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  1. Hi Mary, yes I still have the bass, any questions welcome , feel free to message me if you would prefer, regards, Jez
  2. Thanks mate, to be honest I might change my mind yet lol! was getting a lot of playing in but it’s all turned to stinky poo, hope your well mate
  3. Just had a friend round who wants me to do some recording, does my head in when this happens, I end up changing my mind lol
  4. Without looking at the certificate I’m sure this was made in 2008
  5. Bought this bass last year from fellow basschatter Ian Davies, I bought it as an upgrade and also as I had begun to play more and was getting out and about playing more with others, I had also had it checked over by Neal Heppleston and he made me a new Bridge and I had new Spiro Weichs fitted, I’m not in a hurry to sell the bass so the price is firm and is what I paid for the bass from Ian, the work Neal has done has improved it further. Im selling as I don’t see myself making a lot of use of it in the future. Here is the info from the sales post that Ian provided - Paul is well known for making fantastic double basses in the English/Italian style. I’ve been fortunate to commission and own 3 of his basses and each one has been amazing and a delight to play! Paul describes his soloist model as, “A great little bass, with classic Italian styling, good for Arco work, jazz, or general gigging. Compact and easy to transport, but with a big sound, a very versatile bass.” I’ve used this bass in all kinds of settings, big classical symphonies, chamber music, solo recitals, recordings, jazz groups of all sorts and music theatre/pit work and I’ve always been very happy with how great it sounds and plays. Also I’m amazed at how the bass holds up against others that are bigger and much more expensive. The particulars for this one are as follows: length of back: 43” string length: 41” rib depth: 8 1/2” (8 3/4’s at the widest point on the lower bout) upper bout: 20” lower bout: 25 1/2” varnish is red, golden, brown swell back of lightly flamed maple (most of Paul’s basses are flat back and plainer wood) sides of medium flame maple neck and scroll of highly flamed maple front of medium grained Sitka spruce comes with a certificate of authenticity In 2013 Paul valued the bass at £7000, so it would be a bit more by now. Other Bryant basses and soloist models do come up for sale at lower prices but Paul made different levels of bass and this one is in the top of his range, Paul himself said that this bass was, ‘one of the better ones’. Also this particular bass has several more things going for it; swell back rather than flat (costs a lot more to make in the first place), much more flamed wood than is usual for a Bryant bass, it’s been played in a lot and the sound has really matured and improvement works by Malcolm Healey.
  6. Thanks mate, did they have the chrome knurled knobs?
  7. Anyone come across a Squier Jazz proclaimed to be a vintage reissue with no serial on back of headstock? I bought it as it felt right and sounded fine anyway so not concerned lol
  8. I think possible buyers would prefer to see the strings rather than the packaging?
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