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  1. Dolando


    Hello, I have a spare general standing ticket for Manchester next week, 18th June, Etihad Stadium. I can send photos of ticket/confirmation to anyone interested. £85 Delivered (special delivery)
  2. Hello, I have decide this pedal doesn't suit my band, so it's up for sale. It's a great pedal and sounds great, just sits on my board not being used. It's in great condition, and comes with a USB cable so you can use the Toneprint function, but no box (It's here somewhere). I will include it if I find it. £60 £53 delivered Possible trades for a chorus pedal...MXR Deluxe Chorus etc
  3. @Moos3h bought a lovely Warmoth/Alpher Jazz bass from me. Really nice bloke to deal with and no problems with the transaction. Cheers mate.
  4. @Norris bought a Delano quad coil pickup from me. Nice chap and fast and smooth transaction...cheers matey.
  5. Hello all, I have this Delano SBC 5HE/S-4 bridge pickup for sale that I no longer need. This is a quad coil humbucker so it can be switched from series HB/parallel HB/single coil all hum free. It's Bartolini P2 Driver size, dimensions below. It's a great sounding pickup, giving a full, round fat yet detailed sound. it's in nearly new condition with no marks or scratches and has plenty of cable left. I can also supply some screws if needed. £55 Delivered to the UK
  6. It does! Just don’t use it as much as I should. I’m a 5 string man!
  7. Thank you. Not off the top of my head, but I don’t feel it’s overally heavy. I can weigh it tonight if you like?
  8. Hello, Here is a rare chance to get a bit of an Alpher feeling bass for a fraction of the price! This was put together and finished by me with top quality parts and finished with Tru-Oil. It's in great condition apart from a couple of dings (pictured) and is a great sounding bass! I'm only selling this as I don't play 4 string much, so this doesn't get played as much as it should. It's an Pau Ferro/Ebony Alpher Instruments neck (£450) which i had made, and if you don't know the name it is built i UK to a very high standard! The body is a Warmoth Alder Jazz bass body with flame maple laminate top (cost around £320). It has Tonerider Jazz Pickups which I intended to put in to get it going, but sound great so I left them in. The electronics are Volume, Volume, East Mid Sweep, Passive Tone and is a bit of a hybrid active/passive setup which really works. The rest of the hardware is Hipshot so all in all some top quality parts all round. Any questions feel free to send me a message. £780 Collection from Manchester (£25 Delivery Cost) Trades: Looking for a Music Man Stingray 5 string (just not black)
  9. Dolando


    I literally re-fretted one of these from fretless back to frets today...like busses these things...was a great bass!
  10. Thank you!! I also wound the pickups myself to as close to a 60's set as I could, sounds lovely if they are close or not.
  11. Here's a relic Jazz I recently put together! Loads of fun spraying this, getting a perfect finish then hitting with things ! haha Oh the wood underneath will eventually be a coffee table!
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