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  1. Bought a fab amp head from Si! Great price, comms and packaging. Highly recommended and a credit to Basschat!
  2. Yep, a classic bassline that I heartily enjoy playing. So good that it was copied in Belinda Carlisle's 'Heaven Is A Place On Earth'....
  3. He's actually Boris...... and was unaware of any fraud taking place, particularly involving himself....
  4. True. I think of it as an Ash P with clank
  5. Turn J pickup off, boost bass slightly, pull back on treble and play over the p pickup. Voila....!
  6. I fully endorse that thinking.....! 🤣😂
  7. Meh, Gear Abstinence is such a waste of energy. Purchase and enjoy! You only live once
  8. Some gear changes afoot here in 'Cetera Towers' so, very regrettably, up for sale is my lovely, almost mint, 2018 Hagstrom Super Swede reissue bass, in a beautiful dark red mahogany gloss finish. Details from Hagstrom: One of Hagstrom’s last projects before their Swedish production stopped was a collaboration between their chief guitar designer Per-Åke Olsson and Rutger Gunnarsson, bassist for the Swedish super-group ABBA. This resulted in the Super Swede Bass, which was used by Rutger throughout ABBA’s final North American tour in September/October 1979. Only 364 of these basses were produced before Hagstrom ceased guitar production in Sweden, and over the years they’ve become a sought-after collector’s item. Hagstrom’s original Super Swede bass had a neck-through design, a feature found typically on more expensive hand-crafted bass guitars. Neck-through basses offer unrestricted access to the highest frets since there is no heel needed to support the neck/body joint, and also tend to have more sustain than traditional set-neck or bolt-on instruments. Super Swede Bass Re-Creation Our new Super Swede Bass is an authentic re-creation of this historic model from 1980. A Resinator fingerboard enhances the sustain of the neck-through design and contributes to the guitars articulate attack. Strings are anchored in place with individual saddles coupled directly to the single massive neck structure providing a foundation for long, piano-like sustain. Hagstrom’s brand-new J-Quad quad-stacked humbuckers are introduced with the Super Swede Bass. We thought it appropriate to commemorate this historic design with our latest pickup innovation. The J-Quads combine low-noise performance with a broad support of the full tonal spectrum, and just a little extra emphasis on mids and lows for when that extra “growl” is needed. Specs: Body: Mahogany Neck: Mahogany Neck Mount: Neck Through Body Neck Form: deep d Fingerboard: Resinator Inlays: Pearloid Blocks 20 Medium Jumbo Frets Nut: GraphTech Black Tusq XL Nut Width: 40 mm (1,57") Scale: 864 mm (34") Pickups: J-Quad Humbucker (Quad-Stacked) (Bridge) - J-Quad Humbucker (Quad-Stacked) (Neck) Controls: Volume, Volume, Tone Hardware Finish: Chrome Tuners: Hagstrom 22:1 This is an extremely comfortable and lightweight, slim bodied, Super-Jazz instrument with a strong tonal character and oodles of sustain when required. Here it is on my vid playng along to ABBA: The bass: Condition is excellent (a solid 9 - 9.5/10). With an RRP of over £1000 (current shop price approx £850) this is your chance to get a fantastic, basically as-new, high quality instrument with a lovely tone and striking looks at hundreds of pounds cheaper. Shipping likely to be £50-£60 within the UK. Payment by Paypal (you pay fees) or bank transfer only. Please see my extensive positive feedback thread for assurance of a clean, honest transaction.
  9. Some gear changes afoot here in 'Cetera Towers' so regrettably up for sale is my lovely 1991 USA Peavey RJ-IV Randy Jackson bass, in the more desirable silver sparkle burst. This is an extremely comfortable, small bodied (think Spector/Warwick/Tune) bass featuring the following: Maple Body w/ back (radial) contour Neck-thru construction (bi-laminated Eastern Maple) w/ torsion rod 34" scale / 21 frets Ebony fingerboard (10" radius) w/ Mother-of-Pearl triangle inlays 1-3/5" Graphlon top nut Top-loading solid milled bridge w/ adjustable saddles Reduced mass solid "mini" tuners with Hipshot D-tuner (Bass X-tender) 2 Split-Coil (Active) pickups: P (neck) & J (bridge) 3-way pickup selector switch (Neck/Both/Bridge) 3-band (9 Volt) on-board EQ (Lows, Mids*, Highs) Cut/Boost *Variable Mid-Control w/ 8 dip-switch settings (in control cavity) The rear battery door was flimsy and has been replaced with an easy screw cover. Condition is excellent for it's age with just a few light dings & scratches as to be expected. The bass has a wide pallet of sounds thanks to the 3 band EQ and is very playable. These basses didn't make it into the UK back in the day and I brought mine back from the USA so this is your chance to get a rare, top of the range, USA Peavey at a very reasonable price. I will include an old hard case for protection. Shipping likely to be £50-£60 within the UK. Payment by Paypal (you pay fees) or bank transfer only. Please see my extensive positive feedback thread for assurance of a clean, honest transaction.
  10. Yep, that's me! lol! Lee Voss is a top chap....
  11. A basic but decent multi FX unit (compressor, chorus, overdrive, tuner etc and basic amp modelling) such as the Zoom B3 or B3N & a back up bass (Sire? Squier CV?)
  12. Reminds me of the old Washburn Stage B-20 bass..... https://www.vintageandrare.com/product/Washburn-Stage-Series-B-20-Bass-1982-Amber-Burst-56700
  13. Stingray..... great melodic rock band from South Africa. This is the single from their 1979 debut album....
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  15. Bought a great bridge off of Paul. A nice easy, honest transaction. Cheers! Recommended!
  16. No, Robbo played the first solo and Scott played the second solo....
  17. As mentioned before, Ian Bairnson's magnificent solo on "Wuthering Heights" is fantastic. I'd also add: David Gilmour on "Comfortably Numb" by Pink Floyd Tony Peloso's solos in "Goodbye To Love" by The Carpenters Brian May on "These Are The Days Of Our Lives" by Queen and Brian Robertson & Scott Gorham on the 'Live & Dangerous' version of "Still In Love With You" by Thin Lizzy
  18. I'm lucky enough to own a huge number of basses covering all the main food groups (see my sig below) but I always come back to the classic 80's US Spector NS2 and its children (the Euro range).
  19. Bee Gees disco period Grease & You're The One That I Want early Jamiroquai 70's Stevie Wonder
  20. Just keep buying, selling & trading gradually over a long period of time until you have a large number in hard & soft cases which can easily be added to or swapped without them ever noticing. I'm up to 75 basses and 10 guitards. Once I got past about 40 she didn't notice anymore... 😂
  21. Or in the case of the thread title....are we still allowed to say not all people are dim?
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