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  1. Few new photos - it's difficult to show the colour of this bass. Dark sunburst, with a black/very dark purple back. Looks great with the macassar ebony finger board.
  2. Quiet August holiday bump! Pound collapsing against Euro and Dollar bump!! Get yer quality Shuker fiver here!!!
  3. Hi Jezzer, after a bit of googling i have found out that the string spacing is adjustable. There are allen key screws at the bottom of the bridge that when unscrewed adjust the individual strings. Three-dimensionally adjustable Material: Steel Bore hole spacing: 70 mm Total string spacing: 54 mm Dimensions: (L x W x H) 54.5 x 80 x 12 mm Weight: 210 Made in Germany
  4. Yes its adjustable - see post below. The bridge is a Schaller 2000.
  5. Fairly light weight - 8.5lbs/ 3.8kg - a lot lighter than my Jazz 5!
  6. Yep amazingly Peted it's still for sale.😥 I have added a couple of photos - one of the fingerboard to show the ebony wood figuring and one one of the back of the neck to show the maple/ebony laminate strips. Jon Shuker certainly knows how to build basses. I've spent many years playing Wal basses so that is what i am comparing the fretless to and it is equal in build and sound quality. The custom wound Wizzard pickups have a great sound, bright but with weight.
  7. The string spacing is 18mm and the neck length is 35 inches.
  8. Now £850 Hi, i am looking to sell/trade this lovely Shuker fretless. I had it made for me by Jon Shuker, but i never really play fretless so it sits in a case in my studio. It is in excellent condition and a has a Shuker hiscox case. The bass has an ash body with a flame maple top - dark sunburst. 5 piece neck, 35 inches, 2 octave, with macasser ebony fretless board with side dots. 18mm string spacing (adjustable string spacing - Schaller 2000 bridge) and 48mm nut width. Two custom Wizzard humbuckers both coil tapped. Jon Shuker eq: vol, blend, bass, treble and a variable mid. Great fretless growl with a lot of eq options for the studio. Weight - 8.5lbs / 3.8kg The trades i would consider are Fender USA jazz., elite or deluxe (2010 onwards). I am based in North London if anyone wants to try the bass.