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  1. Oh my word! That is such tidy work, quality stuff
  2. Mmmmn, the problem I had, and I'm sure I'm not alone, is that Ibuprofen is very good at masking pain, but you aren't getting the cause treated, to the point where I needed surgery to fix my right shoulder, and I still get pain in my wrist. I may well get one of those gyro-ball thingy's but I was slightly put off by the mixed reviews they seem to get, however that may have been down to cheap versions flogged online. Good luck with your health anyway, mate, it can be quite a downer when it affects your enjoyment of the important things in life!
  3. Hi Jimbogubson I considered exactly the same complaint quite recently, I think it's an old injury to my right wrist (no sniggering!) from picking up a motorbike that had been knocked over and ignoring it for years. Now that I drive a desk for a living, using a computer mouse so much is giving me hell. I looked at these gyroscopic ball devices, but didn't try one when it eased off a bit. One thing I can say is Ibuprofen is not the answer https://powerballs.com/
  4. rubis

    Wise words

    I agree with your point, totally, but I also agree with the message he was trying to get over
  5. Perhaps all we will ever need to know ?
  6. I apologise Sylvia Bluejay, no offence was intended
  7. Recently got my Blingray out of self isolation and this song always makes me feel better, the extended mix is my playalong at the moment Epic song
  8. ……..well one of them is beautiful!
  9. For those among us who are going to be spending a lot of the foreseeable future indoors and online, this video tutorial from Produce like a Pro might help to while away the hours in a 'productive' way
  10. If you imagine for a minute, that was fitted to a guitar, what kind of groin action would produce that sort of wear and tear?
  11. What a beautifully made thing, I'm off to look them up!
  12. I'm gutted for you Andy, I've been in a similar situation myself, best of luck to you
  13. Thank you very kindly Phil, praise indeed from a man who knows about these things
  14. Yes, I think that's a fair assumption
  15. Here is a diagram from one of the early brochures or sales literature, it seems to me as if the various parts act together, to get the desired effect. I also found this description, which explains it far more elegantly than I could! The first B-15s generally housed a Jensen P15N speaker, brilliantly set in Jess Oliver’s patented double-baffle design. The original design placed the speaker between two baffles with 15-inch ports, separated by ⅜ of an inch. The outer baffle had a 15-inch circular cut out and a bar across the center of the speaker cone. The speaker was mounted to the inner baffle, which was fixed to the cabinet. This inner baffle featured eight oblong ports (two above, two below, two on each side) that passed the speaker’s rear wave output through the ⅜ of an inch space and through the outer baffle’s 15-inch opening, where this rear wave meets with the front wave completely in-phase. Here's a link to the full article https://reverb.com/news/the-golden-age-of-the-ampeg-b-15-1960-1980 And here is a link to a portaflex thread on Talkbass, with more than enough information on the various versions of the design https://www.talkbass.com/wiki/technical-speaker-cabinet/#2-double-baffle-cabinet Hope this is helpful gents, but I must confess I don't completely understand the physics involved. I don't know whether it would work at higher volumes, the original B15's were, I think only about 25 watts, but I have read somewhere recently of folks using a PF20t or PF50t and then slaving it up with something like a Baby Sumo to get a 'turbocharged' B15! It's probably a good thing that I don't play in a band, as I'd be after something like that!
  16. Thank you Stub Mandrel If you look at this photo of a pukka fliptop, taken from above with the lid removed. The innermost panel, with the slotted ports has the speaker attached to it. If you look at the circular speaker cut-out, you can see the gap between this panel, which on any other cab would be the solid, fixed front panel of a cube really. The difference with this cab is that it has another removable front panel, which has the speaker grille cloth attached to it, and is bolted to the inner panel. There are spacer blocks with bolts through them to keep the gap even all the way round. These two diagrams are like a cross section of the cab, as if it were cut in half horizontally. The turquoise part being the outside grille baffle/panel. Here's an exploded view of a whole fliptop cab. The cab I made is simpler, with a solid top and a removable back panel, quite conventional in that respect, but it's the same dimensions and has the same baffle arrangement. There is an American company called Fliptops who make replacement B15 cabs and also do an extension cab, just like the one I made. I have a proper set of dimensioned plans for this, if anyone wants a copy then please PM me.
  17. Thank you for the interest, encouragement and help, without it this would have taken me far longer and not been half the fun. Here is a family photo with the Ampeg PF20t and the '64 style P bass I made this cab to partner up with, I think they're made for eachother.
  18. Thank you very much Jus Lukin
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