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  1. Yeah, it sure if I would actually gig it too as I have bigger amps for that. But it perfect for home and recording. Effects loop is quite nice too. Really even volume and uncoloured. Really impressed with the whole package. Thanks again for the advice chaps!
  2. Hi Reggae, nope just the actual positioning of the EQ. Goes Mid, Bass then Treble rather then the normal Bass, Mid then treble. Far as I can tell they are still boosting the right frequencies. I reckon I could gig it if I run it through 2 Hydrives...may be a bit gritty but ok for rock type stuff. The amp itself is beautiful though....lovely tweedy niceness!
  3. So got it...nice little thing. Been in touch with Mark over at Ashdown for some info as it’s got a quirk in that the Bass and Mid EQ knob are flipped in position. I reckon it may be an early prototype or something...we’ll see!
  4. There is a wealth of info on this very forum about this. Also, some much more knowledgeable folk who can help. Search IEM and it will pop up. The only thing I can say is, don’t be intimidated...it’s really quite simple, but oh so worth it.
  5. Get IEM, you will never look back. Ear plugs/defenders are so old tech.
  6. Just pushed the button on it, comments here convinced me! cheers all
  7. That’s the one I’m 👁
  8. Very nice. Out of curiosity, the one I’m looking at is the tweed version (only because it’s the only one I can find available at the moment). But anyway, I thought they were all handmade in the UK. The one I’m looking at appears to made in China. Not that that’s a major issue for me, but it seems odd that an amp marketed as made and hand wired in England has a version apparently made abroad?
  9. Cool! So not much clean headroom then?
  10. Continuing with the current Ashdown love on here. I’m thinking about getting a small valve amp for home use. Anybody have much experience with the CTM 30 or CTM 30 tweed?
  11. Clearing out some pedals Mooer Skyverb - £30 - Nice little reverb pedal with 3 settings. Some glue on the bottom but otherwise good condition. No Box - 8/10 condition Digitech Black 13 Scott Ian Distortion - £35 - More of a guitar pedal but gives some nice distorted tones. Made in USA and bit of a collectors item. No Box 8/10 condition. TC MojoMojo Overdrive - £30 - Great OD pedal. Like new. Boxed 10/10 condition TC Prophet Digital Delay - £30 - Nice little digital delay. no box 9/10 condition ART Coolswitch Pro - £35 - Isolated switcher pedal so very low noise. Good for Bi-amp or dual instruments into single output. boxed as new 10/10 condition. £4.50 postage for each pedal or I can do a job lot type thing if buying multiples. Paypal (with fees) or bank transfer. Thanks
  12. For sale and in mint condition (boxed). Bought off here not too long ago alongside a B3N. Found the latter works better for me so this is surplus to requirements. Price is £45 posted.
  13. We are a 3 piece but could do with another rhythm or lead guitar. We are ages 35-45 and are playing tracks from Nirvana, AIC, Soundgarden, Metallica, QOTSA, Pearl Jam, Audioslave, RATM etc. Currently rehearsing weekly in Watford. Thanks
  14. Watford Valves or Laney HQ near B'ham
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