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  1. If shipping were an option I would have bought this the day it was first advertised!
  2. Source Audio C4 for sale. Not had this long. Sounds outstanding, but using an app for setting the thing up makes me sad. Going back to octave/fuzz/filter. Nowhere near as flexible as this but it's all I need! Boxed with leads and psu. Velcro on the bottom. £170 £160 plus postage at cost or trade for a Sansamp Bass Driver v2. UK sales only.
  3. Oh I feel a clone build coming on!
  4. Just saw this on FB: https://www.joyoaudio.com/product/235.html Clone of the MXR M87 apparently.
  5. Judging by my current love affairs I'd say a Vigier Excess 5 but with a passive P pickup...
  6. Saw Del Amitri in Belfast last night... Suppose I should have posted this yesterday, given the thread title! Seen them a few times before and they always hit the spot. Justin Currie looking a bit frail though. A bit of a worry for a guy in his late 50s. He never admitted to being much of a bass player but he keeps things pumping along nicely! Good old sing-song had by all!
  7. Ha! 1500 quid? Nope...
  8. It's a good looking board. Like something Batman would use!
  9. What's that just left of the tuner @danbowskill?
  10. Without a P-bass? No...
  11. Bigwan

    Neural Quad Cortex

    @Kev is the only Quad Cortex user I know here. Looks like a serious piece of kit!
  12. Bigwan

    Compressor pedal

    What's your budget?
  13. Anything Polyphia... SOOOOO good live.....
  14. What am I, made of money?
  15. Coil them, place them in a large disposable plastic tub and cover with meths. Put on the lid and agitate a little bit. I usually leave overnight. Remove, uncoil and hang to dry.
  16. Any idea what it's based on and what the half pint/full pint switch actually does?
  17. Result! Bought a used C4 off reverb with a cheeky offer. I'm not REALLY a deep dive kind of effects user, but I WILL build myself a midi controller to happily flick between presets other people have uploaded to the Soulrce Audio app!
  18. If anyone is looking rid of a C4 give me a shout. Have a wanted ad up but don't know how many folks look in there... Edit: just watched Zach Rizers in depth demo... Wow!
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  20. Oasis had a few good tunes, but were tossers that people tired of quickly Ed Sheeran knows folks who can write catchy tunes, but I'd rather watch paint dry RHCP have been unlistenable since BSSM Elton John hasn't been good since the 70s and should have given up 30 years ago Florence from Florence + the Machine sings flat... All the time! Makes my teeth hurt when she comes on the radio... I don't like bass as a solo instrument... I prefer Jason to Cliff... and Rob for that matter... >34" scale is not required for a good B string (fairly recent one for me that...) Stingrays are rubbish... I'm sure many more will occur to me
  21. I may have asked this before, but what's the Homer pedal? B3K clone?
  22. Bigwan

    Joyo Oxford

    Surprised they haven't released the VT Bass version... I made my own but prefer the Oxford!
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