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  1. Personally I dig Scott. Yes, there can be a lot of waffle in his videos if you‘re just looking for something quickly but if you have the time to watch the full videos, it’s all part of the experience. However, maybe it’s my ineptitude but I’ve just spent 5 minutes browsing his website and cannot for the life of me find any pricing! Only option is to start a free trial (which I’ve already used up 3 years ago) I’m pretty interested in the Players Path but if I can’t find out how much it’s going to cost me, count me out. Anyone have a definitive answer?
  2. This looks like blooming/blushing to me. When the solvent evaporates and the paint dries, heat is extracted from the surface and the paint, drying it quickly. If any moisture is present this will condensate causing blooming. It’s possible to correct it with a clear varnish however it is better to avoid it in the first place by not painting where humidity is present.
  3. Sorry but this is way overpriced! If you check completed listings on eBay, you’ll see that the average cost for a beautiful Stingray 5 of this calibre is worth approximately 50p. Will you accept a cheque? 😆 GLWTS, a very fine example 👌
  4. Don’t say that! I’m still in two minds and that might just sway me 😆 Thanks 😎
  5. Who IS this man? Is hair style and bass style belong in a decade best forgotten 🤣
  6. Lovely G&L 5 string Tribute bass. Swamp Ash body, maple fretboard, made in July 2008. Controls: Volume Treble Bass Passive/Active/Active Treble boost Pick up selector Series/Parallel switch. Weight 4.5kg/10lbs Shipping to anywhere in Europe £50 insured with UPS.
  7. Great looking bass and very worthy upgrades. I had a bigger brother version that was just 12 days younger than yours. Alas, I also let it go due to the effect it had on my back. GLWTS 👍
  8. 😳 looks ready to split in two... again
  9. That’s some good knowledge! I never knew that! Thanks for the info and best of luck with your sale. Absolutely stunning colour, no doubt it won’t hang around for long!
  10. Beautiful! That neck grain is something else! Out of curiosity, what is the ‘Flea’ bridge? ☺️
  11. Will again ship to anywhere in Europe
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