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  1. Wow Chris, missed this first time around, what a beauty. The further forward J pup and series/parallel such a great solution, I always feel the tightness of standard Jazz position on a PJ to be slightly at odds with the P if you know what I mean GLWTS!
  2. Wow the silverburst is a stunner! GLWTS
  3. What a beauty. The tort against the grain very pretty
  4. Sensible Chris, and also makes my decision for me
  5. What a great thread, was Andrew any relation to Wayne Hussey, also in Liverpool at that time in Dead or Alive
  6. As an aside, Geddy-alike vocals intact, really enjoyed this bit of lockdown supergroup fun. Really banging version.
  7. grahamd


    Body has a Wal feel to it. Very nice
  8. I can vouch for this bass. A special instrument indeed
  9. Wow is this still here??!! If I didnt already have a 51 Id be all over this
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