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  1. Hi Bam, Is the bass back up for sale. Cheers, Brian
  2. Hi, Sorry but I thought it was a split precision pickup you had.
  3. Hi there, Any pics sorted yet, you can WhatsApp me them if you wish, 07738802507 Cheers Brian
  4. briansbrew


    Bought a Peavey Strat from Charlie, Lovely guitar and well packaged. A cool gent to deal with. Thanks Chas
  5. Good luck with the sale Adam, A gentleman to deal with guys Brian
  6. I Have one in natural and would hate to part with it, such an accurate P sound IMHO, GLWTS
  7. Hi Craig, I think that the wood may be Walnut as Mahogany is very consistent in colour and Walnut has dark and light shades, Walnut being the more stable wood for Guitars. 😀
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