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  1. I'd go 2x12. Worth looking out for a used GenzBenz Neox212 cab. Less than half the cost of a Barefaced cab and the best value for money/weight/performance you can get imho.
  2. Yep, pre-Korg Spectors.... in particular US made/signed by Stuart Spector models.
  3. They reckon the 800 is coming in the next fortnight. Wishful thinking I reckon.... Legacy 800
  4. Yep, the 800RB is still possibly the finest amp ever made. I have 4 of them because they are rare as hens teeth over here.... lol! If they can make a lightweight soundalike then they can take my money... Sounds like late summer by the time we see them here then....
  5. Fabulous MarkBass amp & cab..... one of only 350,000 currently available on the used market as the fashion for bright yellow, sterile sounding backline has sadly moved on to another brand. Oh, hold on, that's now on Basschat....
  6. Has anyone heard when these will be available in the UK? https://www.gallien-krueger.com/legacy-heads I LOVE my old 400RB & 800RB heads and I'm very interested to see/try/hear the new 800 Legacy head!
  7. Weird..... they've disappeared now
  8. Gorgeous....! Been eyeing these lately and this one looks beautiful! Sadly, my money is tied up in a bass order elsewhere..... GLWTS!
  9. Nice! But you may want to delete the pics of the Sire from your ad....
  10. At one stage I had 2 of these - one either side of the kit - lush :) Stupidly cheap bargain for anyone serious about fantastic sounding and powerful but light gear!
  11. http://dhpfamily.com/2019/05/live-music-venue-borderline-set-to-close/ Terrible news..... seen so many great gigs there. Decent sound, good atmosphere. Will be much missed....
  12. Hey Mike! Yes, good to hear from you again - sorry you let your J-Bird go but love the new Charvel one you got! :)
  13. He's one of those players who, though I can appreciate the quality & technicality of his playing, I have no desire to emulate....
  14. I was the opposite - I'd been in a well known tribute for 26 years and I knew when I looked across the stage and saw the rest of the band going through the motions and backstabbing each other it was time to go. Best thing I ever did - felt like a giant weight lifted and relieved I'll never have to deal with at least 2 of the 3 other members ever again! Some people just suck your energy and enthusiasm for anything and are more trouble than they're worth. Funny thing is that, despite replacing me, 2 more of them have now seen the light and left as well.... I've now put together a new project that is 10 times better musically & vocally and MUCH more satisfying and professional. Things WILL get better, just take a break and then go for it with a clearer idea of what you want!
  15. PRS works on a 100% or sample basis of broadcasters depending on size/reach or advertising revenue. The main national BBC and independent stations report 100% of their performances whereas BBC local and independent local stations are often sampled e.g. 3 day a month and those works paid out. There is no difference between oldies and new tracks in their value. The value per track is calculated according to license fee or advertising revenue and is the same for every track of a similar duration.
  16. Yeah, I noticed this last night. It was the same thing with EBS a few years back..... fads in gear come and go..... the EBS stuff had some nice character though. Never liked Markbass myself (YMMV) so doesn't bother me. I predict the same for Darkglass in a year or two....
  17. Great band. We had Richard Searle as our guest at the Basschat SE England Bass Bash last year - fantastic player! Saw them in Guildford last year and will hopefully see them again in Horsham, Surrey shortly... :)
  18. Eric Carr of KISS. I grew up loving KISS and Eric looked amazing and pounded those drums like an animal. Most of all though - he was the loveliest guy you could hope to meet. I was lucky enough to do so in 1990 when I went to the States and saw (what were to be) his last 3 shows ever.... such a friendly, genuine and down to earth chap :( What made it worse was he died on the same day as Freddie Mercury so his passing was all but drowned out in the media....
  19. Cheers! Yep, upper fret access is limited - but hey - it's a thunderbird!! Wear it low and grind out the grooves....who needs the dusty end?!
  20. Notable deaths thread
  21. @therealting - cabs are standard 4x12 cab size (approx 32" wide/high by ?5 or 6" deep) and not heavy (sorry - can't get to weigh them at present as they are at storage). Obviously they are just the very front of Marshall cabs, so no speaker, magnet or side/back of cabinet weight to worry about! Heads are approx 29.5" wide and 11.5" high. Again, only approx 4" deep....
  22. Want a full size fake Marshall stack or 2 fake half stacks for your stage show? Or simply want them to decorate your house or studio? Then here they are....! These are basically just the genuine cut-off fronts of empty heads and cabs - used on Marshall trade stands and NOT available for public purchase! They look GREAT onstage and fill empty/awkward stage spaces with an authentic rock/punk classic visual! Cash on collection from Stoneleigh near Epsom, Surrey. Please see my extensive positive feedback thread for assurance of a clean, honest transaction.
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