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  1. Up for sale is this wonderful Fodera Monarch Elite 4. Very rare Elite model (top of the line) and especially in 4 string version. Bass is absolute beauty, plays and sounds fantastic as you would expect from Elite Fodera. Specs: - Mahogany body - Alder tone block - Curly walnut top - nearly magical pattern to look at - Ebony fingerboard - Abalone blocks/inlays - Duncan Dual Coils - Pope Electronics - Comes from "golden" era of Fodera, when everything was done exclusively by Vinny Bass is in perfect condition, everything is original. Shipped from Czech Republic and shipping is included in the price, UK buyers please PM me and we manage postBrexit conditions somehow. 6350€ or whatever equivalent in GBP.
  2. Hi Gareth, Any feedback from shipping experience? Which courier did you use and was everything ok on Germany side? Thanks for sharing. David
  3. Hi, are you sure with description? Does not look like 5pcs neck, SD Dual coils, maple tone block etc..? Thanks David
  4. Thanks to all for compliments and offers in PM. I am basically not against trades - I am selling only because I have another and very similar Fodera Elite. Regarding trades - I am quite open. Another Foderas, Wals, Ken Smithis, but also Fenders, Laklands, Sadowskys.. Cash both ways. Let me know in PM.
  5. Ash body, maple neck, dakota red nitro finish. Soft V neck profile, 44mm, 9,5' fretboard radius, gold anodised pickguard. EXTREMELY lightweight at 3,43kg. Made in 2014, this bass has one of the best heavy relic finishes I have ever seen, absolutely beautiful, superb sound and playability, as you would expect from Fender Custom Shop. Check pictures. OHSC, case candy, COA etc. Other pictures, details or floor traveller upon request. Shipping is not a problem and is not expensive at all.
  6. Up for sale is this beautiful US made Lakland Joe Osborn, recently known as 44-60 model. Lakland took best features of preCBS jazzes ad combined it with modern features like quartersawn neck with graphite reinforcement, accessible truss rod, high-end Hipshot hardware etc. This particular bass it classic of all classics - Olympic white finish on alder body, maple neck with rosewood fretboard. Neck, as usual with Laklands, is absolute joy to play - profile is great, fingerboard edges are round and oil/wax back feels like and old gloves. Quartersawn here is dead straight and tight, fretboard has beautiful chocolate coloration. Bass comes from 2006 (s.n. 425, Lakin era, if that means something) and has Lakland pickups, VT VT controls. Comes with OHSC. Excellent players condition - has some scratches, small dings on the lower part of the body. Not a museum piece, but exactly condition I like - it has mojo of played bass, and you don't have to be afraid like by mint basses PM me for more pictures. Located in Czech Republic, EU shipping included in the price. Check my feedback.
  7. I assume there are extra holes for 60' style pickguard? Thanks.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Thanks a lot for all trade offers - keep them coming - I just have to state that in terms of trades, I accept only 4 string basses - Fender style (Lakland, Fender, MM etc.) With cash adjustments from both sides. I also like Fender CS Relic guitars if I can say this out loud here?
  10. Hi there, may I ask you - are these extra holes drilled under pickup chrome cover? Thanks.
  11. Up for sale is my exceptional Moollon Classic P bass. Alder body, dark ebony fretboard on quartersawn maple neck, fiesta red nitro finish. I am sure you see where is the inspiration - Pino Bass comes from 2013 and used to be real workhorse. Thanks to this and ultra thin nitro finish it started to age very nicely - it has rather matte finish, hardware has great patina and oxidation. Everything you would expect from bass being as much as possible close to pre-CBS Fenders. Nothing shiny and museum-like here. Check pictures, MOJO. Lightweight at 3,8kg. Bass comes with its OHSC and is located in Czech Republic. Price is £1900 OBO, write me a PM and we can talk shipping, have a lot of experience with EU shipping.
  12. Great, thanks a lot. I have/had both and both for a good and similar reasons. Anyway, enjoy your bass, it is great colour combo. This one is mine, bit Pino
  13. Hmm, congrats to your new moollon.. how do you compare it with US Lakland? I know they both have bit different approach (pure vintage Vs modern vintage on Glaub) but I mean craftsmanship, fret ends, radius, setup ability, playability etc.. thanks for your opinion.
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