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  1. Ally bought my Squier medium scale p bass. Great communication and fast payment, very easy to deal with! Highly recommended!
  2. Yes it did, 2 J pickups and a P pickup in the middle. This is the Urge 1 Standard, a more affordable model, so it just came with the 2 J pickups.
  3. It’s a rosewood board. Think it looks a bit darker in the pics.
  4. As far as I know the courier service I normally use is still operating so I should be able to ship it no problem. I can include shipping in the price too.
  5. It is active, there’s a 9V circuit in it. Where are you based?
  6. Hi Andy, I don’t think it is. I bought it from a guy in the States. The flight case didn’t come with it either, it’s just one I had that I bought for another bass I had but sold since, I prefer using gigbags. 👍🏻
  7. Selling this rare medium scale Squier P Bass. It’s an E serial number (just after the JV series) from the mid 80’s as far as I know. Plays and sounds great. Easy to play too with the medium 32” scale as it’s more compact than a regular P and it’s nice and light too at 7.5lbs! Has quite a few chips and dings but I guess that’s to be expected for a 35 years old bass! Comes with a Fender gigbag. I’m not looking for any trades!
  8. Selling my Fender Stu Hamm Urge 1 Standard Bass. Picked this up last year but haven’t used it much. It’s in excellent condition. These were in production from 1993-1999. Its 32” medium scale and has a downsized body so it’s really easy to play and it’s very lightweight. 2 Jazz pickups and the controls are stacked volume/pickup pan and stacked treble and bass. Comes with a heavy duty flight case or can ship in a smaller box with the neck removed if required. Specs: • Poplar Body • Maple Neck • Rosewood fingerboard • 24 frets • 32” scale • 7.3lbs • ‘Licensed by Schaller’ tuners I’m not looking for any trades.
  9. I wouldn’t exactly say a “cheap option”! I’d say a more affordable option for them than importing from the States!!!
  10. As far as I can see online these are made in Japan for the Japanese market. Yes I’ll be covering the cost of shipping within the EU!
  11. Picked up this Lakland Skyline SK-5DX recently but the 35” scale isn’t for me so I’m moving it on! Has some marks and dings but nothing that affects the playability or sound. It’s a limited edition model from Japan with Duncan Designed pickups and 3 band preamp! Comes with a gigbag. Price includes shipping! Specs: Maple Neck Maple Fretboard Alder Body Quilted Maple Top 35” scale 19mm string spacing Duncan Designed pickups and 3 band preamp 3 way switch for the humbucker to selected inner coil, outer coil or both coils together I’m not looking for any trades!!!
  12. Up for sale is this great Neuser Courage 5 string bass. I’m having a bit a of clear out so want to sell a few basses and I actually have 2 of these Neuser basses so this one must go. These are great playing and sounding basses and were handmade in Slovakia but they’re no longer made so are getting harder to come by these days! Specs: Alder Body wings Birdseye Maple top Neck thru construction 9 piece Maple neck with stringers Ebony fingerboard 24 frets 34” scale 18mm adjustable string spacing Bartolini pickups Bartolini 3 band pre with mid freq selection 9.7lbs (4.4kg) Comes with a hard case. I’m not looking for any trades.
  13. Mine has to be Jaco Pastorius! His sound was legendary and people still try to cop it over 30 years later!
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