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  1. Swijn

    Cables and Cables

    Hi Guys & Gals, Just curious as to what brands of cables people are using here..? or do you people prefer the DIY approach...? Many thanks
  2. Swijn

    Boss GT10B and Ampeg SCR DI

    I use a GT10 - but for effects only as i bypass all the amp sims + pre-amp etc (i have an Ampeg PF head). The Tech21 is extremely versatile and gives a great Ampeg sound.. you could retain the GT for effects.
  3. Swijn

    To Owners of Both J and P Basses

    I have both a MIA P Deluxe and a MIM Jazz. For my current band i only use the P - as it has [i][b]the[/b][/i] sound i need.. which i just cant get with the J. If I'm being honest though, the J feels more 'comfortable' to hold a play.
  4. Swijn

    Multi effects pedal vs single pedals

    Ah my bad.. in that case the MS-60B would get my vote !!
  5. Swijn

    Greetings from Kent

    Welcome from Rochester..
  6. Swijn

    Multi effects pedal vs single pedals

    [quote name='Al Krow' timestamp='1508258751' post='3390959'] Question: in terms of a "single Boss size" pedal is there a multi-fx that is better than the Zoom MS-60B? [/quote] Al Krow, Im probably a little late on this thread... but in relation to your query above i use the Boss GT-10 - the guitar version. I bypass all the amp sims etc and purely just use the effects. My band (PF tribute) requires using some very specific effects - which the GT-10 is more than capable of delivering with easy switching. Having used separate stomp boxes before, i much prefer the convenience of the single unit. Its way way more complex than i will ever need from a pedal, as i just use it as a live tool as and when needed.
  7. Swijn

    First amp and cab choice

    You cant go wrong with any of the great suggestions mentioned in this post... I would most certainly recommend trying a few out. I have had a few over the years (teamed with both P & J's) and have settled on an Ampeg PF500
  8. Swijn

    Why Lower Stage Volumes Means Better Shows........

    +1 to having a good sound engineer who know's what he is doing - it is worth its weight in gold! We'd never perform without ours. Fortunately we are quite a disciplined (and knowledgeable) band and have mastered our levels wisely. After all, we all want our band to sound the very best it can - so we all work together in that respect. With correct monitoring there is no need for big rigs on stage - make the PA do the work.
  9. Swijn

    Dropping down to one bass?

    [quote name='AndyTravis' timestamp='1493190288' post='3286264'] Recently got my 64 custom shop Jazz back and nothing else is getting a look in. I have 6 basses. I think either I'm going to stick with this on its own or set out looking for a similar quality P/J... Anyone else dropped down to just one bass? [/quote] Never had anymore than 5 at once - but need 2 for the band i play with. Main battle-axe is a P Deluxe plus a Fretless for a couple of songs. Got an older J as back up, and an acoustic just for something different.
  10. Swijn

    Multi effects pedal vs single pedals

    [quote name='Al Krow' timestamp='1493404733' post='3288171'] Had fun over the past week working through the 75 presets on the B3n. It is a revelation in terms of usability compared to the MS-60B I previously had. I've culled the selected effects down to 14 of my favourite patches which I could conceive of using in my bands' sets. I decided that live scrolling is going to be made easier if I include an "empty" slot in each bank of 3, so that works out as 7 banks used. [And plenty available for use]. The patches I've selected to keep include 4 distortion / drives, 4 bass synths and an assortment of others (e.g. octaver, tremolo, flange). There is no way I would have had space (or budget) for such tonal variety on my modest pedal board with dedicated pedals. The user friendly interface also means I'm looking forward to (and no longer feeling daunted by) rolling my sleeves up to design patches that are closer to what I had in mind e.g. for tremolo, chorus and delay. So where I am landing is that for the relatively novice pedal user such as me: don't bother with the budget end (e.g. the MS-60B) but get a half decent multi fx (e.g. the B3n) which can open up a world of tonal variety and fun! [/quote] Good stuff & enjoy !!
  11. Swijn

    How was your gig last night?

    Travelled to Swindon and played the Victoria to a full house - always a good crowd here that are up for some Floyd. The PA is excellent here - as to is the resident engineer. Monitoring was perfect - something of a rarity! Just took the small Ampeg Rig and cut through no problem.
  12. Swijn

    Multi Effects

    I went from stomp boxes to a Boss GT-10 - but the guitar version. I don't use any amps sims, and only a few effects - but they are fantastic and exactly what i need.
  13. Swijn

    Fender P Bass Thoughts...

    [color=#000000][font=Calibri][size=1] [size=4][font=Calibri]It is definitely down to the individual bass. [/font][color="#222222"]My MIM Jazz was bought from new circa 2004 and although left completely stock it 'felt’ just perfect to play and tonally sounded great. Maybe I just got lucky.[/color][/size][/size][/font][/color]
  14. Got my vote in.. The full rig is pretty heavy i guess - and bulky! - but i wouldn't have it any other way
  15. Swijn


    There is oodles of variables that will effect your required amp size. Variables including : venue type and size, venue PA size (if applicable) & quality, band size / loudness and the genre of music you are playing. All amps behave differently too. What sort of tone are you looking for..? Then there is the logistical questions - does the rig fit in my house & in my car to gigs - do i need an amp for practice or at rehearsal? does it have to be the same amp..? Decisions, decisions, decisions... For me, i will always go through a PA - which are normally pretty decent and large too as mostly play quite sizeable clubs. I have 2x guitars, drums and keys to cut with so i like to have plenty of volume behind me. I normally will use a 500W amp with 4x10 and 1x15 cabs paired together (which some people will say is a sin!) but it works for me. I then use the 1x15 for rehearsals and have even used the 4x10 for the odd pub gig.