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  1. Valve preamp custom builders?

    Thanks, that looks interesting. I have seen that Mooer are making a 5w all valve head which might do the job. Not much eq on it though. http://www.mooeraudio.com/?product/201409195454.html
  2. Valve preamp custom builders?

    Thanks for the info Bigwan. Yes the H&K pre had a similar sound to the SWR pre, both were excellent for a warm valve sound put in front of your amp or even to record with. I am surprised that H&K have never reissued the Bassmaster as a lot of people liked them. It had some great preset buttons for boosting the bass, mid, treble.
  3. Valve preamp custom builders?

    Thanks, yes i've been looking for v type pre, they look good. I used to have a Hughes & Kettner Bassmaster pre years ago and that is exactly the sound i'm after. I did ask Dave Hall, but he said he was too busy working on new designs of his own.
  4. Hi, does anyone know who could build a custom valve preamp? Nothing too complicated: vol, gain, bass/treble/mid, maybe some boost switches for low end and high. But i would like a couple of valves to warm up the sound. Something similar to the Boogie Subway bass pre but with valves. Any ideas - anyone done this before? Thanks
  5. Hi, can anyone help on this? - i have a q-tron+ but when i use it, i have to have the gain almost completely down for the sweep to work. I'm using a Fender USA Jazz deluxe which has an active eq. The pedal sounds better when i play in passive mode on the Jazz, but if i turn the gain up even just to 7 o'clock the overload red led comes on and the sweep does nothing. Is there a way to trim the gain input or even a mod to sort this out? Thanks.
  6. [color=#191919][font=Verdana, Arial, sans-serif][size=4]Anyone ever had a chance to compare these two pickups? I'm playing in a garage rock/punk band and i'd like to replace the Fender N3's in my US deluxe jazz 5. The Delanos on youtube sound very clear and the quarter pounders seem to have a increased lower mids, but it's difficult to tell online? I mainly play using the bridge pickup and i'd like a bit more punch and get some more low end on the B string.[/size][/font][/color] [color=#191919][font=Verdana, Arial, sans-serif][size=4]Thanks.[/size][/font][/color]
  7. Hi, was this pickup new when you bought it?
  8. Anyone got an Eden 4x10 / 2x12 / 1x15 must be D series, 8ohm and in good condition.
  9. Favourite 2x10 for low B?

    Thanks for the replies, i like the idea of the barefaced and the vanderkley i'll have to check them out.
  10. Favourite 2x10 for low B?

    Hi i sold a Mesa boogie 4x10 and i want to replace it with a couple of 2x10's, just so its easier to transport. I like the idea of Eden D210xlt/ xst cabs, but I've read that they break up when using a 5 string? Surely that cant be true? Any other 2x10's that people are using that sound good for low B? Btw. I'm using a Gk800rb head - 300w Thanks.
  11. Thanks i'll talk to them.
  12. Hi, does anyone know of a pickup maker in the UK who makes split coil jazz pickups for a 5 string Fender?
  13. Hi, i'm after one of these preamps from the '90's.
  14. I had a [font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Nordstrand NP5 in a Shuker pj 5 string and they had an excellent sound. Nice and clear with a good low end for the B string.[/font]