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  1. Been on 2 basses, both for 2-3 days, very good condition, price includes postage in UK
  2. Not at the moment mate, I suffer from OCD and you should see my packing, I dread to think what I would do posting this, it could trigger my mental health condition, I’m not joking! I would also rather that the buyer can hear it so they know it’s good, thanks mate, regards , Jez
  3. Thanks mate, that’s very kind of you to say so, cheers, Jez
  4. In good condition, made in Indonesia, collection only
  5. Excellent condition, this is the dearest one with silver cloth front and cover, collection only.
  6. Removed from bass I recently bought, have tried it through amp and it’s working fine, price includes recorded delivery
  7. I have spoken to a guy I am using for repairs and when he sorted my soundpost after it falling over when changing strings he mentioned that the bridge looked on the small side, I’m taking it over soon and we are going to look at the bridge and any other areas to bring the best out
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