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  1. Yeah Sam Wilkes is excellent. He plays with Knower too. Check them out if you haven't already.
  2. Stage right for me, but I play with a left handed drummer.
  3. Yep I just got that too. Huawei P Smart
  4. https://themet.org.uk/event/endorphinmachine/
  5. I've tried it on a couple of places on my board, with different daisy chain cables. Thought at one point that had fixed it but the issue resurfaced at the last couple of gigs. Power supply does seem most likely, but it's really weird that I can't replicate other than when I'm gigging. Makes it difficult to investigate!
  6. You can't power this pedal with a 9v battery, only a power supply. I do have some other 9v adaptors knocking around though, might take one to the next gig (I can't replicate the problem at home) and experiment.
  7. I'm having a weird problem with a Matryoshka pedal that I'm looking for some advice on. When I connect to my amp through an active DI box, which is powered by phantom power from the desk, my Matryoshka just produces white noise when engaged. This doesn't happen when I DI from my amp, so it's something to do with the DI box. I'm thinking maybe it's a ground loop issue, but the ground lift on the DI is on. The Matyoshka pedal is powered using a Diago powerstation, with a bunch of other pedals on the board. Anyone got any ideas what's going on?
  8. Zach Rizer is very good, especially if you're into effects.
  9. I came to bass from playing piano. Started when I was 12 and never touched a guitar. I got an acoustic when I was around 18, but only started playing it properly in my late 20s. I can now knock out songs on the acoustic, but would not call myself a guitarist. I wouldn't say it's affected the way I play bass at all.
  10. Yeah, I think it was either the DI box or the power in the venue. Had two gigs this weekend and everything was fine using the DI from my amp.
  11. It's probably worth saying that when I said "exactly the same set up," that it was a different physical DI box of the same make. Everything else was the same.
  12. Tried a different kettle lead, and tried plugging into a different outlet on the same side of the stage. After that we just ditched my rig altogether! Been looking at the Palmer pli 01 or something similar, but I'm not sure this would have helped since there was no buzz coming from my cab, just the pa and monitors.
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