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  1. Bassy

    ##Sold## - Shuker 5 string fretless

    Few new photos - it's difficult to show the colour of this bass. Dark sunburst, with a black/very dark purple back. Looks great with the macassar ebony finger board.
  2. Bassy

    ##Sold## - Shuker 5 string fretless

    Quiet August holiday bump! Pound collapsing against Euro and Dollar bump!! Get yer quality Shuker fiver here!!!
  3. Bassy

    ##Sold## - Shuker 5 string fretless

    Hi Jezzer, after a bit of googling i have found out that the string spacing is adjustable. There are allen key screws at the bottom of the bridge that when unscrewed adjust the individual strings. Three-dimensionally adjustable Material: Steel Bore hole spacing: 70 mm Total string spacing: 54 mm Dimensions: (L x W x H) 54.5 x 80 x 12 mm Weight: 210 Made in Germany
  4. Bassy

    ##Sold## - Shuker 5 string fretless

    Yes its adjustable - see post below. The bridge is a Schaller 2000.
  5. Bassy

    ##Sold## - Shuker 5 string fretless

    Fairly light weight - 8.5lbs/ 3.8kg - a lot lighter than my Jazz 5!
  6. Bassy

    ##Sold## - Shuker 5 string fretless

    Yep amazingly Peted it's still for sale.😥 I have added a couple of photos - one of the fingerboard to show the ebony wood figuring and one one of the back of the neck to show the maple/ebony laminate strips. Jon Shuker certainly knows how to build basses. I've spent many years playing Wal basses so that is what i am comparing the fretless to and it is equal in build and sound quality. The custom wound Wizzard pickups have a great sound, bright but with weight.
  7. Bassy

    ##Sold## - Shuker 5 string fretless

    The string spacing is 18mm and the neck length is 35 inches.