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  1. I like virtually everything from classical to jazz to hiphop to pop to country. But there are exceptions. -metal is as pretentious as prog rock is, being complex for the sake of being complex with a host of talented players wasting their talents. -the Beatles would not have been anything without George Martin. -bass solos that fit in as many notes as possible are like slap. Neither are musical to my ears, but more about ego and showmanship. -Fender are an overpriced brand name that know that they can churn out overpriced half decent basses and people will still buy them. In most industries you get your brand names that become lazy, and Fender are just one example. -the bass is the most important instrument in a standard 4 piece band IMO.
  2. From what I've seen/heard the more solid(structurally dense) the wood the less the wood has an effect on the tone. The effect of wood on tone is therefore more pronounced on acoustics and soft woods, but for most solid body electric basses the impact on tone is likely to be minimal. From my purchasing perspective, the only impact of the wood is how light weight it is and the resulting balance of the bass.
  3. I'm somewhat looking forward to this. Bad timing that the drummer passed away a few weeks ago though.
  4. Most FFs seem to be 35+ inch scale so mine is not the most ergonomic on the wrists. I would much sooner have 34 inch parallel frets.
  5. Well a fretless shouldn't have to be the one bass that does everything. Perhaps that's how you're looking at it? I see the fretless as filling a niche, in the same way that a 6 string or short scale fills a niche application. I see them as tools for the job rather than one bass being perfect for everything. If you try to think of it in that way, it may reignite your affection for it because you're not expecting as much from it.
  6. I've got a multiscale to see what they have to offer and if they will eventually grow on me, but I regret buying it other than to know for definite that they're not for me. So at least it's served some purpose. I think the numerous disadvantages hugely outweigh any advantages, at least for me, and that they will remain niche that serve a purpose for some but not most.
  7. Perhaps you can add a confirmation dialogue "Really sign out?" for fat fingers?
  8. I only use light gauge strings now. Heavy gauge makes the strings more woofy sounding, they're more fatiguing and harder on my fingers and joints, and less easy to control..
  9. I use a leather strap like this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Leathergraft-Acoustic-Electric-Reinforced-Leather/dp/B01I764RN4/ref=sr_1_16 3.7 inches wide, comfortable, good inner suede leather grip, £21.
  10. Because the general public are gullible and believe that they're getting something more for their money if they pay more. Such an effect can be clearly demonstrated with wines and other commodities, and the experts will lovingly heap praise on the expensive wines in their glass while turning up their nose at "cheap" wines, unbeknown to the fact that in the experiment they're drinking cheap bottles from Morrisons that's been repackaged. I't's amazing what price does to people's imagination in how they perceive things. Put the price up bit by bit, add lots of marketing, maybe even make it a limited edition, and wait for a fool to come along.
  11. They're really good IMO. I have the 5 string and 6 string SS and I will be getting the HQS flats soon. Fantastic value for money when you consider that the D'Addarrios are more than twice the price and less than half as good.
  12. The JPs(both 4 and 5 string) are passive, and JJs(ditto) are active. I'm really fond of that JP. I much prefer passive over active and P and PJ over JJ.
  13. I like them for fretted because they're less harsh on my fingers when string crossing and they're less noisy. On fretless I prefer rougher SS rounds because it gives me more grip to be creative.
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