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  1. Thanks for the info @lee650 this is now on hold for @Rainbass
  2. Hi Dave don’t really know, not a Warwick man. Tapping with a steel knife inconclusive. Id assume it’s not brass unless someone else can enlighten cheers
  3. Moving on this lovely 'wick as its not getting gigged. This bass sounds amazing, really powerful and versatile, if I had a use for it I'd keep it. Early (1999) German model with Wenge neck and fingerboard. Weighs 3.8kg Flame maple top and Swamp Ash Body. Passive MEC J and MM pickups with Seymour Duncan 3 band preamp. Black hardware. Bronze frets and Just-a-Nut There is player some player wear above the pickups, one of the tuners has been replaced and has a silver W logo on the back rather than black. Price includes postage in a Warwick semi-hard case, cheers
  4. A pleasure to deal with this gentleman from start to finish. Great comms too. Thanks Joni!
  5. I have no scales I’m afraid, but it’s neither light nor heavy. I’d say high 9lbs. Sorry that’s not the most accurate
  6. After some consideration selling this stunning Van Der End jazz. Pretty sure the body is Ash, maple neck and board. Gotoh gold bridge. Schaller tuners with detuner, original tuner also supplied. Aguilar OBP-3 preamp with sweepable mids and mid switch, passive/active switch and passive tone. Pickups are Jess Loureiro, great, warm sounding and react really well to the active controls. I have gigged it in active and passive though and it’s a joy to play. The neck in particular is a standout feature in these instruments, not thin or thick, just really playable and nice low action. This example is very clean too. I've had a custom black guard made and a setup done since I’ve had it. Points to note. The electrics cover at the back has chips out of a couple of corners. There are screw holes (filled) at the front from earlier fettling. It’s been routed for precision pickups too, so could be made into a PJ if desired, not the greatest job, but then you don’t see it. The volume catches slightly on the stacked balance around the centre detente. Easily sorted if required. So there we are, these are £2000 new, the price is bargainous and it owes me more. Will post for £25 in a fender gig bag Trades not looking for anything, but precision’s are my thing, and quality cabs/amps always of interest Cheers
  7. Lots of interest but still here for now
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