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  1. I was lucky enough to support them back in the day, seen them a good few times and a long time fan. Tims legacy will endure
  2. That is a lovely looking instrument Nicholas, GLWTS
  3. Met John to buy a lovely Lakland, where we bemoaned our advancing years. Great comms etc, deal with confidence
  4. Putting this up in the classic ‘whilst something I want/need’ is available. May withdraw etc Lovely @Beedster build bass, the Musikraft neck is sublime, and everting just sits together really well. Warmoth (ash I think) body and vintage DiMarzio PAF pickups wired for series/parallel, the parallel setting giving an amazing thick tone. Since I’ve had it I’ve fitted a Gotoh 201B bridge, added a F**der decal and had it set up with DR high beams. I like it as a blonde, but will come with the tort guard as pictured. A more eloquent description in Beedsters original post below. Asking what I paid which is a bargain. collection/meet-up preferred but postage possible. Cheers
  5. Lovely bass, great playing. bargain for someone, esp with ebony board too
  6. An example of Tims genius (I think hes playing the bass himself here)
  7. Good to hear he's still going. Jocelyn Square another goody
  8. Classics both. On an 80’s tip, great bass on this minor hit
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