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  1. Mine is one of the most early ones and afaik made in indonesia, not in japan. Not that it really matters. Love the finish on yours!
  2. Amazing basses. Pre-amp hisses a bit when you emphasize the treble frequencies. The dual truss rods are really easy to adjust. Mine came with very thin strings on but now has a pack of Fodera custom steels. I did have to adjust the rods accoringly. This thing plays as good as any boutique brand instrument. Total winner of a bass!
  3. Why sell this one of all my basses? The other 6 string (Yamaha JP sig) I own has wider string spacing which I prefer.
  4. Here's the deal you've been waiting for. I am selling the beast. Why? Because I want a new 3D graphics card for my gaming PC and own too many basses. Everything on this bass works as intended. Two things I should however mention: 1. When you take off the strings the neck bends backwards. This is normal. With strings on the neck is fine and plays really light. Currently there's a pack of fresh Fodera Custom Steels on it. 2. The frets from 1990 do have some wear on them. When you look closely there's dents. It still plays really well though. For this simple reason I chose not to replace them yet. Asking price: 1800 euro. WHAT? Yes. 1800 euro. Because of the neck bending backwards may scare you and the frets being older. If everything was in mint condition the price would be around 2200-2500. It comes with the original Warwick gigbag and if it needs to be shipped I will throw in a (Fender) hardcase. Not shipping outside of Europe and I am hesitant about shipping to the U.K. since Brexit. You will likely have to add around 20% or more to the price for VAT. Ask for shipping costs. I will use UPS since they come pick it up from my home and are the only company willing to ship bass guitars from the Netherlands. Cheers! Marco
  5. Both B7K and VMT did not tick any boxes with me, B7K being fizzy and VMT drowning in the mix it is an inaudible effect between guitars. The Alpha-Omega beat both in my case but even that got replaced by the much better for more classic punkrock sounding Tech21 YYZ pedal. I concluded Darkglass is for metalheads only after years of owning several of their pedals.
  6. So much besides the point stuff going on debating wether or not it is to be considered a Sadowsky. Only valid question is is it a good bass for its price compared to others in the same range. ... and that has been answered quite extensively a while back in this thread. This makes me wonder what point some people are trying to make other then being negative about stuff without actually playing one of these basses.
  7. Just wanted to hear the jazz version. Seems to be nice. If I had to choose a series within the Fender range though I'd feel lost they keep tossing around new nicknames for the same old series with VERY minor changes. But then again how does one keep marketing a product that's always been there?
  8. Guess again. 16k-26k euro is what I have seen. Besides that the Fodera no doubt has a more responsive and warmer sounding character than any Warwick will ever have. I do play Warwicks and they have their place but are no competition for Fodera.
  9. Love that notion. Expensive gear is largely played by shoe gazing lawyers and dentists who do not belong on stage. Hahaha. Oh and by me. The bored IT dude who believes more is more and less is less. Either way, It is perfectly possible to set up an fxboard with analog stompboxes and still have your tones available quickly. The guitarist can use a looper like Boss MS-3 for instance. But also keep entertaining people in between songs. This what a frontman does. Any band without a real frontman is boring af.
  10. Hoi Maarten from Hoorn. Just around the corner from where you are.
  11. Which has me thinking should I switch to a Quad Cortex. The board I posted costs roughly the same as a QC unit.
  12. Band said "Let's add Plugin Baby to the setlist". ... Goodbye minimalistic approach. Four pedals are used in that one so I might as well go for full functionality within the tiny footprint.
  13. Stop posting Wal basses for sale please. Thank you. 😁


    I could afford one but don't want to spend that much on a bass. The wife would skin me alive. Stop tempting me.

    1. Daz39


      Hahah. I am thankfully in the only dreaming zone for these glorious hunks of wood. I get what you mean though: 'Another bass? Don't you already have one, and a guitar?'

  14. Whatsapp + Spotify is all we use. If people don't show up for practice, toss them out of the band.
  15. DiMarco

    Drop C#

    Stop it! 😁 Before you know it we will have hijacked the thread and talking double flats. That's not what OP is looking for is it?
  16. I tried flats only once. Couldn't get along with the feel of them - my fingers felt sticky playing them. If I were to try flats again, which ones won't feel sticky? Currently using rounds on all my basses but the Stingray 5 might just sound amazing with flats.
  17. DiMarco

    Drop C#

    ^^ This. Also keep in mind strings with a hex core are less prone to feel flappy than ones with round cores.
  18. Hi Bob, I use a couple of different rigs. If the venue is large enough I bring the SVT-4 pro with Barefaced Big Twin II. When I need tiny footprint I stack up two Trace Elliot 2x8" cabs and use a TC RH750 instead. I love its flexibility and built in tuner but class D amps are not for me. That amp sounding pretty sterile by itself made me begin shaping my tone on the pedalboard instead, adding some valve heft at will. For this I use either a Two Notes Le Bass preamp (which can also blend in valve overdrive) or/and an EHX Black Finger compressor. This makes the TC amp sounds just as hefty as my SVT-4 pro and I can switch the hefty valve bit off whenever I want a modern ultra clean and articulate sound. Just saying... Maybe you can fix it using just one amp. Cheers, Marco
  19. I owned two Zeus, that pedal sounds MASSIVE. Sadly both started failing within weeks. When switching it on it would sometimes do something, sometimes it would not. And there was a loud pop whenever touching any of the switches. For me, Redwitch = never again. Such poor quality.
  20. I have tons of pedals. A lot of them boutique... But what I really need for the band is just this: Dirty compressor Dirty fuzz (and I mean RAUNCHY AF!) Dirty pre-amp Always real valves. Nothing else comes close. Modelling is still not an option in 2021. Call me a snob. The Black Finger is set to add a little tube breakup - just a hint of it. This makes the fuzz and OD on the Le Bass come out way stronger. Giygas is used for Beastie Boys, Blur, Muse sorta tones. The OD on the Le Bass is for Foo Fighters, Fountains of Wayne, Presidents of the USA etc tube grit. While I do have more exotic effects like envelope phasers, tremolo, octavers etc. I never actually use any of those on stage. Just stuff to make my sound more powerful and add organic tasting dirt. These pedals right here are perfect for that particular job.
  21. Users asking how to hook up their monitor to ethernet. I give up.

    1. Daz39


      "I can't find the ANY key"!!

    2. Supernaut


      *Irish accent*


      Have you tried turning it off and on again?! 

    3. Sibob


      To be fair, HDMi over ethernet is a thing lol

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