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  1. I seem to remember some time ago, seeing a build thread on the TDPRI site, where a bloke built a Tele style guitar and then used a Dremel or something similar to route his logo into the headstock. I imagine this produced a similar looking effect to your engraving method. He then filled in the recessed logo with solder, and when fine sanded and polished up, it looked really good. I think he went a step further and tried it out with molten silver, but I to be honest the solder looked just the same. Might be worth experimenting on a bit of scrap?
  2. I'm actually excited about it, remember watching them win the Eurovision song contest and I've been a fan since They were always quality and I hope the new stuff is too, they have resisted enormous financial temptation to re-unite, so I'm sure they are doing it for the right reasons, andwouldn't release it if it wasn't up to their standard
  3. Another happy Reaper user here, the only thing I find lacking is my ability
  4. That looks lush Phil, love the headstock and the little 'clean' patch by the bridge pickup. It's a lovely colour, I did a cheap 12 string Tele copy in surf green, but it didn't look as good as this, it came out somewhat brighter. I,m going to re-do it Sherwood Green and see how that looks. You must be very proud and please with your efforts, it's stunning
  5. Why not take the head off/out and get a lightweight cab (or two)?
  6. Rick Beato puts some great eye opening videos out, very instructive and very moreish
  7. He does very nice mint green plates as well, I'm thinking of making a matching '64 Telecaster to go with this one, and would love a Spitfire plate to go on it
  8. Bryan Ferry Live Album to Support Band and Crew | Best Classic Bands Nice to see Ferry doing his bit to help out his band and crew, I'd like to see others follow his example
  9. Why not do a bitsa using parts that your taste and budget dictate, and then finish it yourself. If you research it beforehand (and believe it or not, use a little restraint) a relic finish is easier than you might think, after all it doesn't need to be perfect. I did one and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and end result, it's my favourite bass and I'd love to do another one day.
  10. Just discovered these on Youtube, I apologise if they have been previously posted, and I know that isolated tracks are nothing new, but these are a little bit different with just voices and bass, and they make for interesting listening. There's quite a variety on there, and as well as the stellar bass playing, they also highlight just how effortlessly soulful and musical some of the singers are/were. Love these two (15) (BASS+VOICE) James Jamerson with Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell - Ain't No Mountain High Enough - YouTube (15) (BASS+VOICE) BEST DUET EVER - JAMES JAMERSON & MARVIN GAYE - WHAT'S GOING ON - YouTube
  11. I read this book before diving in http://www.melvynhiscock.com/ and found it very helpful, having said that, i think by browsing this forum, and (dare i say it) Talkbass or TDPRI which have build your own sections, i think you would pick up lots of useful information The other thing is post your efforts and ask questions, people like nothing better than helping out and passing on tips Enjoy what you do
  12. I must admit I don't listen to Hendrix at all these days, but this is the exception, he pulled everything out of the bag on this recording
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