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  1. Theory is the easiest part - you learn it once and it's done. It's not an evolving, continuous or subtle process. The hard part for me is with ear training, consistently recognising intervals and notes on fretless..
  2. I buy my gear based on whatever gives me the best value for money. Where it's made is irrelevant in my decision, but I doubt any will be British. I would have to look. I notice that there is no Eastern made gear listed there, which is odd given the overwhelming prevalence in modern day times. Any reason why?
  3. The damage is being done when the fingers are moving quickly, forcefully, repetitively while the wrist is bent at an uncomfortable angle. Light pressure and less finger movement will be less damaging than fast and furious finger movement with a bent wrist. A bent wrist with no finger movement does not cause any damage. I would hazard a guess that punk, metal, and rock players would be far more susceptible to carpel tunnel syndrome than country or jazz musicians, for instance. Those fast and repetitive 16th note rhythms, while trying to look cool with their low strung bass, is a ticking timebomb that will inevitably take its toll.
  4. Don't shoot the messenger. I'm just quoting what someone else said earlier in the thread. It was meant to be 4-5, not 4-6 fwiw. Whatever the number happens to be, then that's the only accuracy that's needed.
  5. If the human ear is only accurate to 4-6 cents then that's all that's needed. I tune every day before playing, first by ear and then by tuner to within +/- 3. I generally fuss about far more important things.
  6. Took me a long time to warm to rap/hip-hop because of all the mentions of Ns and Hs and Bs, which I didn't want to hear in music especially. It wasn't until I started playing the bass that I tuned out the lyrics and focused on the beat. I prefer the independent non-commercial hip hop.
  7. Wow! Nice bass. If I didn't already have a 5 string fretted I would have bought the blue version in a heartbeat, assuming it's relatively lightweight.
  8. That's interesting! A theory about tinnitus is that the frequencies that we hear are the brain's way of compensating for those frequencies that we hear the least well We typically hear higher pitched frequencies in our tinnitus because they're usually the first ones to not be heard so well. But if yours are lower pitched, then perhaps that may have some impact on you as a bassist.
  9. Looks should never trump playability. Looks get boring after a while. Playability doesn't age so quickly. Things like weight, balance, overall feel and comfort most make me want to play a bass. The bass is just a tool to get a job done.
  10. Every day for the last year and a bit during my warm up exercises, I've been practising permutations to the metronome at a current 200bpm, keeping each finger as close to the fingerboard as is possible while applying the absolute minimum pressure before fret buzz occurs. I think a lot of the technique for this transfers into other areas of the bass. As rightly stated by DiMarco, it really helps to make the flying finger disappear (within 6-12 months it will). The less the fingers have to travel, the less fatigue over time. It trains the fingers to develop equal strength (there is a tendency for people to concentrate on their strengths rather than developing their weaknesses, so often this means that people will avoid doing things that use their little finger, preferring to use the simandl technique instead)
  11. Mine is like background noise so I'm unaware of it most of the time. Like breathing, as one person has said. It may or may not be directly as a result of diet, but diet affects stress levels and mood, of which definitely has an effect on the intensity of the ringing. High stress, loud ringing. So best to stay from sugary things and to reduce caffeine intake. Jaw issues can also make it worse.
  12. I'm using them now, and not found any reason not to recommend them. Price is reasonable when they're on sale. I don't know what they're like for slap because I've no intention of ever finding out
  13. TheLowDown


    My heaviest is a 6 string HB at 9.9lb. The HB 4 strings were somewhere between 7 and 8lb. Not sure about the 5 string. Being lightweight is important, but balance is importanter.
  14. Nah don't worry. I would only have been offended if you'd said they were Fenders.
  15. They're all Harley Bentons from the progressive range. Cheap Inexpensive and cheerful but they do me. The one on the left is this.
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