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  1. Sorry man, I’m easily confused, I thought you was meaning you wanted a lines one but am I right you are telling someone about this lol?
  2. Had 2 people come and play the bass so far, I must say how great it actually sounds, open and big, sure would make someone a great Xmas present lol, I have been playing it a little but definitely realise it’s doing me more harm than good with my RSI!
  3. Thanks, a chap came to play it a few weeks ago and was surprised how open it sounded, it was nice to hear someone else play it who was better than me, sounded great
  4. I don’t have a car now lol but funnily enough my Sister lives in Southampton, can’t see it fitting on my motorbike !
  5. I’m certainly not in a rush to sell, longer I have it the more I appreciate it
  6. Hi Mary, yes I still have the bass, any questions welcome , feel free to message me if you would prefer, regards, Jez
  7. Thanks mate, to be honest I might change my mind yet lol! was getting a lot of playing in but it’s all turned to stinky poo, hope your well mate
  8. Just had a friend round who wants me to do some recording, does my head in when this happens, I end up changing my mind lol
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