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  1. bump! Still available but not hurry with the sale I can swap it for Mike Pope pre or a set of good 5 string bass pickups in EMG shape in order to change stock EMGs to the different ones!
  2. ahh so pitty that I currently have some studio-expenses! GLWTS!
  3. Here it comes... my old - new friend called Sabre from 79 with maple neck, double HB pickups and two band, three-knob eq. Neck pickup sounds like that, directly into Eden Navigator WP-100 PRE and then Audient ID44. I like it's neck with vintage vibe. The bass is extremely articulate. I feel lack of useful mids straight into audient DI, but I do like how it sounds with Eden's EQ. Thought about putting John East mmsr but I am still exploring new sound fields using an external pre. Hope you'll like it! And another one: The first example I played using only neck PU, strung with Sadowsky Nickel (black). The WP-100 is in the path, smooth compression from onboard eden (dbx 160A-class) comp. The second one is made using GHS flea signature, both pickups. I think the onboard pre is set on Bass 100&/Treble 50% straight into Audient's DI Look at the huge difference in sound! It's verry versatile bass in term of sound-creation, can sounds like P-bass almost, then MM-Style. I tried to compare this bass with 4-string WAL and it inspired me a lot more than WAL, do you belive in that? Yup, it has some dummy's, as well as a lot of mojo It doesn't sound like SR, has different type of low-mids. The neck is rather D-shape, not so round like in MM bass. Control knobs are explained over the internet, which are: bass treble vilume boost switch (sounds rather than serial/parallel mode) bright switch (no-one found it useful, but I would plug it into the wah/envelope/chorus) and pickup selector: bridge/both/neck. A bit similar bass to G&L in some ways. It's standard ash-maple MusicMan construction but the body seems to be smaller/thinner than in the SR line. Heavy duty MM bridge/tuners
  4. Haha keep it, I may be back if I sell some basses
  5. Haha, to be honest, I'm not hurry with the sale, the box just taking the dust just on the top of Eden amp - right where the photo was taken I'm not using it though, so It waits for a better home I think
  6. some time ago I did a little tryout of similar bass: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bq8W2vijrLZ hope it helps Cheers!
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