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  1. It's astonishing work, really.
  2. It's a once in a lifetime job, D.
  3. It's all completed now and I'm just waiting on it being delivered. New colour scheme and headstock facing. Not all will like the colour scheme, but I do. 🙂
  4. The neck pickup, being where it is, does a decent Rick sound. If you use both pickups, with a pick, into a gritty preamp, they're more than capable of doing a passable Geddy / Squire sound. Apologies for lumping both of them together.
  5. Graham, The neck has a real maple stringer down the centreline with mahogany either side. They are now augmented by a painted / stained dark mahogany either side of the maple with the mahogany left as is either side of that.
  6. Nope, just a straightforward mono output. Mine has just had the XLR out added, for not greater reason than it being a Jaydee 'thing' and a Roadie didn't originally have that. When I sent it down for the refinish, they contacted me back and asked if I'd want that and a new headstock facing, for a very fair price. I couldn't honestly say no.
  7. It felt quite a bold move, but once I saw it... Rotisserie.mov
  8. I'd never have dreamt that was possible. It's a way to make my Roadie look like a higher end Jaydee with the real laminate construction. He's done that previously and also did another bass with the purple tint around the edge. I asked him to combine both and I think it's turned out well. It also has a new bookmatched Walnut - Maple - Mahogany headstock facing now, whereas before it was painted black.
  9. Done, To be polished and reassembled now.
  10. I can play 'some' of that stuff, but choose not to. That job's already taken and I find it borderline cringeworthy when people put their video up playing one of his lines with their Jaydee or Status under their chin. It does many other decent sounds, given that when they were first designed, it wasn't actually for him.
  11. I have a pic of it somewhere. '87 I think.
  12. The colour scheme will split opinions, I think. I love it though. I already have pics of it painted, but I understand the value to a small business in sharing your work on social media so won't jump the gun and share before Toby does. Now it has to sit for two weeks whilst it fully cures before buffing out and reassembly.
  13. Some progress underway on this I'm delighted to say. The stringers are now painted in.
  14. True, It will however be a dark day before I sell this. I'm realistic enough to recognise my career high point when I see it, hence my reason for thinking I never see me selling this.
  15. They're fantastic basses. My fretless 4 string is a neck through.
  16. David, I had a Wal Pro Bass around 1990, really didn't gel with it and took it back to the shop and the boy gave me credit on the amount I'd paid for it, which bought me a new Hohner Jack. Cost £350. I'm that craddock that did that , that everybody hears about. I then chopped the Hohner in for an old Fender Jazz in Daphne Blue which I eventually sold for £650. Go and look up what years they made a Daphne Blue jazz with non painted headstock and consider that I selt it for £650. Another instance when I was a total fud.
  17. Wow, £260 !! I think you'd get your money back again.
  18. Really ? I was more curious about your reasons for having a keeper, but seeing as you asked... Somewhere down there, I'm playing my Fame 6 string. Loreley 2017. Yes closed the festival that day. That's why I'll never sell that bass. But what about your stories. This is the bass. I'll have it forever.
  19. It's fair to say that many of us in here easily have our eye drawn by new and shiny things. But is there a bass, or basses, that you simply couldn't now sell, for some reason ? What's the bass and why couldn't you sell it ? My Fame 6 string did many great gigs with me a few years back so I have to keep it forever because of that. I must keep the bass that's in those pics of us playing at that venue. My matching 4 string fretless is here forever for exactly that reason too. My MPU 6 string did some brilliant gigs more recently so that's here forever as well. Great pics from great gigs. My Jaydee is special because I first had one in 1987 and always wanted one back again. That's here for keeps too. (It's away at Jaydee now being refinished).
  20. I'm kinda glad that I've got to a stage where most of what I have I could now never part with so am virtually done with any new acquisitions. I think...
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