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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. I confirm. 480W RMS power handling @ 4 ohms. It probably is possible to re-wire it in 8Ohms, or even have a switch should you need to add another cab.
  3. That thingy is weighing around 50kg and is clearly oversize for any courrier. Unle you're ready to pay thousands to get it.
  4. It's the very same bass as my Regal, too. They all must come out of the same factory. Very great sounding basses, mine is strung with piccolo strings, it's an amazing instrument.
  5. DiMarco is a Top Bloke and a very trustworthy person, if I may say. I would already have bought this bass, were I not addicted to Broadnecks.
  6. Oh, please, this is ridiculous. It's worth at least three times thisprice, espectially with the Flight case ! You won't find a better cab, soundwise. @silverfoxnik, it WILL fit in the C1
  7. Damn. I suppose the mod to transform this in a 19mm sting spacing bass is not possible ?
  8. I feel an urge to buy this and ad an EB0 or DiMarzio Model One at the neck.
  9. Feel free to use 🙂 https://photos.app.goo.gl/GiVQ3NYKVpVquusD9
  10. A great modification, not too expensive, is to replace the MEC pickups by DiMarzios (and of course change the blend pot). I did this as Iwas never fond of active pickups. The resulting sound has been noticed - in a good way - during basscamp by none other thant Steve Bailey, Armand Sabbal Lecco and Dave Ellefson.(I must have somewhere a picture of Dave playing my Pro2).
  11. Love those. Had two, but the thin neck is alas too thin for me big fingaz. This one deserves to be stripped and refinished. The ash under is often quite beautiful, might be a good idea to try a natural.
  12. Henrythe8


    Is it a 38mm nut ? it looks larger...
  13. Ow. stinky poo. Now I want it. Alas, No trades means I'm stuck, being low on cash but High on gear :- )
  14. Nah, I made a mistake : no serial = German. Serial was stamped at Warwick's after inspection.
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