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  1. Did a trade with Jonny for his amazing Sandberg TM5. Great guy, kept in touch throughout (we dealt via post as I live in Denmark) nothing better than putting your faith in someone and it paying off. Deal with confidence! 😎
  2. That’s really a beautiful specimen! not that you’ll need it but GLWS
  3. Spectors with EMG’s I’m assuming? 😎
  4. Also trained in the violin and I have exactly the same issue with treble/bass clef. Technically I’ve probably been reading bass clef for longer as I only played violin for 7 years!
  5. Does this say ‘is it available’? If so, yes it is
  6. Fair play, that looks pretty awesome
  7. Personally, I am against stickers on my basses. If I want to pledge allegiance to something I’ll do it via the medium of a t shirt. It doesn’t bother me in the least if others do it though 😀
  8. Really? Wow, I was surprised at how light my TT4 was, mind you I’d just played a Corvette bubinga 5 for a year so next to that a sack of bricks would seem light
  9. Thanks jrixn. I’m not actually in a position to buy just yet, currently researching the used market for when I’m ready (also dare I say it... not so keen on black gloss 🤭) but I’m happy to bide my time until the right one comes up. I think you’re right about the price too, my preference would be an soft or hardcore aged and they seem to come in around the £1.1k mark.
  10. Haha it wouldn’t surprise if that was the reason, Fender have know to be slightly litigious in their history. I agree totally with the quality, a lot of bang for the buck!
  11. Thanks, I had done that but wanted to also know how it related to the old shapes And I didn’t know that the second letter denoted pickup configuration, hence asking here and I’m sure you’ll agree I got some great answers.
  12. Ahh I see, it’s something of a minefield trying to figure out what’s what, hence my original question, but thanks to everyone for your answers ☺️ I must admit I favour a little more the ‘old shape’ But I do think the new shape looks good, certainly confirms they are more than just Fender clones as some accusers would label them. Was the shape change lawsuit related? Thanks to this thread I know know I have an old shape TT4 and it’s easily my most played bass!
  13. Davs Ole og velkommen til 😀
  14. Thanks for that concise answer, really helpful 👍 So if I wanted to hunt for an old style 5-string P shape with a MM pickup up would be a PM5? That thing is evil! I could easily spend all my money there 😲🙃
  15. Can anyone tell me what the codes mean on Sandberg basses? VM, TT VS etc? What’s the difference between a T and a V? Are the old codes the same as the new? Thanks in advance
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