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  1. Hi folks this started life as an s1, but has been upgraded with dimarzio model p pickups and solderless wiring loom, one battle scar on the rear (pictured) and a few rusty screws but a really great player and will be sorely missed, hard times!
  2. Ahh so sorry guys for lack of pms, lost all messages when site updated, was hoping i could avoid selling this but it does have to go
  3. Very reluctant sale, in perfect working order and still in warranty with thomann until July next year so if any problems I can help get that sorted. These little buggers are hard to get hold of now and I don't want to let mine go but have little choice, a great buy for any bass player.
  4. I'd love to see a 1 speaker version of the dubster, be great on its own for anyone playing reggae in small clubs and an amazing pairing with a big baby 2 for peeps who want a modular solution for bigger gigs and don't need the tweeter in both cabs. Im thinking it could be a slightly bigger, more square cab to give more bottom and perfectly fit a big baby 2 on it's side! The "Behemoth" of 1 speaker cabs. Simon
  5. Hi All, Got this head roughly 2007, served me well for all this time and only changing now because my tone needs have changed away from the super clean slap sound that this head does better than anything i've ever heard. I now need super dirty not super clean so I will trade for Orange Terror bass + cash or other amps that can do good dirty sounds. Condition of the M-pulse is good, some surface scuffs but always lived in flight case so very minor and all pot's are quiet and working fully. Simon Based in Broadstairs, Kent but band travels UK so delivery is sometimes possible, postage can also happen but contact me about details for that.
  6. Is this a Generation 3?
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