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  1. Ibanez sell the 32 scale Mezzo 5 string with D'addarios.... and D'addario won't sell the medium scale B string to the public. Have to get a different brand even if you like what it came with. So yes, there is precedent for idiotic decisions by the makers.
  2. Newtone will make any scale length you want. Great strings!
  3. Something interesting I have discovered. Muscle memory is disrupted for my left hand when I use a pick in the right hand. The left hand isn't doing anything new at all, but it seems the right hand doing new stuff affects the left. I'm making mistakes with the left hand, sometimes even when the right hand has played without a mistake. Very odd!
  4. Yes. I've made a YT playlist so I can play along to try and keep them in my head. I just need to start using it!
  5. Many Fender Strats. And a couple of Status Energy’s with graphite necks.
  6. It's more that the overheads are lower when running the identical CNC machines that they use everywhere.
  7. The Ibanez Premium line are Indonesian made too. I've had a couple and they've been excellent.
  8. When you forget the difference between "you're" and "your"? Sorry. I'm not normally a grammar nazi but that was too easy. Right in the title as well.
  9. I got a new splint made after the last one was a bit tight and squeezing the finger too much. I've been playing a bit with a plectrum. I bought about 30 different ones to see what I liked including some non-trad ones to try and get a fingertyle tone. Leather ones were promising but the suede side is very 'grabby' on roundwounds. So I got a felt ukulele one and that is better. Main issue really is that to my ears it doesn't sound like me playing it now. "My" sound has always been fingers with a touch of thumb here and there. I have another month before the next assessment. Apparently that will involve gently removing the splint to see if the finger will stay straight (good sign for healing) or whether it curls up again. Then a decison on further splinting or supporting tape use if it's good news, or more splint time (starting again) or surgery if it's not healing. Fingers crossed (ahem).
  10. Heretic alert. I haven't tried the TX version, but I have tried the regular one and the CB (and a boat load of others). I take the Boss BC-1X over the lot of them. [running for cover]
  11. Office chair for writing and noodling. Easy to have a pen and pad ready for notes. Standing for reading practice though. I like to have the page at the same level all the time as if it was a big band gig. I do have my bass reasonably high though so it's in the same position whether I'm standing or sitting.
  12. I'm wondering if Westside are now doing the distribution....
  13. Could get an ash body Sandberg made with a good pickup in the right place for about £2K depending on finish.
  14. I was really hoping to own a 4H Special at some point if I found a light enough one. Never going to happen at those prices.
  15. La Bella White Nylons are very nice. Elixirs are great too.
  16. On the same bass with the same amp and settings. Zero changes. Most string demos are a waste of time because of a lack of consistency. Then after a general play - do 5 second clips to allow A/B between them.
  17. And he's not about 300 years old like Randall Smith is.
  18. Good drive pedal is likely to be more versatile and easier to set.
  19. Newtone. They will make them to order. Lovely strings.
  20. fretmeister


    Hold my beer...
  21. Erik Arko has done a quick clip https://www.instagram.com/p/CJx40EdlsUD/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
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