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  1. Interestingly, it's had an opening bid of £5.
  2. ebay needs a "block seller" facility.
  3. (I know that'll be the never-seen-before box of rotted matchtsicks which once was a bass.)
  4. That there are musical instruments in Hull?
  5. I think it's a Hohner or Spirit with wings.
  6. I had one and it was really quite good. I sold it for £50.
  7. I'm not sure what the Tributes are worth.
  8. I saw Cressida a few years back; a mate had a spare ticket to The Cathedral and the support band had dropped out so they pulled in Cressida. It was a bit weird that gig - Cressida were great, but the Cathedral were doom metal and I left before the end because it was doing my head in.
  9. They're a decent guitar for not a lot of money. One for free is an even better deal!
  10. I always thought those headless instruments with normal tuners at the other end instead were stupid.
  11. "sensible offers" - sensible to me or you?
  12. I picked up a Novation Super Bass Station on the weekend, so I'm looking forward to having a play with it. It's got lots of knobs on the front and a MIDI port on the back, so hopefully it'll make some good sounds.
  13. Could I have them please? I have a Simmons control unit (in the loft), but no pads.
  14. I spotted a couple more with the buy-from-some-pawnshop.com image with price and reported to ebay and it's gone (they do seem to react when you tell them it's avoiding fees!). (I couldn't link that one here, because it was the brand which cannot be mentioned...)
  15. I keep looking at this and thinking it'd be good to have in my parts box in-case... ...but then I wonder if that "in-case" would ever arise.
  16. Not too heavy to carry, so good for your Elf...
  17. At £570, I'd have looked at the one here instead.
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