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  1. Oh my word! That is such tidy work, quality stuff
  2. Mmmmn, the problem I had, and I'm sure I'm not alone, is that Ibuprofen is very good at masking pain, but you aren't getting the cause treated, to the point where I needed surgery to fix my right shoulder, and I still get pain in my wrist. I may well get one of those gyro-ball thingy's but I was slightly put off by the mixed reviews they seem to get, however that may have been down to cheap versions flogged online. Good luck with your health anyway, mate, it can be quite a downer when it affects your enjoyment of the important things in life!
  3. Hi Jimbogubson I considered exactly the same complaint quite recently, I think it's an old injury to my right wrist (no sniggering!) from picking up a motorbike that had been knocked over and ignoring it for years. Now that I drive a desk for a living, using a computer mouse so much is giving me hell. I looked at these gyroscopic ball devices, but didn't try one when it eased off a bit. One thing I can say is Ibuprofen is not the answer https://powerballs.com/
  4. rubis

    Wise words

    I agree with your point, totally, but I also agree with the message he was trying to get over
  5. Perhaps all we will ever need to know ?
  6. I apologise Sylvia Bluejay, no offence was intended
  7. Recently got my Blingray out of self isolation and this song always makes me feel better, the extended mix is my playalong at the moment Epic song
  8. ……..well one of them is beautiful!
  9. For those among us who are going to be spending a lot of the foreseeable future indoors and online, this video tutorial from Produce like a Pro might help to while away the hours in a 'productive' way
  10. If you imagine for a minute, that was fitted to a guitar, what kind of groin action would produce that sort of wear and tear?
  11. What a beautifully made thing, I'm off to look them up!
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