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  1. After a Hipshot Supertone Bridge in chrome. Hit me up if you have one
  2. Tecamp Puma 350 112 combo + ext. Cab

    Interest but no ones pulled the trigger yet type bump
  3. Tecamp Puma 350 112 combo + ext. Cab

    [quote name='Chewie' timestamp='1510087807' post='3403947'] If my Sandberg sells I should come over and have a sound test. I'm in Swindon [/quote] No probs, tea and biscuits complimentary
  4. Tecamp Puma 350 112 combo + ext. Cab

    No probs, still available
  5. Tecamp Puma 350 112 combo + ext. Cab

    [quote name='Chewie' timestamp='1509828513' post='3401997'] Hey Graham, Out of interest, how comes your moving to Aguilar? Is it purely tone or weight of hardware? I ask as I'm GASSING about Aguilar too. Kind regards, I love the Xotic....... [/quote] Hi Chewie, I've just picked up an AG500 which I've long wanted, at a great price,so it's really just for a change. I've loved the Tecamp and would def recommend to anyone, Thomas Eich really knows how to engineer maximum performance from his kit. This is super light, so it's not down to the weight and sound is subjective. The Tecamp has a 'taste' knob which goes from modern scooped hifi at one end to warmer vintage lo mid punch at the other, flat in the middle, so can cover all bases. Hope this helps!
  6. Tecamp Puma 350 112 combo + ext. Cab

    Hi Richard yes I am now
  7. Tecamp Puma 350 112 combo + ext. Cab

    Bump, other quality 12's considered