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  1. Very handy and well built portable monitor - IMO more suited to vocals and acoustic guitar than bass. We've primarily used as a compact vocal monitor with my covers bands, where it has worked well. Portable PA Speaker with an Integrated 3-Channel Mixer 5.25'' Full-Range Neodymium Driver Onboard Class-D Amplifier with 125W RMS Output Lightweight and Compact Design XLR/TRS Combo Jacks and RCA Input Connectors Collection** / meet up in Central London preferred but can arrange to courier within the UK for an additional £7.50 ** Please note: the base & stand shown in picture are not included in the sale - but could be made additionally available for £12.50 if this is being collected.
  2. Lights which are no longer being used (some nearly new) following us getting a Chauvet gig bar. Prices new and [condition] are as follows: Acme Led-245 'Boogie' (Twin Moonflower) plus 2m power lead = £68 [vgc] 2 Disco Crystal Ball lights (power leads attached) = £32 [nearly new / hardly used] Cobra bag = £23 [nearly new] Total new price = £123 => proposed price for this as a 'all in one' lighting bag = £75 Add a £tenner if you would like it couriered within the UK
  3. I suspect I may get round to using this eventually(!), but if anyone has a more urgent need of one, I'm happy to make it available. Best price online I've found is £134 new. This is in vgc as can be seen from the pics apart from one smallish ding I've managed to find (third pic). Suggesting a price of £75 collected / meet up in Central London. Add a £tenner if you would like it couriered within the UK. Weight 7.6 kg Seems to be suitable for a number of other boards in particular the: Classic 2 / Novo 24 / PT-FLY
  4. I was hoping someone more expert than me was going to revert on Stew's query, but here goes: I personally wouldn't describe it as an inverted compressor, because a compressor is typically acting on both the peaks and troughs of a signal, but more an inverted limiter (which I accept is a type of compressor); whereas a limiter cuts the signal above a certain threshold to limit peaks (e.g to protect your speakers and / or stop you sounding like a Richard mid-set if your hand decides to take on a life of its own), a noise gate stops any signal getting through until it reaches a certain threshold level e.g. to prevent annoying white and / or dirt-pedal noise.
  5. Yeah for sure, I completely sympathise! I'm guessing we may well have had different Chinese suppliers for our products; it's a shame that one rotten apple can and does taint a Nation's 'brand'.
  6. I think @Quatschmacher has been eyeing up a midi bass for a while for that very reason! Me - I'll hopefully be content with the usability of the Boss SY-1 when it lands in the next month, likely not going to be as good as the FI or C4 but will be good enough for me.
  7. Fair point! Bass pedals are catching up but not there yet. I think it depends on how synth heavy your set is. If it's only for 2 or 3 songs then, for me, I wouldn't want the hassle of another instrument to set up at gigs and get proficient on - as my love is bass guitar. But I'm sure there will be others who take a different, and equally valid for them, line.
  8. Wait is that what https: // www really stands for and not world wide web? 😁
  9. Nope - I was merely querying whether splitting a signal => signal loss (aka degradation) Happy to be told that is not correct!
  10. Let's keep this clean and avoid wanton willy waving please 😉
  11. tbf - I'm not sure the DG fanboys are ever inclined to complain about any of their gear 😁
  12. Kinda interesting reading back through the earlier comments in this thread from a couple of years' back. Not least in the fact that for a lot of us our thinking has changed and evolved, which is clear from some of the more recent posts. This particular comment clearly had a bigger influence on my sub-conscious than I realised at the time, although it was 18 months after these posts that I jumped on one. Too much gold bling for some, but clearly not for all! Has been usurped very recently as my #1 5er in my herd, though!
  13. Agreed but with any of the options aren't you, by definition, diluting and thereby losing / degrading some of your signal?
  14. It does look good, but (i) you need to combine it with a signal splitter - query whether that is going to lead to any signal loss in your chain (ii) put it through your amps effects' loop rather than: simply plug and play as part of your standard chain and into your amp's pre, and (iii) part with north of £200, which is likely to be OTT for many of us.
  15. That's certainly my understanding about the Stomp i.e. it provides a synth model / emulation and does not have an actual synth engine generator.
  16. The latter i.e. from 0.25 in I presume the pad a the start will require polyphonic which the FI can't do (but the SY-1 maybe able to manage)? PS it is the speed of tracking on the buzzy / hard-sync that is key point here, I don't doubt for a moment that the FI can do the core sound.
  17. Not quite. A keyboard synth will already get you there - that is the gold standard. The challenge is for a bass synth to get us close. HX Stomp doesn't have a hope, but @Quatschmacher maybe able to get to something pretty close on the FI
  18. PS what was particularly valuable was getting glowing feedback from two of the Ken Smith owners who had moved theirs on (for perfectly legit reasons) - and who clearly had no axe to grind. But were still raving about how fantastic their KS's had been. That counted for a lot to me. Anyway we digress. This wasn't meant to be a KS appreciation thread
  19. Ok misunderstood what you meant (apologies). Yes true. However, it's great to get a steer from folk who's views you rate and who have lived with certain gear for a while. Although having said that I went against the views of a couple of my BC buddies, recently, and got myself a Spector...tbf I did try before I bought. You're right though, at the end of the day there is no substitute for seeing if it works for us.
  20. Can you not record directly from the Stomp? I've been using a simple Boss RC-30 for my clips.
  21. Yup, just relaying the view of fellow BC'ers who are passionate about bass synths (and whose views I am very happy to trust). Between us we've owned the FI, C4 and SYB-300 (which the SY-1 is based on) and several have owned two of the three. Bit like taking the word of Dingwall owners that their basses are great, when I've never played one, innit? Or buying a Ken Smith based on the recommendation of 3 BC'ers whose opinions you rate highly and finding that everything they said was spot on.
  22. something relatively easy for a synth that can manage polyphonic: Human League - Don't You Want Me something challenging for monophonic synths: Darude - Sandstorm Absolutely agree that filter + octave down + dirt = synthy sound. But that's really a separate point - we are looking at the actual synth engine on the Stomp vs the synth engine on the current 'top 3' bass synth pedals (FI, C4, Boss SY-1 / SYB-300). You won't find most owners of any of these top 3 selling their synth pedals because the Stomp matches their capability, in the way that we might do with other (e.g. octave down, chorus etc).
  23. Are you confusing the two threads we are currently bantering on? Or am I just plain confused if so... 😂
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