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  1. I cerainly hope so @Al Krow. Infection rates here in NL have been on a steep decline here since the massive spike happening after lifting restrictions. I sincerely hope we all can return to the normal normal again soon. Over here multi day venues are still blocked so no large festivala. We're still expected to keep a 1.5m distance at all times. And in public transport wear a face mask.
  2. No introduction needed I think? Massive sounding cab in great shape! Local pickup only. Looking to fetch 450 euro for it. I only ever used it in our rehearsal room due to its weight - I am not a tall man so dragging my Barefaced cab around instead. Amplifier not included, that one is already sold. 😁
  3. Selling simply because its time has come. I always bring my Fodera NYC Empire and sometimes the Sadowsky or Stingray neckthru when playing a fiver. Bass is completely original except for the pre-amp which I upgraded to a John East Uni-pre 4 knob. Original Bartolini pre was broken when I bought the instrument. Balance knob is wired reverse like it is on Sadowsky basses. This is due to one pickup having quite short pickup wires for the wire routing. The Sonus has a somewhat thicker neck than more modern copies but not baseball bat thick. Very low action, no truss rod and not needing one. Scale is 34". Will ship anywhere in Europe, hardcase included. Selling to UK is a nono due to brexit unless you want to pay a lot of taxes. Top pic is overly shiny, bottom one more truthful. Beast of a bass! Looking to fetch 1900 euros for it + P&P. Local pickup in Hoorn, the Netherlands also possible. Cheers, Marco
  4. I have one and am looking to sell it. Might just list it on the forum later on. Sounds absolutely awesome but I can't get it out of the car by myself. Besides that, my stack of two Trace Elliot 2x8 cabs is just as loud. Faitalpro speakers kick donkey. Besides that, I also have a Barefaced Big Twin II. TOO - MUCH - GEAR
  5. You people are all twisted knobs. 😎
  6. Balance pot is reversed on all Sadowsky basses. Don't know why but it doesn't bother me. I actually did the same with my Zon Sonus because one pickup has short wires and this was the easy option.
  7. I wrote a review (mesa prodigy) and in memoriam about chris squire for that mag. Was promised a free sub as I didn't need or want payment. I never received the sub or a single copy of the mag and had to buy copies with my own articles in order to see them. Am still whizzed off about that. Worst magazine on the planet run by a totally incompetent publishing company. But interested in your findings about the chinese Sadowsky nonetheless.
  8. I owned both Darkglass compressors but chose to keep the Cali76cb as it adds some lovely texture the DG pedals seemed to lack. My tone gets more grippy in the mix with it without sounding obviously different. For some extra gravy in the mix I can use the EHX Black Finger, combining it with the Cali gets me the Punch from 1176 plus the warmth from LA-2A like compression. I seldomly require both compressors though. The Finger works especially well with Pbass like tone, the Cali with just about everything.
  9. The Fusion S 1x12 combo indeed has cooling that only comes on when needed. My experience with this reactive kind of cooling though with most bass amps is that the fans starting/stopping is actually more annoying then a fan spinning at the same speed constantly. This made me stop using my Trace Elliot Elf and use bigger amps with cooling that just flows constantly.
  10. Owned two Fender made ones, both briefly. A Nate Mendel sig and a japanese 70's reissue. Now own the active Sadowsky. Very nice instrument. Does the P thing very convincingly plus more and I need a low B very often. A regular P is too limiting.
  11. I wouldn't be able to afford it. Besides it's about the journey not the destination.
  12. Mesa 7025 STR 12AX7A ECC83 in there currently. I got it with those. I compared it directly with my dirtboxes, and also with the valve overdrive in the Two Notes Le Bass. The Le Bass is the only thing that comes close, but the preamp section in that also heavily colours your tone. If I want to hear my amp (Hexa Valve) without external colouration, but with a real valve OD the V-Twin is a great option. I can not really explain why I think it sounds better - it is more or less a 'feel' thing mostly I guess. The response is different from my other dirtboxes.
  13. So has anyone got any experience with this new chinese metro express series yet? Thread seems to have gone silent and I am kinda curious about the quality of recent models.
  14. A regular Deluxe 5 popped up in France. Pre in it has been upgraded to a Mike Pope one. Go get it! Fodera NYC Empire Deluxe 5 d’occasion (zikinf.com)
  15. I have around 10 basses and about the same amount of dirt pedals. One pedal works well with bass A, another pedal with bass B. It is about combinations that work well. For instance, Darkglass pedals work really well with Warwick basses. The Tech 21 YYZ really loves my Sadowsky P and EBMM Stingray. There's no way of telling which pedal is the best as it is in a combination of things. That said, like mentioned before the Mosquite Blender makes any guitar overdrive work well on bass. Here's a pic of what is currently on my carpet and REALLY working like a charm:
  16. Hoping everyone will feel better soon no matter where you're based UK or EU. Let's just hope lifting restrictions will play out better then it did over here. That said, most infections indeed seem to hit the unvaccinated or partly vaccinated. My 14yo daughter will be fully vaxxed before the schools open again. Luckily the amount of hospitalizations here still remains pretty low let's hope it stays that way. Stay safe everyone.
  17. Was checking how well the Mesa V-Twin guitar pre works with bass when adding a dry/wet blender. HOLY COW! Definitely building a board around this. It completely swipes the floor with any dedicated bass overdrive I have heard so far.
  18. Sorry guys the situation here is just rather depressing. NL coloured red on the EU map earlier this week again briefly after restrictions were lifted. I am feeling rather desperate right now. Oh well another extended period of just work eat sleep I guess. Meanwhile unvaxxed people enter concerts and dancings with copied QR codes and keep spreading the virus. Guess it is their right to do so. I must be the stupid one. Maybe alcohol will fix my mood.
  19. Restrictions being lifted in the UK will last max. 2 weeks. Been there done that. Amounts of infections are now the worst since the start of the pandemic over here. Keep wearing face masks and don't go anywhere crowded. There is no hope.
  20. In an empty room, standing waves cause bumps and dips in the low end depending on where you stand within that room. This maked soundchecking quite the task in many cases. Nowadays soundguys can move about, controling the mixingdesk with a tablet or smartphone to fine tune. That is quite a blessing.
  21. Naaah surely nobody wants to see porn on the internet, right? Don't think there's a market for that at all.
  22. It's probably not the strings. All basses have this to a certain extent. I like to use these different sounds at will. When I want a more clear sound I play from 7th fret on the A, more dark and bassy from the 12th fret on the E. On some basses the tone remains more open and clear along the fretboard. Examples are my Warwick Thumb NT and Zon Sonus 5.
  23. I forgot. It was black and probably a Fernandes. Had PJ pickups. Don't know where it went, if I sold it or not. Then I got a white japanese Fender Jazz fretless which was my main instrument for a long time. I traded that for a sixties Gibson non-reversed firebird guitar at some point. It was a good trade.
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