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  1. Happy to listen to reasonable offers on this.
  2. They’re superb aren’t they? The other issue besides shipping it over here is I use a 3 wheel cargo bike to get around and with a 40kg cab I’d be getting nowhere fast! Looking to get something as light as possible, otherwise to be honest I totally would ship it over here 😌
  3. Up for sale is my Ampeg SVT 410 HLF cab. 4 x 10” speakers in a beast of a cabinet. The reason for sale is I moved to Denmark from the UK last year and due to weight restrictions I was unable to bring the cab with me, without paying more than the cab is worth! The cab is located at my parents house in Warrington and can be tried, tested and collected from there. (They are under quarantine until 22/10 due to moving back from the US on 8/10). Also you will need a bass head as they don’t have one. You will deal with me throughout and I will arrange collection with them I can talk to my parents about the possibility of meeting up but this would mean you wouldn’t be able to try It’s been gigged so has some cosmetic damage but works exactly as it should. I had it paired with an SVT-3 Pro and it sounded amazing. As can be seen in the pictures, none of the cones are cracked or broken, it’s never been dropped. Oh and it’s heavy! Around 40kg. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, I will provide my WhatsApp number via PM if you want to chat on the phone. As we say in Denmark ‘vi kan prutter om prisen’ literal translation ‘we can fart about the price’ meaning, I’m open to offers Pete
  4. Did a trade with Jonny for his amazing Sandberg TM5. Great guy, kept in touch throughout (we dealt via post as I live in Denmark) nothing better than putting your faith in someone and it paying off. Deal with confidence! 😎
  5. That’s really a beautiful specimen! not that you’ll need it but GLWS
  6. Spectors with EMG’s I’m assuming? 😎
  7. Also trained in the violin and I have exactly the same issue with treble/bass clef. Technically I’ve probably been reading bass clef for longer as I only played violin for 7 years!
  8. Does this say ‘is it available’? If so, yes it is
  9. Fair play, that looks pretty awesome
  10. Personally, I am against stickers on my basses. If I want to pledge allegiance to something I’ll do it via the medium of a t shirt. It doesn’t bother me in the least if others do it though 😀
  11. Really? Wow, I was surprised at how light my TT4 was, mind you I’d just played a Corvette bubinga 5 for a year so next to that a sack of bricks would seem light
  12. Thanks jrixn. I’m not actually in a position to buy just yet, currently researching the used market for when I’m ready (also dare I say it... not so keen on black gloss 🤭) but I’m happy to bide my time until the right one comes up. I think you’re right about the price too, my preference would be an soft or hardcore aged and they seem to come in around the £1.1k mark.
  13. Haha it wouldn’t surprise if that was the reason, Fender have know to be slightly litigious in their history. I agree totally with the quality, a lot of bang for the buck!
  14. Thanks, I had done that but wanted to also know how it related to the old shapes And I didn’t know that the second letter denoted pickup configuration, hence asking here and I’m sure you’ll agree I got some great answers.
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