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  1. Amongst the weird things I do is play the viola da gamba aka viol. The double bass viol is the violone and is the ancestor of the upright double bass. There are some right weird options with viols for tuning - partly because there was no standardisation in the early days over sizes/tunings. They all have 6 strings (mostly), so the bass which is cello sized is DGCEAD and the tenor is a 4th up at GCFADG (treble is octave above bass and violone octave below tenor). But you'll sometimes encounter an 'alto' tuned B upwards... Then there's the lyra viol. This is usually a bass viol that is played using lute tablature rather than staff notation. These can be in all sorts of tunings and the tuning is indicated at the start of the piece. I've played some lyra viol music - it is brain warping.... there's a video in this link which is informative. https://earlymusicshop.com/blogs/viola-da-gamba/introducing-the-lyra-viol
  2. zbd1960

    Midi keyboards

    This seems to have been the issue when Apple updated the OS to Big Sur at the end of last year
  3. zbd1960

    Midi keyboards

    I have a nice full size Yamaha upright piano... 🙂 I'm not a brilliant pianist. I would probably aim at 4 octave device, as I can see 25 key one being a bit limiting. I'm a novice at using this technology, so want something to enable me to key in music but also provide some control over the DAW. So, some level of functionality, compatibility with Logic Pro X and Big Sur, four octaves. Having spent a lot of time these last few days going through reviews and user guides online, I may need to spend a little more.
  4. zbd1960

    Midi keyboards

    I flagged them up as they seem to have some compatibility issues with the Mac Big Sur OS... not sure if it's been resolved or not.
  5. zbd1960

    Midi keyboards

    Useful info. I've been down some YT rabbit holes today... One thing that has popped up is that M-Audio doesn't seem to get on very well with Big Sur OS on Mac - looks like it's pending an update from M-Audio. I had an awful experience with my NAS storage which is Western Digital when Big Sur was launched.
  6. This is now fraud and there is little excuse for you not to be refunded
  7. zbd1960

    Midi keyboards

    I have a Mac mini and a MacBook Pro. I'm thinking of getting Logic Pro, but I'll need a midi keyboard. Not an area of expertise! Prefer to spend less than £100. I'm guessing any midi keyboard will work (since 'midi' is a standard...). Does anyone have suggestions or recommendations? Thanks.
  8. My turntable was picked up on Friday for a service (suspension tune, new springs etc) so without it for a week or so.
  9. I just want to check that you are aware that there are two different bow holds for bass? There's the overhand that's similar to cello and there's underhand aka German bow hold which is similar to how you play the viola da gamba?
  10. Yes, of the various shapes of bass, single cut is not at the top of my preferred list... but this is a nice looking beast
  11. hmmm.... I'm OK at making things like lemon drizzle cake, tea loaf, Victoria sponge, chocolate fudge cake... less so at cake disguised as works of art... 🎂🍰🧁
  12. I'm not planning on bringing kit at the moment.... but I can make cake...
  13. I've played quite a few TV / film tunes in various concerts over the years on both cello and tenor sax. One really good one from 60s/70s (which I've not played) is Department S
  14. Genius bars are open - not sure if you need to book an appointment in advance
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