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  1. If £250 is a touch on the pricey side, there's the Zoom B1-4 for £65. Excellent headphone amp. And get a tuner, drum machine and bunch of fx thrown in for free!
  2. I've had both the VK 210MNT and the Berg CN 212. Both excellent but for me, no question, the Berg edged it. For a smaller very capable one-stop-compact cab solution, also worth considering either the Fearless F112 or a Barefaced BB2, which should both easily handle the output from your AG700. Be interesting to see what other AG700 owners pair their heads with. What sort of music are you playing and are you currently in a (loud?) band?
  3. Another pedal at a great price! Guessing it won't be here long. GLWTS
  4. I'll have you know I recently joined the neo-luddite bass club*, chairman @dodge_bass. Membership currently open. *for folk with an aversion to PC editing of pedals (although I still do when I must) and use of anything midi...
  5. And Queen Victoria never travelled by air. What's your point caller? 😄
  6. Hah! You now have me stumped, as I've only ever owned / played Yammy BBs. Maybe @AndyTravisor @dave_bass5can help out with that one.
  7. +1 ^^ I guess the drummer was particularly ugly, which is why he's been kept out of the limelight, or any light really...😁
  8. Good man. An Ibby or a Yammy? Hmmm...not going to find me objecting: that's 50% of my herd, right there!
  9. Tbf being a dad to a young family + new demanding job = major new responsibilities + tiredness. Spread over a long period, it can be v. draining and lead to a loss of motivation on lots of fronts. Then add to that the stress and uncertainty of Covid-19. It's not necessarily anything more. No instant cure. It's a phase of life many of us will go through or have been through and are now out the other end, celebrating our mid life crisis with our basses and bands!
  10. Dave - if it makes you any happier ICE was always the stuff I put in diet cokes and generally sinks Titanics.
  11. Noooooo!!! If you say midi amp then you will have the Morningstar MC6 & 8 midi crew (led by @Quatschmacher and his minion army) up in arms! D class it is, my good man. Lump it. The rest of us have to!
  12. Shame about the DG. If you don't want to de-rail a thread then you can't refer to something like this as a microamp: This is a micro-amp!
  13. Did you just buy that really competitively priced DG M900 v2 in the FS? If so, you could be in for a very pleasant surprise!
  14. Wow a great price for a great brand - IMO Bergantino make some of the very best sounding cabs around! My 212 was easily one of the best cabs I've ever had. I'm kinda hoping you'll keep it Lee but GLWTS.
  15. Oops, thanks Jack. I actually meant RCF 735A - what happens when I'm posting in the wee hours! I've corrected my earlier post.
  16. Yup it's very good! I posted this a couple of years' back in case of interest: The Becos kit, which is another comp with ratio that can be set to infinity as @ped mentioned, is worth checking out too - has replaced my Keeley. Feature rich and really useful led monitoring. Great review here:
  17. @lee650if you're thinking about FRFR, this thread is definitely worth a trawl! And plenty of practical suggestions / tips for what works from folk who have one. Or you could save yourself a bit of time and just get an RCF 712A 735A
  18. Well SEVEN is the number of BF cabs to beat I believe, so you'd better get a move on!
  19. I picked up these six flat patch cables for under £10. Pedals are sitting on my board a whole lot more comfortably now!
  20. Hey thanks for sharing that 'open and honest' post; in my books that's both brave and admirable. Please feel free to share your new set list - I think a bunch of us would love to see what you come up with and will no doubt then be unable to resist adding a few of our own!
  21. My SC is paired with a DG AO900 amp which puts out 450W at 8 ohm, so I can make full use of the SCs load capacity, if I need. But I've never really needed to push the amp too hard. 5 piece rock band (but very well behaved / controlled drummer). I find the SC has excellent dispersion and can handle a decent sized pub venue.
  22. Aha this one! If you get a chance to post a pic of the bass 'assembled' and also folded down for comparison, that would be much appreciated.
  23. Fair enough, it can be a worry I agree and you do well to take care with any used purchase. Roughly 40% of my basses were bought used. I find buying used from BC sellers or from reputable stores has been a really good experience though (and the existence of positive feedback threads on BC really helps build confidence). When I started out on the used bass route, I found it helpful to take a more experienced mate along for a second opinion. And when they made comments like "if you're not gonna buy it, I will" certainly got me across the line! I guess my own approach has been to stick to basses under 10 years old to minimise risk of neck warp, which is probably my single biggest concern.
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