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  1. It’s finally been released! http://test.schecterguitars.com/bass/exotic-basses/p-4-exotic-detail
  2. Don't do that! Waste of a great box too, I think this was possibly the last well designed Hartke Product before the big downturn. Dear god stick it on ebay with a low starting bid and it will sell.
  3. Don’t fancy a little valve head and some cash your way 😂
  4. I sold one a year or so ago for £225, albeit mine was a touch more used! Felt like the guy was robbing me...... These are fantastic cabs, GLWTS
  5. The HD series were only released in 2017, so you may have had the original (silver grill) on which I think were branded as simply Hydrive 112? I personally quite like the 112’s. Still have 2 and they are quite well thought of in some circles.
  6. Still pretty well respected in the US (according to TB at least!) it’s the poor aftercare by Hal Leonard in Europe that I feel is a massive contributing factor here. still feel there last decent products were the hydrive cabs. Amp wise, not much has lit up since the HA stuff 😞
  7. Decided to part with this lovely little valve head. I'm a bit sad, but I always said 3 amps are too many and I need to fund a five string. Fantastic heads. Great valve tone that breaks up nicely to a lovely valve grit when cranked without disemboweling you. This is in almost new condition. Has the tiniest scuff which I have pictured, but otherwise like new. Also has a snazzy matching Roqsolid cover. Really would like pick up. Could drop off if within reasonable distance. Really don't want to post just in case it gets ruined. Cheers!
  8. I have a CTM 30 tweed (same beast really) and I tend to start here, then tweak down a touch as required (usually not required 😂)
  9. I feel then that the best thing to do is go to a good bass shop and try try try! Unfortunately, everyone on here will have a different idea of “perfect”. For your budget, you could find what you like and then pretty much either get it, or shop around for a good second hand one.
  10. Sorry, am I missing something here. Budget of 3 to 5 grand!?! surely if you’re fussy, it’s custom build all the way! 😂
  11. Hi Folks Got a new one of these a couple of months back. Think it is quite possible one of best sounding amps I’ve tried....but I have noticed the ground noise is a bit higher due to the dual fans. However, attached to a 6x10 cab last night it there was a loud noticeable hum at higher volumes. Its definitely linked to the output master volume in that it gets louder when the knob goes up past 12’ o clock. anyway, after those with experience with these. Do you find yours operating with more “hum” then other amps you’ve tried? Thanks
  12. Whats the difference between these and the SVT 4-Pro?
  13. I'm unsure why a top on a bass is an issue? It's common practice to put a figured top on a ash/mahogany body isn't it? Yes, the top end Schecters and ESP Ltd basses (Korean) are quite close to some Fenders, but in my humble opinion you often get quite a lot of instrument for the price. I like it because its different to the standard. I think the only issue is you wont get the resale you might get on a Fender. But if you buy them as well made, good sounding solid workhorses...you cant go wrong.
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