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  1. Hi , I recently both this great bass, i Need a five String that the reason for sale , If my Others Basses sell First going to witdrawn this one best four String iv played, the active Electronics are from factory bartolini year 2002 headstock looks Like a relic already , there is Few scratches and some wear in the trussrod , this one PlaysLike butter and got the Chris lakin signature For trade lakland 5 Strings or some Others , Like music man plus Cash or Fender ultra , Just try me Specs Ash Body Fralin Pickups Bartolini pre amp Indianrosewood Fingerboard Maple Neck quartersawn There is an original Case and a Second pickguard transparent . Im going to Post Moor Pictures soon
  2. Please someone have to buy this one, Im Not slepping Well since this is for sale. Good luck
  3. Up, my consider streigth trade with a lakland 5 Strings or p Bass custom Shop
  4. hi i got this one in a trade on this forum , and only did that because i want it to try it before my new order moollon arrives (now waiting 7 months ) . bass is really great easy to play , works just fine for every music style a really nice working tool , i was playing it with a external preamp and sounds amazing . specs swamp ash body light weight 3,7 kilo qartersawn neck maple with walnut stripe moollon pickups , 60 wiring this bass was actually a prototype of the j classic there is no may around with swamp ash body possible trades on this one , just ask . cheers enjoy
  5. HI, for sale or trade ,great condition , with all the case candy fender custom jazz 64 in faded apple red finish from 2011 , look nicer on person , please check picturus of that finish online i could get it with my camera. alder body , quarter sawn neck , rosewood fingerboard , light weight .original case includded , one of the locks is a little flip up , but work for now for trade looking for lakland 5 strings or p bass custom shop , also oder jazz basses 4 or 5 strings , maybe some pj pickups comination i will regret this , but i got some basses comming and some have to go enjoy
  6. Stay tune tomorrow evening , will Post some Pictures , this is a unique Bass . Fender p custom Shop or lakland 5 Strings als trade , or some f Bass AS Well .
  7. Sorry Fingerboard ist Rosewood , No ebony , i Post some Pictures in a week , im in hollidays
  8. Hi , im Not so Sure about this but i want a lakland 5 strings or a p Bass custom custom Shop or Vintage one . Ken Smith cr fully original fromm 1999 great conditions works and plays Just fantastic , Got a few Songs of use Like above the Pickups , and a few scratches , but only cosmetic stuff , Frets are in great shape Low Action , original electronics. Bass is all Maple really Nice quilted , Neck is 3 pieces Maple , preamp is crazy , matched head Stock. Comes with a old Solid hixcost drop Case
  9. Kristall Basses are 100% custom , and there are Made for only one luthier. this one is fodera quality
  10. Hi, i giving another try with my custom Like new kristall Home 5 Neck trhu This Bass new price is over 6000 Euros . Trade Options Jazz Basses or p Basses 4 oder 5 strings , music man only 5 strings or Vintage stingrays. Trade plus Cash or Cash from me AS Well is an Option. Specs Koa Solid Body wings Neck trhu 5 pieces with bolivean Rosewood and Maple 24 frets brazilian Rosewood Fingerboard Nordstrand big singles Pick ups Nordstrand Electronics with passive Control Weight 4,6 Kilo Comes with generic Case Enjoy
  11. Hi for sale or trade a elrick Gold from 2015 , This one got Well played and got many small scratches but only cosmetic matters , the one knob broke and was repair .original Case only Solid but one Lock is broke. Als trade am interested on p Basses or Jazz Basses 5 strings only or a music Mann 5 strings i could add Cash or Take a lower priced Bass plus Cash AS Well Specs: Body : swamp Ash Top : Redwood water cured Neck : 3 pieces quartersawn Maple Electronic : bartolini Pickups : bartolini weight: 4,4 kilo
  12. Bass is already gone please delete.
  13. You can Deal with confidence with Harry , great comunicaton , i made a trade with him and got a great Bass, really Nice Set Up better then many luthiers do. Thanks Harry Greatings from germany
  14. It will BE Nice to trade with a music man 5 strings!!!!!!
  15. trade option fender p bass custom shop plus cash from me??? this bass is like new!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Such a nice Bass , Wish you good luck with it!!
  17. Trade with p Bass or pj Basses 5 or 4 strings
  18. Hi , someone try or own any lakland Bass made in Japan? Ar they good quality ? Thanks !!! Cheers alexis
  19. Nice one Sven !!!!!! I Play IT once great Bass and at this price is a great offer . Good luck with it
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