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  1. I think possible buyers would prefer to see the strings rather than the packaging?
  2. Hi man, the scale says for 3/4 - 4/4, seems there is only one size! As for tension I haven’t played the regulars but there is quite a bit of info on Talkbass regarding the comparison, seems that some find the regular gauge a bit tiring? Cheers, Jez
  3. Great condition, been on bass 2 weeks, on my bass Spiros work better for me, will be posted 2nd class signed for UK only, price includes postege
  4. Forgot to mention it’s collection only!
  5. Bought this recently from post on here but I’m over doing things and it is impacting on an old RSI condition so I’m just sticking to double bass and selling this on, give us a shout if you want to have a play and a cup of tea! this is from the original post, Up for sale is partscaster put together using top quality parts and sprayed with Manchester Guitar Tech Nitro Paint and then aged a little. It's more of a worn in look as apposed to full relic: Paint checking and the off knock here and there etc. Body is Guitarbuild.co.uk Alder Neck is an Allparts Unlined Ebody fingerboard Official Fender Stacked Knob control Plate (CTS pots) - Relic Bridge is a Wilkinson Bass bridge - Relic Tuners are Nickel Fender Tuners - Relic Pickups I wound myself to 60's spec - Heavy Formvar wire etc. Guard is real cellulose Tortoise guard. Strung with D'Addario EXP Strings I would say this is of Fender quality and has a custom shop vibe to it, but at a fraction of the price
  6. Just heard back from the lady selling this bass in Leeds, jamir15 is definitely duplicating listings and is a fraud, if you see a bass being sold by this seller beware!
  7. I have contacted another ebayer who’s sofa is being listed by the same scammer and it is definitely a scam, reported on that one to eBay, waiting to hear from the original double bass lister
  8. Noticed a listing that is for sale in Leeds for a while now listed by someone in High Peak area at a much lower price that looks dodgy to me? It’s for a restored Bohemian Bass, the listing is almost over, sellers eBay name is jamir15, anyone throw any light on this?
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