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  1. When there is an effective vaccine and / or a non-traumatic treatment that prevents the lung damage / cognitive issues / kidney problems.
  2. Go elsewhere. It's the only practical answer.
  3. Coming next week. Courier issues. At least I have a few more days to get the wife ready!
  4. The tracking number on the delivery has mysteriously stopped working. I seem to recall when I got my first One10 the "It's on the way" email from the courier was not actually correct and it was a day early. I've emailed BF to ask them to confirm whether it's coming today or not. I could really do with nipping out to the shop for a few things but I don't want to miss it if it is coming.
  5. Aye. Nobody has a problem with a distributor needing to get paid. Taking the fosters with the mark up is entirely different. I am wondering if there are many people who bought something at RRP 3 weeks before the change though. Poor sods.
  6. Fan noise! Was mental. 4m warm up time was annoying too.
  7. Well I’ve got my DG and MB heads. And the tiny hotone Something different perhaps?
  8. HOLY CRAP It's arriving tomorrow!!! That's only 2 weeks!!! WOOHOO!!!!
  9. Put a WANTED ad on the fretboard forum. Their classifieds are very busy.
  10. The Cobalts are good strings. They did have some QC issues for a while with breakages and rust (there is a thread somewhere) but I'm hoping they've fixed that now.
  11. In MXR Super Badass Distortion Boss LMB-3 Boss BC-1X Barefaced Super Twin (on order - does that count yet?) Out: About 20 pedals, and a variety of pickups.
  12. Some of them are 8-10 years old. Grade 2-3. The band is for experience of ensemble playing and listening to band mates. Not academic study. They get that with their individual teachers. If the youngest ones walked in and saw new key sigs they have never seen in their individual lessons they'd walk straight out again. We find a way to get them playing, even if we have to give them the 4th part and tell them to only play the first note of the bar until they get comfortable with trying the 2nd note. They join the ensemble as nervous wrecks and within 3 months the confidence is already going up and they start asking for more fun / difficult things to play. The 16-18 year olds are more than capable of playing in any key but they are there for fun, having been there for 10 years themselves. They tend to be in county level bands as well, some of them aiming for a conservatoire place. It's a fantastic band and I'm constantly amazed I get to play with them. I got press-ganged when the actual bass teacher quit and moved away. I was given the book and 30 mins notice for my first rehearsal with them.
  13. This is exactly why we play in not-original keys. A lot of our horn players are young students.
  14. My big band plays "Gimme some lovin'" in F It feels wrong. But I do wonder if that is because I've had decades of playing the Blues Brothers version and it's just wrong to me. Some of the kids in the band never heard any previous version. I also wonder if the audience even notice when they haven't got a long standing frame of reference. We also do "Superstition" in B flat and that really makes me want to hit someone!
  15. You won't get the sound of the power section (if it is valve as well) or your cab with that. A good VST plugin would be far easier. All of the NeuralDSP plugins are available as a time limited trial, as is Helix Native. Some free ones about too.
  16. Could just compress the hell out of it. That would solve the problem! Zero dynamics! I must admit I'm quite tempted to try a mix set again with different brands. Could get expensive though.
  17. Definitely. I’ve tried everything and flat low B strings are never as good as the others.
  18. I’ve tried that. I found that many flats give a lower output making string volume balance more tricky. presumably the flats I used had a lower ferrous content.
  19. The Jeff Berlin course is currently 50% off until the end of August. https://www.jeffberlinmusicgroup.com/lessons It's a good way to get into reading and learning the fretboard. It's essentially loads of sightreading exercises that get slowly more difficult.
  20. Sandberg Super Light (long scale) doesn't have that problem. It's 2.9kg / 6.3lb My 32 scale Ibby Mezzo 5 string is 3.1kg / 7 lb and doesn't have that problem either. IIRC Sandberg will make any of their basses 32 scale as a custom option. Small headstocks and very light weight tuners are very useful - as is an upper horn that extends enough.
  21. NeuralDSP NTS Suite Line 6 Helix Native NeuralDSP Parallax
  22. I read that. Most of the time I just wanted to shout “hippy” at him.
  23. The DXR10 is very loud. Louder than many bass combos. I think you need to try it in a live environment. Do it when the PA is good enough but don't use it. Just use the DXR10 for a few songs. If it's crap then you can still go into the PA.
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