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  1. DiMarco

    NPD! Bass Butler

    Haven't had the chance to crank it yet but it seems you can't go wrong however you set the controls. More soon! Oh and it is rather big.
  2. Dutch government just fell. Great timing in the middle of a pandemic and trying to get vaccinations going! Yay. I'll just play my basses and stay away from politics as much as I can...

    1. Happy Jack

      Happy Jack

      At least you're not in the USA ...


  3. It kinda depends on the instrument. Both my NYC Empire and Sonus are JJ and I absolutely love 'em. The HJ config on my Stringray usually sits at middle postion though because that's more punchy, and that can do JJ as well.
  4. My guess is things will just take a while to settle. Manufacturers, distributor networks, resellers. All will lag a bit behind all the new trade deals, rules and regulations.
  5. So this is a thread about Thomann prices? Much wow.
  6. Look for Jazzman pickup config models too, the MM style pickup at bridge position has the biggest influence on differences in tone when switching between its modes. The one at neck position less so. This was my Corvette $$. It played like a dream and looked the bizz. Maybe someday I will have room in my rack for another.
  7. Great! Plenty of 34" scale fretless basses on the market. How very kind of @TheGreek!
  8. They had to make something new as the brandname 'Sadowsky' was already taken in China by some other company. This must be the first time I heard of any Chinese company talk about copyright claims. The country has always been counterfeit paradise. Double standards. Gotta love 'em.
  9. Jeez I don't know. But I'd rather get a Sire then this new Chinese series Metroexpress I guess. Thoughts? I just hope the more pricey Metro and NYC series made by Warwick are absolutely fab. I might even look for one of those in time. Let's first wait for some more youtube videos to pop up and hear from the Sadowsky players how they like the built in Germany series.
  10. Yep, you don't see them a lot. May I ask why your mind is set on a 32" rather then 34"?
  11. I have played for about 30 years now, 25 of those exclusively fingerstyle and slap. But then I got my Ric and wanted to sound like Chris Squire. It can ONLY be done with a pick, especially on a Ric. So I ordered a big box of picks of all shapes and sizes, while practicing I would switch between them based on how they feel and how they sound... It took me just two or three weeks to learn to play with picks and make it both sound good and feel natural. So have a bit of faith and go for it! is my advice. You can do this.
  12. Two things. 1. I think what you are looking for is an articulate valve amp that makes the bottom end bloom like only valve amps can. 2. Ampeg amps have this grindy "push/bump" in the lower mids that makes them sound so characteristic. You can not switch this feature off though. Try before buy! As I pointed out in the first bit, bloom. Did you ever consider a hybrid amp? The Mesa TT800's top channel will give you pretty much this exact sound. It may do the job and is pretty lightweight. Otherwise like some others already stated an Ashdown valve amp is a pretty good bet. Me I use an old Trace Elliot Hexa Valve I bought for 800, then had its valves replaced for another 500 (the old valves from the early nineties were still in there!).
  13. Vincent. I had it built by my specs. Passive, bridge pickup is switched single/single/parallel/series with the three jaguar style switches. Slanted neck pickup for more even bottom end across the strings. Lacquered bubinga fretboard because I love Rics. Meanwhile I received the new amp for this stack. It sounds very tight, solid and warm. "Tube tone" on the amp is a bs dial though, I see no use for that. The Spectracomp on the other hand is really nice. Here's some closeup pics of that Vincent bass:
  14. I owned a One10 but sold it. Just wasn't loud enough. These T-E cabs are really nice though. More top end then the One10 and the lows are great too. So far loving them! Now I only need that RH750 to arrive - The Elf does run out of headroom pretty quickly.
  15. Yay! Tomorrow the cabs arrive. Amp later this week I hope.
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