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  1. I have one like it Karl, damn great precision and well worth the asking price GLWTS buddy
  2. I have a set of Daddario short scale chromes unused £23 posted to UK addresses I will also throw in the EAD unused Daddario half rounds FOC
  3. Cheers Grangur, Thats what happens when you have too many beers 😱
  4. Hi Ead what was the string tension like as flats can vary a lot Brian
  5. I Had one of these and from memory there are 4 bolts behind the Quatro lock, the neck has threaded inserts which give it a more stable fit.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. Sorry Gareth, blurred image but some people deliberately blur the serial for some reason 😉
  8. Hi Gareth , I am not able to view the thumbnails individually , can you do anything to sort this out, my poor eyesight LOL Thanks
  9. I have one in Paduck red and its a brilliant bass, great price, the buyer will be well pleased with this one
  10. This was my old bass and the buyer will not be disappointed, loads of tonal choices, if only I was not downsizing GLWTS
  11. How much are you looking Dov
  12. Hi Mudpup, I will have these off you. Send me your PayPal and I will sort payment Cheers, Brian
  13. Good price for an upgraded Harley, Ive does the same and it is superb GLWTS
  14. Hi Daniel I think that if they are cut too near the double part of the wrap gives trouble but hey worth a chance. I will sort when I get home as I have your details for payment and you have my address Cheers, Brian
  15. Hi Daniel I may take these off you, have they been cut at all as they advise not to do so Cheers, Brian
  16. I know, but he seems to have gone off the radar 😪
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