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  1. Bass now sport black carbon effect scratchplate, black controls knobs. Will update the pics later
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    they are indeed mighty fine instruments
  3. The cull of my lovely collection continues. This one is going to hurt a bit. Corvette, ash body, ovankol neck, bell brass frets, no wear to speak of. Good working machine heads (a Warwick achilles heel) Warwick says: produced: 20.08.2002 Description: Corvette Standard, 4-string Natural Oil finish Swamp Ash body Ovangkol neck Chrome hardware Made in Germany Its has dints and is faded in a few places, it has been used/loved. I was going to rub it down and re-finish in gun stock oil. If that interests the buyer will ship with the bottle i bought. I bought it as a passive, installed a Glockenklang pre-amp and run it in 18v mode. Pull to passive on the volume control. Stacked Bass/Treble. Pickups are MEC dynamic corrections. The Glockenklang isn't mega hot output, but smooth and classy with nice headroom. Very usable, very playable. Happy to meet up to exchange nr m25 for petrol/caffeine money. Pickup from Rochester, or can post at buyers expense (expect about £40 insured well packed door to door)
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    The BTB range started off life as Ibanez's take on a 'boutique bass'. Monorail bridge, fancy wood tops and finishes, five piece neck, active, dual in house humbucker based on bartolini mk1's. the model range has gone through a few ups and downs, but this is one of the really nice early ones. Now available in the prestige etc lines ...big money. Finished in a deep trans grey/black over a quilt maple cap, with matching headstock. I love them and as a collector/player i have owned a few over the years and never been disappointed. I traded this bass recently and fully set it up for stage use, polished out most of the light usage marks, re-strung it, its now clean, well set up and looks/plays great! So there I was then, rather stupidly i allowed myself a wander through these very classifieds and boom G.A.S attack for another 5 string, so for sale it is. Classy looking bass at a good price. Happy to meet up to exchange nr m25 for petrol/caffeine money. Pickup from Rochester, or can post at buyers expense (expect about £40 insured well packed door to door)
  5. actually i'll drive to you for pickup..


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    Drop C#

    De-tuner would handle drop c tuning. I have hipshots on my main gigging 4 strings. Haven't touched my five strings since.
  7. USA SUBs are great. Rare to find a pristine one, this is a great price. Its a early 2000s stingray in ll but name.
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    Man, the market is tough atm, thought this would be tucked up in a new home some place by now....
  9. Dammit, if only one of mine sells i'll be on the white one in a flash.
  10. Some somewhere rightly pointed out that peak output quotes are like saying a 2cv does 200 mph as long as you drive it off a high enough cliff. I think its a bit dumb to quote 1000w or 2000w peak, as what they are actually angling for is to buy the matched speaker as well. Personally i looked for someone who had done their homework, worked out 500w was the sort of real output and the equivalent was enough in the cabinet dept, and bought a '1000w veyron'. Haven't melted any cabs yet.... The problem (and one that keeps the price down thankfully) is its a bugera/behringer product lineage, which is memory serves is the same mother company that owns the more respected TC electronics as well. Most people that slag them off for that and yet haven't actually owned one, or gigged one. I am amazed by what my £300 or so bought me.
  11. I own a darkglass m900 and recently bought the bugera tube pre amp version. I like the tonal quality of the bugera it warmer and loud enough and has somewhat surprisingly is my goto amp right now. Its 2000w Peak which more like 500w in normal money and that's just fine for pub gigs. I haven't overstretched it or even got close to limit with it. Having the two covers of anything I need. Never understood the too loud for home statement, volume like investments go down as well as up. Right now I practice in a 10 by 8 bedroom office with a 800w darkglass through a Aguilar 2 by 10. The volume knob does the policing.. simples.
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    Downsize extravangaza continues. This is a bass I px'ed against another I was selling, and I just dont play fivers at the moment. OLP got a bad rap in the early days (probably for good reason..), but the later models were good in my experience. This is one of the later models, sets up well, sounds really good. I upgraded the pickup to a SUB5 version and the mating with the 3 band EQ is excellent, a real improvement. Its over 10 years old so has some battle scars but nothing horrible. Just honest dints and scratchplate wear. No buckle rash. Body and headstock are capped in curly maple, maple neck, good frets, action is very good, neck pocket is tight. electronics cavities have been shielded. Smaller style bridge on these, nice quality. I'd happily gig this bass. Pickup from Rochester, kent, or meetup within the M25 or thereabouts, or postage and insurance at buyers cost.
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    Some eagle eyed brethren will have noted the sale of my MiM Jazz a few weeks back. I took this 2 months old Squier precision in as a px against that. I initially was going to keep it, upgraded the bridge to the fender hi mass and did a proper set up on it. Lovely bass. But my SB-2 covers the p bass vibe and being honest with myself i just cant justify it, so here it is for your perusal. Body Finish: Gloss Polyurethane Body Material: Nato Body Shape: Precision Bass Bridge: 4-Saddle Vintage-Style Configuration: Split Single-Coil Control Knobs: Knurled Flat-Top Controls: Master Volume, Master Tone Fingerboard Material: Maple Fingerboard Radius: 9.5" (241 mm) Fret Size: Narrow Tall Hardware Finish: Nickel Neck Finish: Tinted Gloss Urethane Neck Material: Maple Neck Mounting: Bolt-On Neck Pickup: Fender Designed Alnico Split-Coil Neck Plate: 4-Bolt Squier Neck Shape: C Shape Number of Frets: 20 Nut Material: Bone Nut Width: 1.685" (42.8 mm) Pickguard: 3-Ply Black Position Inlays: Black Block Strings: NPS, .045-.105 Gauges Can deliver for petrol inside/near m25, or meet up etc Courier delivery insured for £35 - £40, or pickup from rochester Kent.
  14. NOW £400 cant drop any lower. Price new for this model plus the upgrades is way more than £400, so a huge deal to be had here Here we have an as new SUB4, mahogany body, matt sunburst finish, maple neck in perfect 'as new' condition. I have been through a bit of a Musicman phase and now have 5 and really need to get the critical 'ray mass down a tad. I have a lot of experience of setting and modding guitars and this has has some subtle usable mods which definitely lift it out of the range of your average SUB4. 1. bridge. I cant stand the big plate entry level bridge on the subs. This is a decent facsimile of the smaller plate version and looks far better imho. 2. Pickup: Bartolini poleless musicman pickup. Great tonal upgrade to the stock. 3. Coil selection switch series/single/parallel. TBH this is such an easy mod every stingray should have it. Series mode gives a bottom end boost without too much loss on the high end. Single is like bridge Jazz bass mode, parallel is like the USA basses (standard SUB 4's are wired series i have found) New versions have a basswood body so this is a standout version having the mahogany variant. The wood gives the sunburst more of a tobacco inner colour as opposed to a bright yellow. A better look imho. Overall finish (fret ends etc) is excellent. Bass is ungigged and will come with its original sterling by Musicman soft gig bag. If you are considering a SUB4 anytime soon, buy this. If you live somewhere close-ish to London I can deliver for petrol monies. Shipping via UPS insured will be about £35 - £40 Or, Pickup from Rochester Kent.
  15. you and me both, probably the holiday season or similar or the £1000 price bracket is slow,,,,
  16. Why thankyou...yes it is. About as new as a 22 year old bass can get. I have a thing for stingrays and constantly seem to have 'more than one...'
  17. I a kind of leaning towrds a full sale having done a two for one trade on my Jazz recently. The bass came with a Brrtolini pickup when I got it, the Nordstrand has a more low mid response very much like the stock. The Bart's have their own style. But who knows ping me some pics of the three basses and what you think their worth..
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