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  1. Thanks for the info, I guess I’m asking whether it would suit someone with smaller hands
  2. How would you describe the neck profile?
  3. someone buy this, you will not be disappointed
  4. Selling my USA Sub. Black/rosewood 2 band. Ive added a black pickguard to complete the look Super clean example, the neck and body are pretty much immaculate. The only real marks are on the headstock as shown in pics, where I imagine its been hung on the wall Price includes UK postage cheers
  5. Hi thanks for the offer but not for me cheers
  6. Hi thanks for the offer, lovely bass but not for me right now, cheers
  7. Yep that’s it I’ll pm you the quote. No not that actual bass, just the make and model
  8. @Frenchtom I dont Im afraid, but it's this bass. Id need a zipcode, toen/city to get a quote cheers
  9. Hi Peter I would, and I will check for you, cheers
  10. I’ve added an extra photo of the end to show the worst marks
  11. Hi @Kevsy71 it’s set at 18mm ATM, but the grooved saddles will let it go wider if that’s your thing, cheers
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