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  1. As a point of info - just to say - the new LT models have a custom designed Darkglass 2 band circuit, not the 3 band Tone Capsule.
  2. Pictures would help....?
  3. cetera


    I actually wanted to learn how to do the solos you hear in every rock song from the period but, in my ignorance (I was very young), thought the instrument playing them was called a bass. My guitar teacher proceeded to teach me bass and I soon realised I'd been VERY wrong. I loved the new REAL bass parts I was learning though and kept with it. Don't regret it in the slightest....
  4. I've probably done that this year too. I have 72 basses now.... but 2 are for sale 😉
  5. 72 at the moment. 2 for sale though...
  6. Only when their playing sounds like they're falling down the stairs! lol!
  7. Popped into Andertons for my regular browse and they had this second hand beauty in stock.... at half the price of a new one! Swapped out the black pickguard for a slightly used tort one I had and voila.....! Proper P bass, fantastic 'ash' tones and a bound neck. Lovely
  8. New Spector bass day! Landed a week ago but this is my first chance to get it photographed and uploaded 😉 Spector EuroLX 'Rachel Bolan' sig model 😎 Sounds, looks and feels fantastic! 🎸 A question for you all though.... I'm not sold on the red 'crowns'. Would it be heresy to cover them with white MOP decals?
  9. I prefer to set up in the side room, cheers.
  10. He still records with them.... he's just worried about using them 'live' since he had his 2 faves stolen on the road back n the day.... :(
  11. Busy times coming up. May see Queensryche tomorrow night... Then I have tickets for the following to see out 2019: 70's Pomp-Rock legends 'Angel' Don Felder (ex-Eagles guitarist) Brian Downey's "Alive & Dangerous" Stanley Dee (Steely Dan tribute) Sugaray Rayford (awesome Blues show) Young Gun Silver Fox (modern Yacht Rock! Raiding The Rock Vault (Las Vegas show coming to London) Kayak (Dutch Pomp masters) The Sweet (Glam legends!)
  12. Another demo of the Sarzo. Not a great review for hearing differences in sound between the pickups..... but he seems to love it. Funnily enough, I thought the best one was the PJ.... which a standard Spector has anyway... lol!
  13. Best sounding/value for money/lightweight 2x12 out there! GLWTS!
  14. Sarzo has moved to Spector because for a while he was playing with Geoff Tate (ex-Queensryche) and the ONLY way he could get the right tone (the Eddie Jackson 'grind') was to get a Spector. He bought & played one exclusively for a couple of years...LOVED it... and then discovered SIMS pickups. Spector & SIMS then hooked up to produce this 'signature' bass.
  15. You'll be looking at low £2k's for this. Off on holiday you go.....
  16. Some of the older Euro and EuroLX models came in natural satin wood and were beautiful instruments. They come up occasionally in the used section here....
  17. A stunner! More Spector greatness to be celebrated :)
  18. I don't own one.... ;-) Surprisingly good basses, very Steinbergerish... limited numbers built in the early- mid 80's.
  19. Meh, overpriced nonsense and lies. I know other people with the RXT bass. The prices on the other basses are dreamland too... Not for me, but thanks anyway!
  20. Check out the excellent Red Sound cabs. I know the UK distributor and these things are getting amazing reviews! Distributor page: https://www.clearsoundmusic.co.uk/products Italian product page: https://www.redsounditalia.com/en/prodotti/macrocategoria/music/tipologia/digital-profiling-system
  21. You are correct, Sir! Though my musical faves are more mid 70's I grew up with my teenage years through the 80's. :-) Ah, I have the Hohner B2a to cover that..... lol!
  22. Nah.... Nick has made his bed by posting that pic numerous times on EVERY Facebook bass page...... he can take the flack and lie in it on his own!! lol!
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