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  1. That’s a whole lotta bass for that money! If I had it I’d have it!!!
  2. My ultimate BC Rich is for sale and I can’t afford it 😭😭😭😭😭 I can’t tell you how long I’ve been after one of these!!!!
  3. Damn it, was after one of these a couple of years ago and you’re b*%ody round the corner from me (I’m NN9)
  4. I saw TM play one of these in ‘07 in Paris whilst on holiday out there... If I could I would snap this up in a heartbeat!!!!!!
  5. Jack is brand new so I’ll start off!! Jack bought a bass off me and was great to deal with. Money arrived quickly, I kept him updated with shipping delays due to packaging and he was chilled about it, messaged me when he got it and that it arrived safely. I know we all worry about newbies but he’s great!
  6. I chose it because it’s where my thumb goes! Inverted is the way Warwick did it which works great if you don’t want to put your thumb there!! That’s correct, stacked for each! I left enough room for an active EQ incase I wanted it but I chose 2 different pickups (1 Dimazio and 1 fender ‘57) to give different sounds!
  7. So I have this morning off so I had to do somE surgery on the bass I built in lockdown 1.0 (there’s a build thread somewhere) ... After I had put shielding tape in the pickup cavities I did a rookie error and the wires came off the pickups as I think I yanked it a bit too hard! So I’ve just done some surgery (on a dipped Dimazio pickup it’s a nightmare!!!!) and it’s singing again!!
  8. I’m just doing the body ramp and headstock. I’m not messing around with neck finishes, the neck on this Ibanez iS actually really sweet so I’m leaving it as is! I’ve also recessed the knobs PRS style!
  9. Apologies for the delay, the weather has meant I’ve had to stop for a bit till the snow goes and it gets a bit warmer... my garage is full of what seems redundant sound equipment!
  10. A bit of progress today before I just had a snow flurry which has hindered me because I want to prime the body for chroming so here it is so far... it’s a 4 piece body... took a LOT of heat gun and scraping then sanding! Thank god for random orbital sanders!!!
  11. Probably on the Bon fire. It’s beyond repair missing some bits of wood bro. The truss rod is working but slightly bent (where the neck has been broken). The fingerboard is also incomplete! why bro?
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