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  1. @dannybuoycould I get you to elaborate on what was it about the Dunlop DVP4 you particularly liked? Also be very interested in which other ones you've tried and why the Dunlop bested them?
  2. Well he's clearly a fan of some pretty heavy duty Aggie kit and has your fav TH pedal too!
  3. Your other half is in your band? Very jealous!
  4. Finding myself with several pedals on my board that are expression pedal enabled. Currently have a budget Valeton EP2 which is a passive volume and expression pedal and is a nice intro bit of kit, but I suspect there are (significantly?) better ones out there. Be really interested to hear from you on your recommendations for an excellent expression pedal, plus any to avoid! Cheers, AK
  5. Can't argue with that! I had the pleasure of hearing and meeting the great man himself at the Jazz Cafe in Camden a little while back. Pic of his rig and pedalboard below
  6. Ah Jethro Tull, flautist extraordinaire and a matching wild eyed stare. A sound harkening back to my yoof...
  7. Apologies for bumping an old thread, but I'm going to be on the road a fair bit more for the foreseeable so I'm going have a chance to work through some of your suggestions (starting tomorrow morning!) So I'd love to hear from you if you have any updates to your previous posts on this thread or if you've not posted on here before, what your top 3 albums of all time are.
  8. PS love the pics btw, Dave and the way you've used a low f-stop to get that shallow depth of field with just the rig in focus. Nice!!
  9. Darn - that actually is one handsome rig! And having 400 watts (at 8 ohms) on tap will give the F112 the deep power drink that it thrives on.
  10. Al Krow

    Boss SY-1

    Small point of note which will probably be obvious to others - but wasn't to me before messing about earlier!: Anything in the SY-1 loop steps into the shoes of the clean blend. When the SY-1 is bypassed the SY-1 clean blend vol control has no impact on the loop volume, but when it's engaged you can vary the total loop volume on the SY-1 as you would the clean blend, so that gives you an additional level of control which is a nice to have.
  11. Did you? Must have missed that 😂 Personally, I really like silver finish a lot! It's super classy. The closest thing to design of an iPhone in an amp.
  12. We're completely on the same side here, mate. My view is as per the statement in brackets: "frankly I don't buy all this prejudice against not-made-in expensive territories."
  13. Yes you did get it wrong, so rest easy Andy. Just read the words in brackets in my post which explains my point. I was being completely ironic (and not trying to be funny) ie I TOTALLY rate the work of the Indonesian workers which is why I am so happy with my BB 1025.
  14. Thanks Pete. Are there any differences in the preamp other than 3 band vs 2 band? Ebony and Rosewood are both quality woods. Single coil will give a more Jazz feel to the 2005 than the dual-stacked humbuckers (but the noise cancelling of nature the humbuckers is something that I appreciate). Not convinced the Yammy MIJ quality from their 'standard' Japanese workshop is going to be significantly worse than their Custom shop boys. So in terms of final product it seems to me that a fair comparison to think about would be a Yammy BB1025 vs BBP35. If I was buying new on value for money grounds I would go for the 1025 every time and even then my used 1025 is so much more than "good enough" despite being made by one-eyed Indonesian workers (frankly I don't buy all this prejudice against not-made-in expensive territories. Anyone spotted where Apple assemble their iPhones? Clue: it's not the USA or Japan), that the 1025 was the bass I held onto, not my P35. If the 2005 had a 3 band EQ I would have definitely gone for that over the NE2 for the same reasons. But it doesn't and 2005s are as rare as hen's teeth so the point is otiose.
  15. But even with external mics you're coming up against the limitations of the phone's internal sound card which, unless I'm mistaken, you don't get to bypass. And the low light recording ability on a phone is still not great => greater likelihood of poor quality video too for non daylight gigs. So I'm not sure there will be any answer in your drummer's phone price range that is going to deliver anything other than, at best, an "ok" result and if he's dead keen on the phone route then he should go in with his eyes open on that.
  16. Thanks for that. @Tubster, I guess I was expecting you to say that the RCF had greater clarity and punch and was less muddy than the Alto, based on the quality of the speakers etc used in the RCF - just based on similar improvements in the sound my cabs have delivered as I've worked up through the gears over the past 5 years to higher end cabs. I suspect that more 'sonic authority' broadly = greater clarity and punch, although it doesn't sound like the Alto was 'muddy' at all from what you were saying? For the money, the Alto clearly is a LOT of kit. But I know at 39lbs (RCF) vs 55lbs (Alto) my back is going to love me forever and that between the lighter weight and the additional sonic authority, the RCF (with the benefit of the 10% eBay discount!) should be well worth the extra coin. My thanks to @jrixn1 for bringing the particular 702 AS II model to my attention! A health warning to fellow BC'ers: starting gear threads can damage your wealth 😁. It invariably seems to do so for me! And I note from the poll that there are 6 other bands, besides our own, thinking about subs too...
  17. Be interesting if the audience hears any difference in tone?
  18. Seems to me that the BB NE2 is pretty much the BB 2005 with a different label. I think the NE2 has a 3 band EQ vs a 2 band on 2005, but that's pretty much it in terms of key differences. So if you want a 2005 with a bit more on top then the NE2 will tick all the boxes. Not sure why there's such a big price differential between used NE2 and used 2004s though (no idea what a used 2005 would go for).
  19. Well there's one in the FS right now. Just has different label on it...
  20. I've only just got shot of a high end Yammy BB which I originally got from someone who, unlike me, could properly play the thing and it's now back in the hands of another very capable bass player where it deserves to be! Besides, I'm very fortunate to have the modern day variant of the BB 5000A already in my herd
  21. True. And your bass has got a string missing.
  22. Haha - no different to someone getting cosmetic surgery...
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