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  1. Why oh why do I love a matching headstock on a Jazz...and then with that colour too....and the bit of mojo just fits....oh my
  2. Tandro

    NAS Bass

    Bought a great pedal [email protected] Bass. Super quick comms and butter smooth transaction. As has been said by others, item is in really great condition. Indeed a great person to deal with!
  3. What happens in the practice room, stays in the practice room.....
  4. I bought an awesome pedal from Carlos, boxed with all the gubbins. Thanks @juliusmonk , he is a great seller with great comms!
  5. That looks so cool...but bizarrely I don't know why my first thought (seriously) was that it should have a red light on it that travels left to right, it should be renamed KITT, and have a Turbo Boost button added somewhere.
  6. Not a bass video, but let's see what Copeland says about all this reggae stuff...
  7. Bought a guitar amp from Dave and everything about the transaction was awesome! The item is wonderful, and despite the logistical complications, he went out of his way (literally) to figure it out, and kept the item safely for me way longer than he needed to! Dave is yet another reason the Basschat community is so great!
  8. Just bought a great guitar from Paul, exactly as described. Excellent comms, quick turnaround and great packaging. Thanks Paul!
  9. Same.....no money for this and no space....but when has that stopped me before......if I close my eyes maybe it goes away
  10. Indeed it does! I was a young whippersnapper when that came out.
  11. From the instant I saw the Junior Reid I instantly had to go play this
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