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Session work...how to get started


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Any advice on how to start working as a session player?

Is there such a thing as agencies? Word of mouth? 

Not sure where to turn...years worth of playing experience looking to wvolving to session wrk after years of playing in projects with no direction leaving me feeling expremly fustrated. Any advice would be wlecomed.


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Not an expert in this but I would have thought the first priority would be Networking....get your face known at the best studios in the area and be versatile and available. 

Do you read music? - i think this will be a pre-requisite for most Producers nowadays. 

I would expect lots of competition though.

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IME Word of mouth indeed, if added to availability and dependability. In practical terms: someone with the contacts who likes to shove work your way coz that won't reflect badly on them again.

I'm sure agencies would or could do great work, but my own experience doesn't stretch that far.

Peers of mine would be very active in networking, but the eagerness was dripping from them, and I still got the work without being that good.

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