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  1. Swijn

    Which 6x10...?

    Really appreciate the comments ... BF owners that i have spoken too also remark how loud but clear the BF cabs are. I'm also looking now at the 410 + 210 combo - especially if i can get the 210 switchable.
  2. Swijn

    Bass Collection, anyone?

    Sorry just found this thread .. I've got a Speakeasy Fretless that i use only on certain songs. Got it from a band mate who actually had a few... Im not a massive Fretless guy - but it plays really well. It has a quick neck and overall is well balanced.
  3. Swijn

    Which 6x10...?

    Yep understood. Ive got two 8ohm cabs at the mo. The 4x10 & 2x10 configuration looks good on paper - but don't think my amp can handle that mix. I don't think i can stretch to a new amp too !
  4. Swijn

    Which 6x10...?

    Thats good to know... I've read many a horror story with mis-matched cabs & ohms..
  5. Swijn

    Which 6x10...?

    This is what i have heard too - which is pretty much what I'm after... cheers Muzz
  6. Swijn

    Which 6x10...?

    Cheers for the info guys - much appreciated. Seems the jury is split between the boutique cabs (Barefaced, Berg etc) and the big boys (MB, Mesa, Fender etc). 9 times out of 10, i'll be loading my gear on my lonesome - hence still think weight is a big deal for me. For loading out/set up/break down/load in there is plenty help at hand for any stairs etc. To the 6x10 owners - do you also own a smaller cabs for smaller stages..? Or do you think - 'what the hell, why not make the room shake at every gig..? I'm curious to those with a 410 + 210, how to you get on sonically with this split..? with the 2x10 working harder - do you notice a difference in the sound at all between the two cabs? Cheers again folks,
  7. Swijn

    Which 6x10...?

    What amp do you use with this cab? Funny question, but does it have a 'Mark Bass' sound..? I really like the tone i have, so am not looking for a cab that adds much colour...
  8. Swijn

    Which 6x10...?

    Yep warm sounding / vintage vibe is what I'm after... cheers for the info
  9. Swijn

    Which 6x10...?

    Good call on the Berg 610 .. i had completely forgot about that one. At 44kg its pretty light for size too. Do you know how much colour the Mesa, Berg or Barefaced add to the sound..?
  10. Swijn

    Which 6x10...?

    Im afraid i just don't have the length (no innuendo intended) to get the 8x10 in .. !
  11. Swijn

    Which 6x10...?

    Hi Guys, Some advice / thoughts if you don't mind. I currently use an SVT Pro7 through 2x Ampeg B-series 410 cabs (I've replaced all the drivers with better eminence ones) however i would like to condense these two cabs down to just the one. I've ruled out an 8x10 as i don't have the means to transport it. The 6x10 then pretty much fits my MO. Im a big fan of Ampeg but at 53kgs the SVT610HLF looks just too darn heavy to cart around - and simple tasks like loading it into a car could be a big hassle. I need something lightweight. Ive checked out the spec's for the Fender Neo 610 and on paper looks ok - I've not played one though. My other thought was the Barefaced Six10... what do you reckon..? Cheers friends..
  12. Swijn

    Cables and Cables

    Hi Guys & Gals, Just curious as to what brands of cables people are using here..? or do you people prefer the DIY approach...? Many thanks
  13. Swijn

    Boss GT10B and Ampeg SCR DI

    I use a GT10 - but for effects only as i bypass all the amp sims + pre-amp etc (i have an Ampeg PF head). The Tech21 is extremely versatile and gives a great Ampeg sound.. you could retain the GT for effects.
  14. Swijn

    To Owners of Both J and P Basses

    I have both a MIA P Deluxe and a MIM Jazz. For my current band i only use the P - as it has [i][b]the[/b][/i] sound i need.. which i just cant get with the J. If I'm being honest though, the J feels more 'comfortable' to hold a play.
  15. Swijn

    Multi effects pedal vs single pedals

    Ah my bad.. in that case the MS-60B would get my vote !!