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  1. Well, at least playing it would be an improvement on Status Quo music.
  2. I think there's more than just a bit of tidying up, as one of the toggles looks like it's snapped off and the jack socket looks to have had an impact, so it's pushed in at an angle and the wood is damaged. .
  3. I was expecting the text to be all laid out at weird angles.
  4. £300 seems a bit high for that Thunder 2, given that some of the electrics are broken and the wood around the jack socket is damaged. You'd also have to factor in finding the right knobs for it.
  5. Well, in some cases, but not necessarily always…
  6. I had one of these new back when they came out - a very nice bass it was.
  7. I wonder what the reserve is on it?
  8. It looks like they're an antiques dealer or house clearance specialist, so they'll be pretty thick-skinned.
  9. It does look like a bog in need of a clean.
  10. Make you proud to be British - in the war we needed that kind of approach. (It would've helped good old Blighty put the invaders off!)
  11. A mudbucker in the neck position is a Sheehan thing - sort of makes it sound like a Ric or an EB3 (well, I suppose the EB3 is a given). The extended pickguard looks pretty grim, tough.
  12. But the challenge of figuring out which way to turn the tuners could be good mental exercise.
  13. (Sorry Andy Travis - quip was a bit of a low-blow there!)
  14. They'd be handy if I could have them, plz. I've got headless with cut off strings clamped at the head and the sharp ends sticking out are vicious little sods!
  15. It's overpriced for a Yamaha.
  16. Dude - anybody who can't see that headstock has something severely wrong with it deserves to have it.
  17. prowla

    Geddy Lee pedal

    I have to say when i tried one I just set the controls to 12 o'clock and played it. I suppose though, you buy it for that tone (including the 2nd deep bass channel), so it pretty much does what it says on the tin. My most recent acquisitions have been an EBS Microbass 3 pedal which is really good and plays the role of an Fx board hub, with an Fx send/return loop, and a PHA valve preamp, which really augments the Rickenbacker's sound well and gives that low growl plus thickens the high end.
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