosis, and I greatly respect his mettle. I really hope he shares some of Wilco's luck, and has a new lease of life. I notice, whenever his name, or that of Budgie, crops up in these pages, he commands a lot of respect
  10. Very sad to read this. I was never what you might call a fan of Budgie, but was aware of them, and they still crop up on those late night compilation programmes. He seems a very decent and philosophical bloke, I hope things improve for him. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/entertainment/music/singer-of-70s-rock-legends-budgie-says-hes-suffering-from-a-life-threatening-condition/ar-BBZOjhn?ocid=spartandhp
  11. Thank you very kindly Beer of the Bass
  12. I have now got the speaker wired up, thanks to those who offered advice on how to do that, it's not one of my confident areas, much appreciated. I thought I would do it while I was waiting for the grille cloth which I had ordered, to arrive from USA, however while I was out watching the man cub playing football, this morning, this arrived, left in the porch. Very pleased with this, looks great and no import duty to pay! Best get on with it!
  13. Sorry Should have gone to Specsavers...….thought it said furry bass
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