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  1. Well spotted @vincbtI took the picture but failed to notice that there was a digit there and its a 4 which I didnt spot due to the light. If you notice that some of the digits have been gone over twice hence the blur. So I have a 75 P with a 74 neck
  2. Its off a 1975 precision, just checking to see if its the original which I'm sure it is
  3. Can anyone help me with identifying the year of this precision neck please
  4. Yep, thats what they call the brass plates around key holes ect. for protection
  5. Well after waiting 12 weeks my pickups arrived from Sontec and the pick up escutcheon plate was for a 5 string instead of the 4. This has set me back as my project is stalled as these are very hard to find but someone may have one hidden away in a parts box 🤔 until Sontec replace the one they sent..
  6. I have a question, I am by no means an expert on vintage Fenders but I have a 1972 P bass with the neck date stamped April 72 and a 75 P with the number system. Doing some research and I was led to believe that Fender stopped the date stamp and and introduced the number system after 1973, any help on this would be grateful as I can't decipher my neck numbers to ascertain if its correct for the 75P... A cracker bass by the way @walshy
  7. The bridge pickup is in the same position on both, both side by side and 80mm from the bridge.
  8. The bridge pickup is in the same position on both, both side by side and 80mm from the bridge.
  9. Thanks for your comments Paul, you nailed it perfectly...
  10. WEEKEND PRICE DROP £799 including delivery to UK addresses Up for sale is my 1978 Guild B-301 in Mahogany This was originally finished in white and I didn't realise that until I took the pick-guard off to do a spot of cleaning and noticed the routing was white whoever did the striping did a good job as I'm sure it was pretty tough to remove from the grain. Nice stable neck with a lowish action, frets in good shape with little wear. Never had to adjust the truss rod but it moves freely The knobs are quite recent as the originals were not on it when it was purchased, I think the strap buttons are changed as I have 1 spare that was in the case when I got it These are wonderful basses made in the states and are quite sought after as they were in production for a short while so don't come up too often. I have the B-302 which has the 2 pickups and they are tone monsters Lots of dings and some minor chips but in overall good condition, nice patina on the neck and body I have flats fitted which to me suits it better but thats an individual choice. I don't have the original case but it will come with a suitable moulded one which I have I will add more specifics tomorrow, weight ect.... Weight is 4.1kg's, nut width is 40mm
  11. Looking very dapper Mr Travis 😎
  12. If it helps you could get it delivered to me and I could then post it off to you and save on the duty and taxes...
  13. @Skin Lewis Hi, Can you message me your details for payment Thanks Brian
  14. @karlfer I bought another of Karl's fine Precision basses, his Jade Green one and its in fantastic condition. As always a gent and a scholar to deal with, well packaged and deal with confidence Thanks Karl Brian
  15. @Shaggy Greg bought my warmouth neck, paid in a flash and good communication all the way. Top bloke and a pleasure doing business with him.. Thanks Greg B
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