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  1. Thanks man. I'm located just outside Northampton but I'm used to driving all over and enjoy being on the road!
  2. Hey guys, Since lockdown I've been doing different jobs as a way of making money and have been doing a couple of bespoke courier service jobs for musicians who are willing to help out a musician who lost everything since we went into lockdown. So I'm doing more of it. Prices are on an individual bases, they're a little bit more than normal but you get same day delivery (within England and South Scotland) and a bespoke service where I video call on pickup to ensure it's exactly what's ordered and that the client is happy with it before I take it for delivery. I'm not a big company, it's me and my van! So if you would like your instrument picked up and brought straight to you, please contact me! I currently have a job next week (just waiting on the date) Maidenhead-Newport (wales) and next Thursday Birmingham to Stirling (scotland). I basically run it as a bespoke service. You'll be supporting a musician and his family! I have shipping boxes, hard cases and flight cases to put the instruments in, commercial insurance and a LOT of coffee! BigJim
  3. Is that you Pete? Pete’s work who build these basses is amazing. And he is also the reason I play bass and has become a dear friend! He’s a great guy and his work is amazing! he also used to play with many amazing people including Peter Green for many years!
  4. Will this work with any router or just Netgear?
  5. I’ve double checked the wiring and it’s an active passive switch
  6. Interested in trades?
  7. It’s a slightly deeper pocket and was done under the supervision of the head of Crimson Guitars (who’s a very good friend and was round when I was doing it)
  8. BigJim


    Sure man. Just PM me
  9. BigJim


    What year is this Beauty?
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