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  1. Bought a pedal from Mark, very pleasant, easy transaction. Cheers!
  2. Bought a bass from Gus, great comms and a very pleasant transaction. Deal with confidence
  3. Thanks chaps, I bought this to defret as I had one before that had been done, and it sounded fantastic
  4. Bought this with the intention to defret it as the piezo and Equis preamp are excellent plus XLR and jack for recording. Incoming Godin A4 means I’m moving it on. Very cool looking bass in great condition, price includes postage in the UK in fitted Black Rat hard case, also in great nick On-Board Electronics with 4 Band EQ The Washburn AB10 electro-acoustic bass comes fitted with an on-board Equis Crystal active preamp. A high-quality preamp with very low noise making the AB-10 a great acoustic bass for studio recording as well as a live performance bass. In addition to the standard jack socket, the AB-10 electro-acoustic bass also features a balanced XLR out so you’ve got more options when connecting to a mixer or audio interface. A piezo bridge pickup is used for precise reproduction of your playing. Integrated 4-band EQ allows you to adjust your tone until you find exactly the sound you want. You can also control volume and phase for added customisability over your output. Great Build For comfort during playing and easy transport, the Washburn AB-10 has a slim, shallow body yet still produces lovely, deep bass frequencies. The AB10’s top is made of spruce while the back and sides are mahogany with quarter sawn, scalloped sitka spruce bracing. The body features a cutaway design to make accessing the higher frets easier; great for solos, lead-bass playing and more melodious bass runs. The 34” scale neck is made of mahogany with a rosewood fretboard holding 23 frets. A 40mm ABS nut, rosewood bridge and Grover Exclusive tuners complete the hardware. Serious Bass Performance at a Great Price If you want people to know you’re serious about your amplified acoustic bass tone, you’ll play Washburn. An extremely playable, thin-bodied, cutaway favourite with Washburn’s own Equis Crystal preamp offering professional bass tone that won’t break the bank. Thin bodied acoustic bass Florentine cutaway style Select spruce top Mahogany back, sides and neck 40mm ABS nut Rosewood fingerboard Rosewood bridge Piezo bridge pickup Equis Crystal active preamp Volume, phase and 4-band EQ controls Jack and balanced XLR outputs Chrome die cast Grover Exclusive tuners Fitted with D’addario EPBB170 phosphor bronze strings
  5. Another transaction with Andy after a mere 10 year gap. Pleasant and straightforward as I knew it would be. Great to catch up too. Recommended BCer, cheers!
  6. Gorgeous Lee, really not helping my white bass/lakland interface GAS
  7. Exactly like mine. Everything about it is just right. Someone will be happy
  8. Monica bought a bass from me, very easy, smooth transaction. Thanks again Monica
  9. Selling my Breedlove fretless acoustic. Comes with quality OHSC. Price includes postage This is a real tone monster, really resonant and projects fully acoustically with its deep body and extra sound hole plus the proprietary bracing system. Amplified it’s really quite something as these were made with recording in mind. The L.R. Baggs LR-T CV Tuner Preamp features a 3-band EQ, presence, phase, and a stealthy chromatic tuner. Mahogany body, cedar top, rosewood board The extra sound hole cover has a small piece missing from the edge. I believe those can be bought direct from BL Full Disclosure - This came to me with a fine crack in the back of the neck around the third fret. I had it repaired professionally by Seb at Riverside studios (who does all Charlie Jones basses). You wouldn’t know it had been done apart from a patina in the varnish where it dried slightly unevenly, and it’s actually stronger than it was. It has not affected the resonance. Price includes postage. Tryout in Bath welcome. Great video here. Cheers
  10. Thanks for the kind confirmation Chris. I’m in two minds about this but it’s not getting played and I have other projects needing funds...
  11. Thanks, it is isn’t it! This neck originally cost more than I’m selling the whole thing for btw
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