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  1. This is a common issue no matter what genre of music you're involved in. I've sung a lot in choirs. Some of the stuff that puts bums on seats in the audience choirs often don't particularly enjoy. My personal dislike is the Armed Man (Jenkins). It's utterly tedious to sing, but audiences love it...
  2. I'm a fan of nice wood. Current basses are black, tobacco sunburst, and walnut. More interesting stuff is being built...
  3. Sorry, but he is not entirely right. I have performed music with 4/1 time signatures (polychoral music by Heinrich Schutz for example). 2/2 is not the same as 4/4. The symbol for 2/2 which looks like a C with a line through it and is often mistakenly referred to as 'cut common' (because the symbol used for 4/4 looks like a C). It's not a C it is in fact a circle with a gap in it. It is a remnant of a previous way of denoting time signatures and was part of 'mensural notation' which uses a tempus and a prolation. To avoid me writing reams the wiki below provides a detailed explanation. In case you're wondering, mensural notation was the method used from about 1200 to 1600. It's advantage is it separates 'how many beats' from 'how is the beat divided' removing our messy notation of compound time signatures such as 12/8 etc. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mensural_notation
  4. Production of many things is dependent often on key components which are only produced in one or two factories, frequently but not exclusively, in China. The spreadsheet manglers need to learn to see beyond 'cheapest is best'...
  5. What we're seeing is the result of a coalescence of various long-term structural issues which various events have brought to a crunch. These include but not limited to: outsourcing / offshoring production; just-in-time production methods; Covid; Brexit etc. For example, outsourcing/offshoring makes sense to creators of spreadsheets since it seems to reduce fixed costs and overheads. It makes no sense whatsoever in terms of resilience, control over production etc. Equally, just-in-time makes sense to those managers of spreadsheets since it reduces the need for storage costs etc., but it has very low resilience to pipeline disruption - it only works when everything works. Certainly in the UK Ts&Cs for HGV drivers have deteriorated significantly over the last 20 or 30 years and it is hardly a surprise that it struggles to recruit, combined with the double hit of Covid preventing people from taking tests and Brexit. There is going to have to be some serious thinking about the long term way in which various industries are structured/operated to avoid this kind of thing repeating. One of my other interests is astronomy - the kit for that has been seriously impacted as well and there are long lead times for stuff and prices have had a huge hit due to shipping costs going through the roof.
  6. I'm a relative novice bass player. I don't have any issues reading music as I play cello... I'm interested in getting to grips with some jazz and and possibly big band repertoire
  7. I can confirm as a recently retired computer person that youngsters tend to want to indulge themselves in whatever is the latest piece of gimmickry flim-flam without stopping to think if it's even necessary, relevant, or a benefit.
  8. There's a lot of disruption to supply chains for many things, especially more specialist stuff. Most of the hiatus is Covid related one way or another
  9. This is something which people really need to be wary of. My dad had it quite badly, his due to his National Service back in the early 50s. It's one of the reasons I avoid discos / night clubs - the odd time I've been I end up with ringing ears, which is not good. I had some ACS plugs made when I was playing in a big wind band and I was sat in front of 4 percussionists (timps, drum kit plus two others) and 9 trombones...
  10. In my defence, I was very tired when I wrote that... 😴
  11. Coltrane is a 'marmite' thing: you either him love or hate him. I've tried, but just don't get on with his music at all.
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