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  1. Gotoh FB30LP lollipop tuners, right handed, in nickel finish. Used but in excellent condition. Comes with bushings but I don't seem to have the screws for them. Comes in a Gotoh box but it's not the right one.
  2. With regards to point 1, yes I have. The break angle on it is fine, but it's just on the low E that I have problems; the other strings are fine. I didn't know about the GHS strings, I'll have a look into them, or I might just ask Newtone if they can do me a single .105 to replace the one I've got on there already.
  3. Possibly a bit of a niche question, but has anyone tried these? I've got a Squier CV Bass VI, and I swapped the stock strings for a set of Newtones (roundwound), but the low E - even at .100 - still feels pretty loose and it's difficult to get a low action without a lot of fretbuzz. The La Bellas are .095 on the low E, but I wondered what the tension was like on them. I probably prefer the sound of flats to rounds so would rather have flats if possible.
  4. Bargain, good job it's collection only or I'd have some explaining to do
  5. My latest acquisition; a Fender Japan PB70. I've had this for about 3 weeks now, bought from @lapolpora from the Marketplace. The colour caused much discussion in the sale thread, and I can confirm that it looks absolutely nothing like the pictures below 😄 It's probably Sonic Blue but does look Daphne Blue at times. I stuck on a set of Gotoh lollipop tuners I had spare and some Dunlop flats and it plays and sounds fantastic. I really need to get the Patio Magic out. span widgetspan widget
  6. Squier Matt Freeman Precision Bass in Vintage White. Signature model of the Rancid bassist and used by the man himself. Had this for a few years but it's not being used and I've got something else coming in. It's in 9/10 condition and has Gotoh tuners fitted and the wiring replaced with CTS pots, Switchcraft jack socket, and an Orange Drop cap (from memory, I haven't checked). I didn't swap the stock pickup as I think it's great; slightly overwound for a pretty hot sound. The sticker on the neck plate has been removed and left no residue. I drilled the pickguard to allow the thumb rest to be fitted above the strings. The new screw hole is fine but there's a mark on the pickguard from where I filed away some burr, however I have a new black pickguard going spare so will chuck that in too. Basswood body with 2-piece maple neck. Comes with a functional Fender gig bag, the hardcase isn't included. Superb build quality and playability. It easily out-plays any MIM Fender I've owned. Any questions, just give me a shout. Collection from Baillieston (East Glasgow). Can post double-boxed in a bog-standard Fender gig bag, but could supply a hardcase (price negotiable)
  7. I used to play in C# standard (C#, F#, B, E) for a few years in an old band. I used to buy 5-string D'Addario sets with a .130 as my bottom string. I liked the tension of them on my P Bass and got a decent action out of them.
  8. I couldn't imagine selling my JV Precision; in part because I don't think I'd recoup what I've put into it - knackered bass + re-finish + new pickup and pickguard - but mostly because I genuinely love it. It sounds great and plays like a dream. The neck is the best I've ever ever played, and it's my favourite colour for a bass too.
  9. My first bass was a Peavey Foundation exactly like this: I think I got it for my 14th birthday which would have been 2001, though I'd been playing in school for a few years before that. I bought it from a boy a couple of years above me in school for £50 if I remember right. I sold it on to one of my brother's friends for about the same amount a few years later. I bought another one a few years ago out of nostalgia but it wasn't as good as I'd remembered and I didn't keep it long.
  10. The Bass VI was the first of the Indonesian Classic Vibes I've had and I was surprised at how well made it is. I've had lots of the Chinese Classic Vibes in the past and they were all excellent but I always felt that the Indonesian Vintage Modifieds I tried felt quite cheap in comparison and a couple were unplayable, so was unsure about how the new Classic Vibes would be. Aside from the usual gripes about the stock strings and bridge on the Bass VI not being fit for purpose, the only flaw I've found is a miniscule imperfection in the finish by the nut, but other than that it's perfect.
  11. On Friday I ordered a Bass VI from Andertons and when I placed the order, I phoned them and asked if it was possible for them to send the one with the darkest fretboard as laurel can look quite insipid and pale. The person I spoke to said that they could maybe open up a couple and have a look but they couldn't open them all up because customers wouldn't want them to have been resealed (?). I take that to mean that they don't normally check their instruments before they send them out. I've no idea if the one I got was actually the one with the darkest fretboard or not, but it looked OK out of the box and with bit of lemon oil on it, it looks great.
  12. I've decided I'll just sort it myself, the bass itself is excellent, it's really well made, sounds great, and plays surprisingly well out of the box too, though the strings need to go. I was planning on modding it a bit to get the best out of it anyway, so putting a Switchcraft socket in will take all of two minutes and cost a couple of quid.
  13. The Wanted section in the Marketplace is what you're after: https://www.basschat.co.uk/forum/22-items-wanted-no-trades/
  14. I bought a new Squier Bass VI that pitched up this morning and I'm very happy with it, apart from the jack socket. It doesn't really grip the jack properly and leads to a bit of noise, scratching etc. I could send it back to the shop and ask them to send me a new bass, but it's ultimately something I can fix myself in 5 minutes for a few quid, however with a brand new instrument it's not something I'd expect to have to do. Would you send it back, or fix it yourself and speak to the shop to see what they can offer in the way of a partial refund? I haven't bought a new instrument in years so I don't really know what the protocol is. As a side question, what's your threshold for returning a new instrument?
  15. Brand new and unused Precision Bass pickup cover in chrome. Bought this new from Gig Gear a couple of weeks ago but never fitted it; I placed it on the bass before deciding I didn't like the look. £18 inc postage.
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  18. Never been a massive fan of Gibson's basses, but I always liked the Triumph. Always reminds me of Alex James.
  19. If that sells at $700, I'll eat your hat.
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  21. I also have two, however I only play one and the other sits in a case under the bed, so for me that's too many. I still want to buy more though.
  22. Aye, it's a solid bit of metal, it's not something I can bend with my bare hands. I might wait until I'm at my parents' at Christmas and chuck it in my dad's vice for a couple of days.
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