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  1. https://www.bassoasis.com/ Anyone planning on attending ? I'll be there as a long time dedicated fan of Stu. Plus it's been sooo long I haven't gotten involved in a BassCamp. Pretty sure it's going to be fun being a Metalhead in a Jazz/Rock venue 🙂
  2. Looks like a Steinberger M-Series had a child with a 4003.
  3. The whole range of Multiscale of Ibanez is looking quite appealing. The offer some range in the multiscale with medium and short scale. The headless designs are great. However there is a certain appeal to the D-Roc shape that Ibanez is missing. Another point that makes - for me - the difference is teh Banjo/Mandolin frets. Some say it's key for a woodier tone, but glissandoes and bends are sounding better. I must admit I'm already looking at a second D-Roc 5, but full passive.
  4. Dat Green flake is awesome. 😍 I use the same stettings : middle pickup solo'ed has a "P-Bass-like" quality that I like. And the full three pickups has a real modern vibe.
  5. Not that anyone asked for it... but a bit of follow-up. It's coupled with my trusted Ellefson sig strap, and the balance is really great. The fact that it hangs "from the inside" and not the horns allows for no neck dive despite the shape. Lightweight tuners help, also. Still struggling with the fanned frets in the upper register where it's really weird. But I'm getting there. I found that the pickup selector is my favourite feature on the bass. Better than the tone pot that I barely use once I set it. BUt the diversity you can have with the selector is great. I'm having a great time playing all styles (yes, I admit it might seem weird to play I Want You Back on this bass, but it works.) It was kind of a leap of faith to purchase a Fanned Fret with no prior experience, especially with this shape, but I'm glad I made it. Dingwall is clearly way up in the quality department, even with this "budget" line.
  6. The bride spacing can be adjusted with this "warwick-esque" bridge. You might be able to achieve 18/18,5mm.
  7. Received yesterday (Thank you Anderton's and DHL). The beast is quite impressive in real life. It's a bit more complicated than what I thought to get acquainted with the Fanned fret system, especially trying to play in the upper register (wher we can agree a bass player shouldn't be playing 🙂 ) The bass arrive all set up and almost in tune. Which is great. The bypass between passive/active is seamless, volume-wise. No difference in volume which is quite a feat as generally as soon as you add distortion, you need to lower the volume. Not impressed by the tone knob (not a huge difference between on and off, but has a great effect when the disto is on), but the pickup selector works wonder. The neck is perfect. Fo me. Meaning it's not as thin as you might expect from a "modern" instrument. The 18mm string spacing adds to the fullness of the neck. It'll need a bit of time in order to get fully acquainted with this one, but the assembly the overall quality, the very broad rang of tone between active, passive and 4-ways pickup configuration makes it a fantastic instrument.
  8. "Zombie" Thread Alert. Pulled the trigger on a HellBoy limited Edition. Very tempted I was by the onboard distortion, And I was eager to play a fanned fret, and I wanted an "offset" shape. Ticked all the boxes. Should arrive by the end of the week.
  9. You don't plan a visit to the exotic Northern France, do you ? Although I need to visit Scotland...
  10. I'll happily take it off of your hands if you're willing to ship it to the distant and exotci country of France. 🙂
  11. I'm having a very wide qpread regarding bass values. ON the Top Shelf are my Stradi Custom made (and paid new over 4k€), a Warwick Dolphin Pr1 5 and two buzzard Bolt-On. (8 and 5-strings). OPn the medium shelf are a Sepctor NS2a (Kiorean), two ibanez (BTB Terra FIrma 5 and BTB675), a Korean Warwick Reverso.. And on the bottom shelf are a few modded Harley Bentons. I tend to messa round and customize most of my basses. I play all basses regardless of the price point, just having fun assemblign/dissasssembling them, putting different pickups and preamps.. They each have a distinctive personnality and I reckon it's good to have a cheap workhorse you don't fear to bring to this shady, greasy, WTF bar where we all sometimes play. 🙂
  12. I used this kind of idea for my Stradi : http://stradi.pl/basses/symphony-bass/amunet/ The burl of the wood has been emptied and replaced by resin, revealing the red venneer underneath the wood. Carefu though, as the resin is quite heavy, leading to a heavy bass.
  13. I'm mainly dialling some "signature" tones from some players with what I gather from the interweb. So as each has a different set of EQ, I find it interesting to be able to choose each frequency and level. I don't "always" need 6 bands, but it's great to have options.
  14. Good idea on the two parametrics. I'm not big on effects so it's certainly feasible. Thanks for your inputs.
  15. Maybe it's been expanded later on. But the 6bands are really useful. The sheer easyness of use of this EQ was great. I've seen the general EQ, I'll try and see to mix some up.
  16. So I brought back the podXT live back, plugged it in the PC, printed some of my favourite patches, and then reapplied (when possible) the same to the PodGO. I have to say it's better than what I had been working on earlier. but not quite as good. I blame the EQ. The PodXt had some great parametric EQ going where you could choose any six frequencies and range. That's what I miss the most. I used the 10band EQ but some frequencies are not the same. I have to dig a bit as I think I saw a general low/HiPass that would be quite useful. Is there a BassChat page where the patches can be shared ?
  17. Being a SWR fan, I miss those, and the PodGo doesn't have the Sunn, which also is one of my faves. But hey, can't get everything...
  18. IMO the bass amps and cab simulaltions are lacking. The BAssPodXTLive had numerous amps and cabs. I agree with @javi_bassistthe effects can be used for both. In all fairness I'm pretty sure that a guitar amp with a bass cab simulation is a completely valid choice. 🙂
  19. Thanks. I just bought a PodGo and was pretty underwhelmed vs my (very old) BassPodXT LIve. I wish Line6 would redo an Helix Based Bass specific pedal. I'll browse through this thread in order to find some good ton,e and, I hope I'll be able to contribute.
  20. You can't go wrong with Stradi. I currently have two basses made by Marek, one "toy" Micro bass and my custome made Amunet bass. The craftmanship is of higher standards. The great advantage of Stradi would be that you would have a real custom made intrument. Meaning that you'll be able to chose your woods, pickup configuration, etc. Comfortwise, the shape is quite ergonomic and very well balanced. Mine costed over 4000€, but I had many options and custom choices made (5-strings, custom top with résin, custom made pickups, twin preamps, custom woods and neck shape, custom inlays with hiéroglyphs, titanium frets, carbon inserts, hybrid neck construction, hybrid bridge construction... ) My second build with Marek is planned for next year. That's how I trust the guy. So in short : for this kind of monay, you can of course get any bass. It's up to you to decide if it's worth it. I personnaly fell in love with the shape of the Stradi Symphony and never regretted my choice.
  21. Following. Just received a second hand EB0. Although I wanted a short scale bass to mess around with, I'll finally put some other pickup in and convert into a piccolo bass.
  22. This makes me want to travel to Scotland. See the Assassin's Creed Valhalla decor IRL.
  23. I had an idea of a one stacked pot preamp, loosely based on the SWR Aural Enhancer system. The idea would be to have a stacked pot. One pot that would be volume in the first half, and then, on the second half, would act like a Bass/Treble boost MId Cut. Like the Aural Enhancer. The other pot would be to select the mid frequency. Bass and treble frequency would be set with two internal trim pots (or switches maybe like the EMG BTC) Since I have absolutely zero electronics skill, I don't even know if this is possible. But if you know someone able to do this, I'll be interested 🙂
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