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  1. I have adjusted up and down a bit. Still the same. The various string volume is really noticeable when just using the P pickups. Really big between the B and E. still can’t understand why the 4 is massively louder overall 🤔
  2. So, I have 2 basses. Both running EMG’s in a PJ configuration. One is a 5 string and one is a 4 string. The 5 has a 24v power supply and the 4 has an 18v supply. However, the 5 is substantially quieter then the 4. The 5 also has really uneven string volume. The only other difference is that the 4 has the BTC tone stack where the 5 has the passive tone pot. Can anyone offer any suggestions as to why the 5 has so much less headroom?
  3. I find this post a little bit worrying. We don’t live in a overly litigious country quite yet, but it seems that the OP is floating the idea that barefaced has been massively negligent in some way. Where does this end, what’s the end point? Do we start suing Valve head makers for putting backs out? do we start going after Ernie Ball because when I changed my strings the wire poked me and drew blood? I think it’s a slippery slope. If the cab had electrocuted you simply by plugging in, fair play, go after them. If you lifted it maybe where it shouldn’t have...then there is a design flaw that probably needs looking at but not to the point of veiled potential legal action. Apologies if I’m coming across as too dismissive. I’m just putting myself in your position and wondering how I would react.
  4. Had it fired up next to the Laney today for some Bi Amp recording. Some serious power 💪
  5. So, kudos to Andertons. Sent my amp back under warranty (for the second time) and their supplier said I can have a brand new one! So, a brand new (non rattling) ABM 600 arrived this morning in the post. Very happy. I like the newer colour scheme and curly font. Strange thing though, this one doesn’t seem to have as much “Oomph” on tap as the old one. Have to have the gain right up and volume around 9 o’clock to start getting some air moving where the old one started pumping with both dials around 6. Not a major stress as I can drive the input a bit more with a pedal. same great tone though....🤟
  6. Also try Sickamps in Harlow. Super helpful and friendly. Helped me massively with a Jet City GUitar head that had been modded badly. Ended up emailing Mike Soldano and everything to get it sorted.
  7. Pedaltrain Mini and Volto purchased on Monday, delivered Wednesday! Excellent comms and a fair price. Excellent seller.
  8. Thanks. I'll take it! I can't seem to send you a DM?
  9. Hi Could you please let me know what the dimensions of the board are? Thanks
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. I use some 8x10 classics at the rehearsal rooms, with either my Ashdown ABM or my Laney Nexus Tube head. Like Lozz196 says, they are so bass heavy it's crazy. Have to roll almost all low frequency eq off or its really "swampy". Especially off axis. I reckon the Ampeg "warmth" everyone mentions about is down to the cabs based on my experience with them.
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