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  1. Shows 4.0-4.1 kg on my bathroom scales. Which is consistent with what the endorsement web (http://www.revfan.com/reverend-bass.html) says, i.e. 9 lbs
  2. I never thought I'd sell this one. However, my wrist started to hurt after playing 35" basses for several years. I had to sold two 35" five string Laklands for the same reason, both bought at this forum BTW 🙂
  3. I am selling my 35" basses. One of these is the Reverend Rumblefish 5L; manufactured in USA between 1999-2006 , discontinued. More info on these basses: http://www.revfan.com/reverend-bass.html Specs: Black phenolic top and back Maple Neck Rosewood Fretboard Pearl Dot Inlay 35" Scale 17mm String spacing 21 Frets 3 Ply White Pickguard (w/b/w) Chrome Hardware Sealed Tuners High Mass Bridge Volume & Tone Controls Series / Neck Pickup / Parallel - Selector Switch 2 Reverend Design J Bass Pickups As far as I can judge, all parts are original. Overall in a good shape. There is some discoloration and there are microcracks appearing in the white plastic side, I tried to capture these on the photos. Currently strung with Elixir nickel round wound 0045 strings. Killer B string, well articulated sound, all strings balanced, nice sustain. Watch my homemade video, recorded directly into iPhone: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tenu42gbwlatk5m/022.m4v?dl=0 I am located in Czech Republic, Pilsen. I can add an older softcase (see the last two photos) that should protect the bass better than the Fender gigbag on the pictures. Shipping to UK is already included. Thanks 🙂 My feedback on this forum: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/271149-feedback-for-sterling-76/
  4. I still regret selling mine... GLWTS!
  5. The J pickup - is that a traditional single coil or a hum-cancelling splitcoil?
  6. Bought a 5-string Music Man from @sebekoo7 Very good communication, fast shipping, the bass was as described and promised. My recommendations!
  7. Ok, perhaps you have noted if these pickups were hum-cancelling? Or is there some single-coil hum when soloed? Thanks.
  8. It looks nice! What kind of pickups are these? True single coils? Or hum-cancelling splitcoils? Or some kind of humbuckers? Is it possible to estimate the year when the bass was manufactured? Thanks.
  9. @PeteHantzios: Please feel free to add the text below to your feedback :-) I have to say Pete is a great guy. The bass has just arrived OK. Before I bought it, I got all the details I needed about the instrument, detailed photos, and a truly recorded sound sample (very useful for my decision). In enjoyed the fast and honest communication including a phone call. The bass was really well packed for international shipping. Every piece of information showed to be true when I got the bass. Pete, you have my high recommendations :-)
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