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  1. With a Disaster Area mini switcher you can step up and down through patches/programs. However, it does then increase the effective footprint of your unit.
  2. Hmmm - that's a Para Driver DI, not a Bass Driver DI. I have to say I don't particularly know what the real-life difference is, other than what's written on the front and there's a parametric Mid control!
  3. They'd then get into loads of hassle when they blocked people sending to their mates, effectively calling their customers liars, etc. I guess they can't win either way. The bottom line is if you use F&F to send to people you don't know, then it's your risk; you've been warned. (Can't believe I'm defending PayPal, but I guess if I'm not against them then I must be with them.)
  4. In fairness to PayPal, they are clear and it's up to folks to choose to think of someone they don't know as "Friends & Family".
  5. Those Chickenbackers are based on Fender scale and tend to have the Treble pickup in the Jazz Bass position.
  6. As ever, simply do not use Friends & Family to pay people who aren't your friends or family...
  7. I like the Microbass 3's fx loop; it means it can be a pedalboard hub. The fly in the ointment for me is that I've recently acquired an Ampeg valve preamp, which has a certain sound to it (of course)... My pedalboard as-is: I'm trying out the HX Stomp replacing a number of discrete pedals and will see how that goes.
  8. It really added more authority to the sound, compared to the SansAmp BDDI which previously held the spot on my board. My only wish was that it had two of those channels rather than one plus distortion (like the Stanley Clark acoustic one).
  9. I disagree - the clean channel is remarkable. The distortion channel isn't as good. Mine says manufactured in Sweden.
  10. I couldn’t imagine trying to program one without a PC. (Well, I suppose could imagine it, but it would be a thankless task!)
  11. How much did you say you want for that £200 bass?
  12. And then the Kempton Park guitar show scheduled for the following weekend. (I don't want to wish Summer over, but...)
  13. My first thought was is it a Harley Benton, but maybe it's more a hardly bent one.
  14. Bob Daisley is a fine bass player; the price is way out of my league, though.
  15. I've fancied a Guild one of those for a while, but it's a bit rich for me.
  16. Well; the concept of zero crossings is a bit simplistic anyway; you really need something like a spectrogram & FFT to analyse the frequencies in an audio signal (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spectrogram).
  17. Cheers - I knew of his background. It's just I remember the brand coming to prominence in the mid-70s.
  18. I wasn't even aware that Ovation were around in the 60s.
  19. IEC? You wouldn't want to plug your ears into that !
  20. Though it's interesting in the conversation wider sense, an integrated isn't what I'm after; an overall volume is pretty much all the knobbage required. Yep - there are some compact ones; I just don't want to have to use a trolley to shift the stuff about. I do have and EBS pedal preamp, but my application for this is an Ampeg.
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