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  1. You worry too much. Making music should be about having fun and entertaining. Don't overthink it.
  2. After 30+ years of Flea style diagonal thumb on string slapping I'm trying to transition to thumb along string doublethumb technique. This means shorter strap, bass closer to chin and different right hand positioning. Biggest challenge is not so much the slapping but rather the index- and middle finger plucking. It hurts! Is the solution keeping up until callus forms on the edge of the fingertips or does anyone have some useful techniques they could show me? Thanks.
  3. Personally I'd rather hang it on the wall instead of having a bass/guitar stand in the living room.
  4. So does this forum have a dark Theme I can switch to? The white background hurts my eyes on 34" ultrawide.


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    2. Sibob


      As a moderator, I raised this. We're due a forum software update soon, and we're hoping that a dark theme will be implemented as part of that.
      More details soon hopefully.

    3. Balcro


      As a temporary expedient - ( and using Firefox - can't speak for the other browsers ) go to -
      Menu - Settings  ;  scroll down to "Language and Appearance" and under Fonts & Colours, select Colours.  On the Background option, click the rectangle and the colour palette appears. Select a tone that suits you and lighten it with the side strip. Save your choice.

      Under "override the colours" select always.

      It's far from infallible, but it works on Basschat and the BBC. If you see some features or text disappearing elsewhere, then you'll have to cancel the setting.

      With Windows 10, Go to Settings - System - display - & turn on the night light slider. If you click on Nite-Light Settings there are more options.

    4. Sharkfinger


      Balcro's idea is good, I always have the 'Night Light' on Win10 turned on with the 'blue' dialled down to 66%.  Much kinder on the eyes.

  5. If you want your bass knocked over by accident get the tiny stand. 👍
  6. I took the plunge some months ago and bought my first Ampeg - a used market SVT4-pro for about 700 euro. Thing turned out to be in NOS shape, not a speck of dust on the inside or outside of it. Long story short I have stopped using my nineties Trace Elliot amps this one swipes the floor with those except for the full valve "Hexa Valve". Lots of warmth with clarity and heft it makes my basses come to life and feel more powerful. So that's my vote. Used market SVT-4 pro. Now my go-to amp.
  7. The instrument is only half the equation. Some great sounding tracks were recorded with Stingrays for instance. I have to cut both lows and treb on my Ray to make it sound good. My Warwick Thumb needs some help in the bottom end from an amp or external pre in order to shine. Make it work. Every bass can sound proper.
  8. Cleaned, oiled, waxed. Pic taken with Nikon DSLR. Oh boy...
  9. There's a 60 day money back guarantee @ Thomann - no questions asked. I think that allows you to take the plunge more easily. If you send it back, they will mail you a UPS packing slip.
  10. Check the comments. Thoughts still seem to widely vary... The bass reviewed sounds really good though.
  11. Oh why Brexit. That is one awesome playing and sounding bass.
  12. My hands aren't big and the neck on a Thumb NT6 isn't very wide either. Look at my Yamaha. It is simply a matter of correct hand positioning. No left hand thumb dangling over the edge of the neck! 🙂
  13. They used to be hand carved back in the day. Nowadays all the rough work is done by CNC. I do believe they sand by hand and to some other fine work in the custom shop.
  14. They were just too grimey. It's an old bass so I don't want the pickup covers to look like brand new... So I just tried this trick and was amazed by the result Before: After: How? Using toothpaste and a microfiber cloth. Neat no?
  15. Just oiled my fretboard because it needed it. Dunlop 65 lemon oil as ever. Maple and ebony don't need oiling. Wengé does. Also waxed the Bubinga. Because it needed it.
  16. If the same question gets asked over and over again on a forum... Does that make the question stupid?


    1. Fingul


      Not if the answers are different!

    2. hiram.k.hackenbacker


      The thing that really annoys me is people asking the same question repeatedly. It seems bit daft to me. What do you think? 


    3. DiMarco


      @hiram.k.hackenbacker that's kinda my point. There's a pretty good search functionality on this forum and when you type one of those often asked questions into google you also can't help but end up here or on TB. In my opinion you're doing something wrong if you can't find the answers to those often simple questions.

      That said - no question is ever stupid, the road some people choose to find the answer is. 🙂

      There's also questions that can't really be answered like:

      • Which is better Jazz or Precision?
      • What's the best bass for metal?

      But questions like that always seem to be followed by people posting pictures of their own gear, possibly in an attempt to be confirmed their own choices were well made.

      Us humans have funny ways sometimes. Maybe it is a thing we should all cherish.


  17. Still needs cleaning and polishing. Picked up this baby today. @Kev might dig it. It's a 1990.
  18. 5.4kg on the bathroom scale. Not the lightest ever bass. The Yamaha weighs in at 4.8kg.
  19. Will make decent pics with a DSLR once I cleaned and waxed it, and replaced those awful strings. Battery compartment showed a leaking 9v has been in there. I think the bass has been stowed away unused for a very long time. I like old Warwicks over the newer ones though. I have no real reason why. The neck is asymmetrical on the back which is really nice ergonomically. I wonder what I should use to remove all the grime before waxing it. Common soap?
  20. Picked it up today. Truss rod works, but contra: Lefty tighty righty loosy. Neck is awesome. Stringspacing tighter then the Yam. Strings on it are at least a decade old though... A new pack of Fodera strings arrives on wednesday.
  21. Loving my jp1 as well @Cairobill. Think I know which bass you bought. It was up on this forum, right?
  22. I just bought my 2nd six string. A Warwick Thumb NT from 1990 with Bartolini pickups. Cheers! Marco
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