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  1. I was the original owner of the bass and took this pic of the bass just before I shipped it to Craig. Shows the figuring well. The Cort 74/75s are very slick imo. Great working basses that cover a multitude of tones.
  2. Lovely looking StingRay. Nice price too. GLWTS!
  3. Overwater by Tanglewood Aspiration Deluxe
  4. Bargain!! Superb bass for not a lot of dosh and Jerry is a great guy to buy from. GLWTS!
  5. Seen some of the Ibanez Premiums go for £600 or thereabouts on the classified’s here. A lot of bass for the money and enough left over for something else bass related? USA Fender Dimension is another one that regularly sells below their worth. I got one on here, a Deluxe HH 5 string for £600. Killed my GAS for another StingRay 5 as soon as I got it.
  6. Love this bass and wish I had the readies for it. Guitarist friend of mine use to own a Blade RH4 in a gorgeous see thru purple colour. Always liked their stuff.
  7. No experience of playing any with the roasted maple necks but did have a black cherryburst Ray35 which had a mahogany body and was lighter than the ash bodied honeyburst Ray35 I had at the same time. Logic says go for a used USA one but I was happy owning the offshore ones (having owned the full fat USA ones previously) They looked, played and gigged much the same. There was a natural Ray 35 with the roasted neck for sale here at the start of the year which I really wanted. Looked ace. Unfortunately I was flat broke and couldn’t get anything of mine shifted at the time.
  8. Gumtree. I think it was the same bass that was on Facebook marketplace at £400 a few weeks before. It was advertised at £333 on gumtree but after a spot of haggling, seller very kindly offered to do it for £300 including shipping. Came with a heavy duty Warwick rockbag too.
  9. Just picked up an Aspiration Elite 4 string too with the (I think) Wenge dark wood top. Battery was ever so slightly loose in the compartment and the bass was needing a set up but otherwise really chuffed with it.
  10. Paul bought my G&L Tribute LB-100 bass. A proper stand up guy and a total credit to this forum. Couldn’t have been any easier a sale. Deal with confidence!! Keir
  11. Nick bought my Cort GB99F bass. Great guy to deal with and made payment very quickly. A credit to Basschat! Keir
  12. Thanks Jerry! 🙂 Bass is now on hold
  13. Looks great and is the best look on a Ray imo. Must admit to liking the 2EQ myself.
  14. Actually arrived today. No issues apart from a slightly loose battery compartment door. Shuts ok though. Plays and sounds great with loads of mwah
  15. A touch over 10lbs. Played seated...not so much🙂 Should also mention for those particular about their P bass requirements that the bass has a fairly large neck profile and has a 1.75” nut width
  16. **NOW SOLD** Going to try with this one again. Had a look online and can’t see the natural LB-100 being advertised for less than £449 and that’s if they’re even in stock. This particular bass was featured in the Anderson’s G&L Tribute vs Squier Classic Vibe shootout. This bass appears at 12:50 Ash body, alnico split humbucker, G&L saddle lock bridge. Bass is in excellent condition with no issues. I can ship it in a Washburn C&G case, similar to the ones that MusicMan instruments used to ship with and some Fenders still do. Case is cosmetically a bit beat up but is structurally sound. payment by bank transfer or ppg. I’ve done a load of deals on here over the years and I’ve got a couple of feedback threads on the go. Happy to ship if buyer arranges courier with their own level of cover etc. Bass will be well packed for transport. thanks for looking Keir
  17. I would love a Progress bass but as that’s not about to happen anytime soon, kind of feel I’m getting a flavour of these great UK basses for not a lot of sheckels. Before I bought my Aspiration Elite I searched these basses on here and read some positive comments about the higher end of the offshore/import basses from Overwater custom shop players. That was a good enough recommendation for me and I haven’t been anything but happy with mine in the year I’ve owned it. Figuring therefore this deluxe fretless 5 is going to be a great addition. And been informed it’s going to arrive Thursday now which is the icing on the cake for this week🤞🙂
  18. Just bought one of these which is a bit of a good thing for me as I have been without a fretless since I sold my MTD Kingston 5 at the start of lockdown. This one caught my eye, and I do like the electronics package on these basses. I already have an Aspiration Elite fretted 5 which is probably the most amount of bass for the least amount of money I‘ve ever had buying basses. Roll on Friday!😊
  19. Approx 3.5” space between centre of pickups on the Cort so more like a 60’s spacing. A Jazz with 70’s spacing has the back pickup closer to the bridge (4” or so between pickup centres) Pictured is my old sonic blue G&L Tribute JB-2 (60’s) and sunburst G&L Tribute JB (70’s) which shows the difference.
  20. Just weighed it on my digital bathroom scales using the me then me plus bass way of doing things. Weight comes up each time at 8lb 4oz feels light, actually feels lighter than what the readout says it is
  21. NOW SOLD Cort GB99F flame maple top over what looks like alder. Bound maple neck with blocks, Hipshot tuners, entwistle jbxn pickups. edit: nut width is 38mm, weight is 8lb 4oz The bass is in very good condition for age. Some small nicks and dings but nothing serious. Comes with Hiscox lite flight case bought new by myself. Payment by bank transfer or ppg. I’m in Ayr, about 30 miles south of Glasgow. Will box up for shipping if buyer arranges courier.
  22. Beautiful looking Streamer😍
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