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  1. Hi I’m in Bath near Bristol
  2. Lots of interest but still here for now
  3. On next Friday 12th unable to attend. Face value £160. Will pass on e-tickets cheers
  4. I tend to rest my thumb on the end of the neck but move back for a tighter sound without any probs. A thumb rest would be easy to add I guess
  5. Can’t find Recall, is there a link I can use pls
  6. Hi can anyone recommend one that fits one of these well and isn’t too bulky thanks
  7. Ah my old bass. I can vouch for its excellence, everything about it is just right, and the Bart upgrade sounds fat. Plus Lee is an absolute gent to deal with. Someone’s going to be happy
  8. I’ve a feeling I’ve seen this one in action. If so it is a great sounding bass. GLWTS
  9. Aaaah Chris why do I ‘need’ every bass you put on here!?!?!
  10. Thanks @Marc S it’s cool as on the strap, very light and pretty bargainous with the hard case too if I say so myself
  11. Another smooth easy deal with Andy, and on the day the mighty reds won the Champions League. Coincidence? I think not!
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