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  1. Brilliant sounding amps. Clean but with a low end texture so thick and tight you can taste the sound. Mine needs a little bit of TLC, it blew out its 10A fuse twice this month - my tubes have been in there since 1992 I believe. Still worth carrying the extra weight. Once you played through this you know all class D amps are toys.
  2. The combination and design of body woods does not seem Warwick like. I think the original body was messed up by someone who wanted different or extra pickups and they 'solved' it by creating a new body using different woodtypes. They did a lousy job as well, the maple veneers look crude and clumsy. The only Warwick parts in there are the neck and hardware.
  3. DiMarco


    Truss adjuster is at the headstock side, which I prefer.
  4. Received this bass today. Thread can be closed. Thanks for a very nice deal!
  5. DiMarco


    On the fretless neck, we decided to extend the fb beyond where the neck ends. What do you think?
  6. DiMarco


    JAZZ you said? The black used to be a Fender Marcus Miller V usa - but its neck warped so bad I had it replaced with this custom fretless neck. The other is 100% Vincent Guitars and my own design (woodtypes, pickup config, electronics wiring). I had already posted that one elsewhere on this forum I believe.
  7. Absolutely stunning instrument. Is it still up for sale?
  8. Yeah he's a smart guy. Also a great guitarist btw.
  9. Butterscotch comes to mind.
  10. Did I ever drop this picture in here? I forgot... Bestest amp in the world this one, true story!
  11. What if I told you ... it is my backup five string and I mainly play the Zon Sonus?
  12. This was my earlier photoshop design on which the build has been based.
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