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  1. Traded bass for amp with Peter, he even dropped it off en route. Would happily have chatted longer. Cheers Peter!
  2. Bargain for someone, wouldnt be without mine, someone jump on this
  3. Bought Micks Markbass cab, what a doozy, and very pleasant transaction. Deal with confidence Graham
  4. Lovely, and from a great build period
  5. Stunning, bet it sounds as good as it looks too. GLWTS
  6. Wow Chris, missed this first time around, what a beauty. The further forward J pup and series/parallel such a great solution, I always feel the tightness of standard Jazz position on a PJ to be slightly at odds with the P if you know what I mean GLWTS!
  7. Wow the silverburst is a stunner! GLWTS
  8. What a beauty. The tort against the grain very pretty
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