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  1. Great condition, fully working model. I have been blown away by this bass but unfortunately my technique doesnt seem to agree with 5 strings so i'm cowering back to 4's with my tail between my legs. The build quality, finish, feel, and sound are way beyond a bass of this price range, and I have played some very expensive ones. The matte finish on the neck is also great behind the fingers, do not be put off if you hate laquered necks, this feels great. Video featuring this bass my band did in first lockdown. https://youtu.be/a1TUB_8XIJM Possible trade options include lined fretless basses and amp heads, hit me up with what you have. PXL_20201209_200134707.dng
  2. £1500 for both? Would you sell either seperately?
  3. Hi folks this started life as an s1, but has been upgraded with dimarzio model p pickups and solderless wiring loom, one battle scar on the rear (pictured) and a few rusty screws but a really great player and will be sorely missed, hard times!
  4. Ahh so sorry guys for lack of pms, lost all messages when site updated, was hoping i could avoid selling this but it does have to go
  5. Very reluctant sale, in perfect working order and still in warranty with thomann until July next year so if any problems I can help get that sorted. These little buggers are hard to get hold of now and I don't want to let mine go but have little choice, a great buy for any bass player.
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