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  1. I wish I had spare cash for this. I was lusting for the seaboard block a few months ago for the portability, so that I could noodle on the go. I even stalked the Apple store and basically made them get out one for me to try it. But full size keys would be fun for home. GLWTS.
  2. Ah awesome man! You've tried quite a few, good to know your opinions on any differences. I 'think' I have your red one. I've always wanted to get a natural one, but I'll have to get 2 more jobs also 😛 If my numbers play on Friday I'll be in touch (heh), otherwise GLWTS!
  3. I'm just curious spacecowboy, how many ss2's have you had the privilege of owning, any differences between them? I would love this one, but then that's me just being greedy and dreaming I had the cash
  4. My MIJ '64 reissue is this same colour scheme. How awesome would it be to have the real thing!
  5. If I had space and money I'd buy it just to sit next to my black one, so they could look awesome together! Surely someone wants a quality bass at a great price?
  6. I don't know how this is still here. I already have one, but at this price somebody needs to get this.
  7. [quote name='Basscabman' timestamp='1498215611' post='3323164'] Yeh, Why did you sell It? [/quote] Why does anybody sell anything? For a multitude of reasons. If they did not sell on this forum, I (possibly you) or anybody else viewing these ads. would not have fun new toys to play with
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