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  1. Thing is, the smell was gone completely. Just after 8 days it had returned from the inner depths of the foam stuffing. But I will get used to my bass smelling like vanilla I guess.
  2. It isn't the quality. That Dolphin has better fretwork and allows lower action then the other two basses I mentioned. I only play the others because of their ability to give me a more oldskool tone. Warwicks are technically at least equal, maybe even better. They just have a very different character tone wise.
  3. I agree with Phil. My experience with 15" cabs is they are a nightmare to work with when room acoustics aren't helping. I was using a 115 and later a 215 and I really hated both. The projection is awful I could never predict if I would be able to hear myself on stage. Since I do not really like the character of most 10" cabs (weaker mids unless it's an Ampeg fridge) I went for 12" cabs and never looked back. I do also use an SWR Henry the 8x8 in the rehearsal room which sounds really nice, but those are pretty rare. So in your place I would flog the 210 and look for a nice 212 or two seperate 112 cabs instead of mixing sizes. 15" speakers are unfasionable nowadays for a good reason.
  4. The bands you named all have radically different sounding bass guitars frankly. What you want is a bit of a jack of all trades. The Warwick that comes to mind for this is one of the Streamer models like SS1, SS2 or possibly the jazzman or a double buck (bolt on models) if you can get hold of one. Thumb bass sounds more modern and tight, the Dolphin too - they're not fit for oldskool type of sounds. I have never owned or played any Mayones so I can't tell you anything about those. Having played a lot of Warwicks over time, my Dolphin now just sits there in the rack. I mostly play my Zon Sonus and Fodera NYC Empire which both in fact are Jazz Basses on steroids. Their pickup configuration and placement is exactly that of a 70's Fender Jazz but both have excellent active preamps built in and the build quality is just fab. So I have to agree with some others... All roads lead back to the Jazz Bass. Combining the pickups 50/50 just gives you that spank and upper mids growl that works so well in the mix.
  5. DiMarco

    Got wood?

    Warwick Fodera Zon Vincent custom build
  6. Little over a week later, the sweet smell of vanilla has fully returned. I effing give up. My fodera will smell like vanilla. Nothing can stop this.
  7. Back from rehearsal. The RAH600SMX has replaced the Class D Warwick toy, and I brought my Fodera NYC Empire along for the first time to compare it with the Zon Sonus I usually bring. I cut at 30hz by 6-10db on my Trace amps and boost a tiny little (about 2db) at 40, 60 and 100 hz. Also boosted the highest frequencies some to get some extra spank. The tone I got out of the SWR Henry the 8x8 with this was REALLY good in the sense the bass sound was gelling well with the mix (the one thing class D amps completely suck at) and carrying the guitars. Both basses were sounding great! I am SO happy I had my Trace Elliot heads fixed - best choice ever.
  8. The Hexa just sounds bigger then any other clean tone amp I tried. I really love this amp it makes any bass guitar grip better with the mix. I guess the keyword here is texture.
  9. Funny... I sold the Mesa amp as the Hexa Valve sounds much better. Still have the Henry though, it is one hell of a cab.
  10. One more thing: The 12band EQ on the Hexa Valve is better then the one on the SMX somehow. It feels more effective on the Valve head then it does on the SMX. Odd.
  11. Learned the seperate GP12XV pre came with a crossover. The one in the Hexa Valve does not and really only has two ECC83's. Today I mounted the Groove Tubes (JJ) in my Hexa and RAH600SMX, replacing two Tung-Sol in the Hexa and the original early nineties Trace Elliot branded one that was still working fine inside the SMX. The result while not world shocking is an overall tighter sound with especially cleaner mids and more silky highs. There is also less background noise going on and any 50hz hum is now completely gone. When dialing back and forth between solid state and the JJ on the SMX I can notice the SS side sounding a bit less responsive and lifely but frequency/EQ wise the JJ seems just as neutral, not emphasizing anything in particular.. Happy face.
  12. Hi guys, had the amp fixed by a great tech, everything runs smoothly and the amp sounds SO good compared to my class D toys! The only thing that tops it is my Hexa Valve - that one has even more heft. Got some JJ ECC83S valves coming in, one will be going into the pre section of this RAH. Yay!
  13. Chiming back in to report I have received the bass and it is very, very awesome. Very happy to have taken the plunge!
  14. I did order three so whatever happens, I'll be safe and sound.
  15. Haha I just learned that the GT ECC83S are in fact identified by some as rebranded JJ ECC83S. What puzzles me is why they do sound different on the yootoob - they actually sounded fuller and bigger in that one vid. Maybe I just payed more for the brand - guess I will not find out. I just hope they will do the job. Edit: Just read someone state that the rebranding is not just rebranding. Apparently these "brands" are testing and matching and do remove the bad apples. This would make sense, but you can't be certain if this really does take place.
  16. I have been reading on the subject and watching some youtube videos for more input. People looking for a "warm" tone generally did not like the Mesa tubes an awful lot. The JJ ECC83S is getting a lot of good reviews by guitarists. I have read that Groove Tubes ECC83S have a flat frequency response, nice warm tone and most of all very tight bottom end and clear treble. Because of this description and listening to some clips that compare the GT and JJ, I decided to order me three of those. One for the SMX and two for the Hexa Valve. Will report back when I replaced the Tung-Sol with those GT. By the way I have heard several people claiming the Tung-Sol are noisy when you're not playing so I have good hopes for an improvement on that side of things, too. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience VType! The JJ's are by far the most popular, but seeing so many many bassists choose the GT persuaded me to go that route too.
  17. Hey look what I've finally found! The quatra valve and hexa valve circuit diagram from Mr. C. Button. Been looking for this for aaaages.
  18. Just noticed Hexa valve specific "tube replacement" sets have six 6550's and three 12ax7. I can only find two 12ax7 in mine. Where is the third one located? Does it exist at all? It doesn't does it? LOL.
  19. 28 years is not a bad score I reckon. I just wonder if that 50hz hum is related to the Tung-Sol I threw in there last year. It's nothing terrible, but I can hear it in between songs so am looking to fix it. The amp sounds very good, had the 6550's replaced last week and a bias pot has been added by the tech. He also replaced the mute switch which was acting funny now and then. Thanks for your answer, I'll order some of those JJ's. Also been gazing at the Mesa 12AX7 as those come shielded.
  20. Looking to replace my original TE 12ax7. Currently I have Tung-Sol in my Hexa and a bit of a 50hz hum problem. Are TAD JJ ECC83S/12AX7 a good replacement? I know those are hugely popular but afaik the S in ECC83S stands for high gain. Will those tubes enable met to dial in some girth? The current Tung-Sol stay clean whatever amount of gain I dial in. I have zero experience with differences between preamp tubes and could use some advice. Thanks for any help!
  21. Thanks guys! The coffee beans miraculously did a pretty good job. Of course, when digging your nose into the cloth it still smells a bit funny, but I can no longer smell the case from a distance. Cheers, Marco
  22. I can't help myself. The reflection of those controls on the shiny red top is just so damn sexy.
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