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For sale Warwick Thumb NT6 1990
The Netherlands


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Here's the deal you've been waiting for. I am selling the beast. Why? Because I want a new 3D graphics card for my gaming PC and own too many basses.




Everything on this bass works as intended. Two things I should however mention:


1. When you take off the strings the neck bends backwards. This is normal. With strings on the neck is fine and plays really light. Currently there's a pack of fresh Fodera Custom Steels on it.
2. The frets from 1990 do have some wear on them. When you look closely there's dents. It still plays really well though. For this simple reason I chose not to replace them yet.


Asking price: 1800 euro. WHAT? Yes. 1800 euro. Because of the neck bending backwards may scare you and the frets being older. If everything was in mint condition the price would be around 2200-2500.


It comes with the original Warwick gigbag and if it needs to be shipped I will throw in a (Fender) hardcase.


Not shipping outside of Europe and I am hesitant about shipping to the U.K. since Brexit. You will likely have to add around 20% or more to the price for VAT.


Ask for shipping costs. I will use UPS since they come pick it up from my home and are the only company willing to ship bass guitars from the Netherlands.


Cheers! Marco




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Awesome Thumb! The neck sounds completely fine - I guess it is currently setup with no or very little relief and as such, once the tension from the strings is removed, the tension from the truss rod will naturally bow the neck backwards slightly. 

As long as there is still movement in the truss rod to increase the relief (ie. You can slacken the tension in the truss rod) then all is as it should be.

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