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  1. Ok I’ve seen something I’d really like so please feel free to come at me with your offers as I’d like a quick sale 😀
  2. Would be interested in a trade for a 4 or 5 string fretted Sandberg (TM4 or the like) plus cash your way ☺️
  3. Selling my Corvette unlined Fretless 5. Turns out I’m not as good at fretless playing as I imagined so this just isn’t getting used. A real shame but I have my eye on something else. Made in Germany in 2008. Bubinga body, Ovangkol neck with ebony fingerboard, with minimal markings. Natural oil finish and carefully treated weekly with the Warwick wax. (Included in sale) Passive electronics with volume, pick-up blend and tone controls. I was very surprised by the variety of sounds that come out of those controls! MEC dynamic correction pups. Currently strung with Rotosound 45-130 flatwounds. Weight is 6kg. Includes Warwick Rockbag, surface finishing wax and truss rod tool. Open to reasonable offers. Buyer to collect from Warrington, Cheshire or can post at buyers expense.
  4. Thanks for the info! I’ll think it over and let you know for sure. I was ideally seeking an unlined but this bass could maybe change my mind 🤔 I’m also a bit hesitant/unsure about shipping. I’ll come back to you in the next day or so. Thanks! Pete.
  5. Hi Oriol What year is the bass and where was it manufactured (I am assuming it’s German?) Can you advise of shipping costs to Manchester, England? Oh and is the wooden ramp screwed in? Would it leave holes if it was removed? Thanks Pete
  6. [quote name='betty_swollox' timestamp='1350151451' post='1835265'] Cheers for that marra, Yeah I'd post, but I only have a soft case so I'd prefer collection/meet half way. I could put it into an old guitar cardboard box and fill it with bubblewrap etc etc, but I really wouldn't want to unless that was the only option, in case it got damaged. [/quote] Fair play, don't want 2 half's of a guitar going through the post I sent my music man in a hard case but it was stuffed with foam from an old sofa and bubble wrap lol! Did the job though, never had any complaints. cost me 40 odd quid through DHL though
  7. I know the OP Richie from a mountain biking forum (mtbe.co.uk) and can say he's a sound guy. I recommended he post on here as I thought he'd get more interest than on eBay - that and the amount of time wasters on there I've not been on here for a while like, but sold my music man on here Save anyone else asking, you willing to post mate?
  8. Some more higher quality pics....... some of the "scratches" that have shown up on the pics are entirely superficial and are not damaged lacquer. I should mention as well that the bass has Ernie Ball strap locks which I will ship with the bass as I no longer have the original strap screws (i don't think anyway - i'll have a look for them). BUMP for more pics.
  9. [quote name='witterth' post='866632' date='Jun 13 2010, 11:48 PM']You like that couch dont you? photos dont seem to work for me. This is all an elaborate BUMP btw good luck W[/quote] Yeah I loved that couch!! Sadly it is no longer with me, I also destroyed it’s “sister” couch yesterday as it was taking up too much room in my garage… sad times! You mean the pics won’t open or they’re not doing it for you? haha Ta for free bump-de-bump btw! Got some new flatwounds for the bass today so will be ready for trial from tonight onwards. I’ll also be taking some better pics so should be up tomorrow! Thanks for the interest shown so far. Oh and…. BUMP!
  10. Sweet, just give me a shout if you'd like to try. PM sent.
  11. [font="Tahoma"]Hi Guys Up for sale is my 2001 2EQ Stingray Lined fretless. Apologies for the truly AWFUL images, they were taken a couple of years ago on my old phone. I will get some more tomorrow. I would like a fairly quick sale on this as I have agreed to buy another bass so I am open to negotiation. [b]The bad points:[/b] - The machine heads are "oxidised" meaning they have lost their sheen, however replacements are available for fairly cheap. [url="http://www.thomann.de/gb/schaller_bml_nickel.htm"]Replacement Schaller Machine Heads @ Thomann[/url] - 2 slight dings on the edge of the body, (not shown in the pics). - Slight roundwound string wear on the Pau Ferro fret board (or finger board, whichever term you prefer. See: [url="http://basschat.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=88182&hl=fretboard"]Fret/Fingerboard opinions[/url] ) - The back of the neck has a small ding, but it's barely noticeable - The couch is NOT included. [b]The good points:[/b] - It's a Music Man (could be a bad point to some but presumably you won't be looking here if it is! ) - It plays very well the string wear does not affect the playability at all. - I'm only selling to raise funds for another bass. Not because it's broke/unplayable/rubbish/bad sound/boring. - The couch is not included. The serial number is EO5351. The bass is at my studio in Warrington, Cheshire (between Manchester and Liverpool) is available to view or play any night after 7 and weekends (no time wasters PLEASE!!) it is stringless at the moment so please ask in advance if you would like to play. Just for clarity the stand shown in the pictures is not included . [b]Price £575 (open to offers)[/b] Sorry, [u]no trades[/u]. Thanks for looking. Pete [/font]
  12. [quote name='JackLondon' post='836509' date='May 13 2010, 07:38 PM']Right, I bit the bullet and ordered a pair of KRK RP6 G2, they've arrived today and I yet have to set them up properly but so far I have played some music through it an my god how different does it sound to what I was actually hearing previously. They are crystal clear and are so unforgiving on the little bits and it amazes me how much difference does a set of ''dedicated'' speakers make.[/quote] [quote name='GM10' post='842454' date='May 19 2010, 07:56 PM']Coincidentally I've just brought the same KRKs. I think they sound great but I've never heard the Adams or Genelecs etc so I've never gauged the KRKs against the higher end monitors.[/quote] You won't go far wrong with KRK's. We use V8 Series 2's & VXT 8's for tracking & A/B between them and Dynaudio M1.5 for mixing. We also have some Genelecs which I personally don't use too much, they mainly get switched on when the client's come in to have a listen! They make everything sound warm and gel. We've also got some Adam A7's which are very nice too, the ART ribbon tweeters are very nice. I want some Genelec 1036A but at £29,000 (for one! ) they're not cheap!
  13. [quote name='Mr Bassman' post='842416' date='May 19 2010, 07:32 PM']The Roland midi system has nothing to do with a Wal Midi Bass. please don't clog up my thread if you are not interested in owning my bass[/quote] +1 Bump for a beauty bass! (not that you need it with all this controversy hehe! )
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