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  1. I do like a clean bass sound I went Back and forth between the LS and a evo iv 600 Multiple times today in the store , actually thought the evo eq greater than the LS, just wanted the British all tube thing the evo is $999 nzd new so maybe both! I got it more for studio and home anyway seems to get dirty once the drive is past 11 o’clock we are a three piece google Shady Brain Farm for some examples of music type
  2. Well just went and got it its probably not loud enough to gig with (even with a 610) but it’s got great tones Good for studio , home practice will take to the studio on the weekend and report back on the DI
  3. A question for the LS owners. With a trs cable plugged in to a recording console from the LS DI out, and the volume turned down on the amp , but some drive turned up , do you get a signal? With a speaker plugged in of course. ie can it be used as a preamp for silent recording. thanks
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