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  1. Ha! You’re not kidding! Almost every bass I see on here is reduced at least twice, if it even sells! End up giving them away at this rate 😆
  2. It’s really lovely that. I’ve been following it on the bay but no one will buy my Warwick so until then I’m out of the bass buying game. GLWTS
  3. That sounds utterly terrifying in the most fun of ways! I’ll be on the lookout for teenagers trying to kidnap me 😉 Thanks Chris, appreciate your time on this.
  4. Thanks Chris, that’s great. Ive done so. It’s a great city alright, my second time of living here. Just couldn’t keep away from the place! 😀
  5. Available again. ***Please note I now live in Copenhagen, Denmark. As per the post, I will ship within the EU at buyers expense. Thanks***
  6. Ok I’ve seen something I’d really like so please feel free to come at me with your offers as I’d like a quick sale 😀
  7. Would be interested in a trade for a 4 or 5 string fretted Sandberg (TM4 or the like) plus cash your way ☺️
  8. Please note, the bass is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. I will ship to EU countries. Please contact me first Selling my Corvette unlined Fretless 5. Turns out I’m not as good at fretless playing as I imagined so this just isn’t getting used. A real shame but I have my eye on something else. Made in Germany in 2008. Bubinga body, Ovangkol neck with ebony fingerboard, with minimal markings. Natural oil finish and carefully treated weekly with the Warwick wax. (Included in sale) Passive electronics with volume, pick-up blend and tone controls. I was very surprised by the variety of sounds that come out of those controls! MEC dynamic correction pups. Currently strung with Rotosound 45-130 flatwounds. Weight is 6kg. Includes Warwick Rockbag, surface finishing wax and truss rod tool. Open to reasonable offers. Buyer to collect from Copenhagen, Denmark or can post within the EU at buyers expense.
  9. Thanks for the info! I’ll think it over and let you know for sure. I was ideally seeking an unlined but this bass could maybe change my mind 🤔 I’m also a bit hesitant/unsure about shipping. I’ll come back to you in the next day or so. Thanks! Pete.
  10. Hi Oriol What year is the bass and where was it manufactured (I am assuming it’s German?) Can you advise of shipping costs to Manchester, England? Oh and is the wooden ramp screwed in? Would it leave holes if it was removed? Thanks Pete
  11. [quote name='betty_swollox' timestamp='1350151451' post='1835265'] Cheers for that marra, Yeah I'd post, but I only have a soft case so I'd prefer collection/meet half way. I could put it into an old guitar cardboard box and fill it with bubblewrap etc etc, but I really wouldn't want to unless that was the only option, in case it got damaged. [/quote] Fair play, don't want 2 half's of a guitar going through the post I sent my music man in a hard case but it was stuffed with foam from an old sofa and bubble wrap lol! Did the job though, never had any complaints. cost me 40 odd quid through DHL though
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