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  1. Would shipping to the mainland EU at buyer's cost be an option? Thanks
  2. Alternatively, if you would be interested in an USA Reverend bass for trading with some cash difference your way, feel free to check my ad here 🙂
  3. Hi, this former ad with the same or a very similar bass says it has an alder body...? The scale would be 34.5", right? The former ad says 3.6 kg, is that possible? Or how much does yours weight? GLWTS 🙂
  4. Shows 4.0-4.1 kg on my bathroom scales. Which is consistent with what the endorsement web (http://www.revfan.com/reverend-bass.html) says, i.e. 9 lbs
  5. I never thought I'd sell this one. However, my wrist started to hurt after playing 35" basses for several years. I had to sold two 35" five string Laklands for the same reason, both bought at this forum BTW 🙂
  6. I am selling my 35" basses. One of these is the Reverend Rumblefish 5L; manufactured in USA between 1999-2006 , discontinued. More info on these basses: http://www.revfan.com/reverend-bass.html Specs: Black phenolic top and back Maple Neck Rosewood Fretboard Pearl Dot Inlay 35" Scale 17mm String spacing 21 Frets 3 Ply White Pickguard (w/b/w) Chrome Hardware Sealed Tuners High Mass Bridge Volume & Tone Controls Series / Neck Pickup / Parallel - Selector Switch 2 Reverend Design J Bass Pickups As far as I can judge, all parts are original. Overall in a good shape. There is some discoloration and there are microcracks appearing in the white plastic side, I tried to capture these on the photos. Currently strung with Elixir nickel round wound 0045 strings. Killer B string, well articulated sound, all strings balanced, nice sustain. Watch my homemade video, recorded directly into iPhone: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tenu42gbwlatk5m/022.m4v?dl=0 I am located in Czech Republic, Pilsen. I can add an older softcase (see the last two photos) that should protect the bass better than the Fender gigbag on the pictures. Shipping to UK is already included. Thanks 🙂 My feedback on this forum: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/271149-feedback-for-sterling-76/
  7. I still regret selling mine... GLWTS!
  8. The J pickup - is that a traditional single coil or a hum-cancelling splitcoil?
  9. Bought a 5-string Music Man from @sebekoo7 Very good communication, fast shipping, the bass was as described and promised. My recommendations!
  10. Ok, perhaps you have noted if these pickups were hum-cancelling? Or is there some single-coil hum when soloed? Thanks.
  11. It looks nice! What kind of pickups are these? True single coils? Or hum-cancelling splitcoils? Or some kind of humbuckers? Is it possible to estimate the year when the bass was manufactured? Thanks.
  12. @PeteHantzios: Please feel free to add the text below to your feedback :-) I have to say Pete is a great guy. The bass has just arrived OK. Before I bought it, I got all the details I needed about the instrument, detailed photos, and a truly recorded sound sample (very useful for my decision). In enjoyed the fast and honest communication including a phone call. The bass was really well packed for international shipping. Every piece of information showed to be true when I got the bass. Pete, you have my high recommendations :-)
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