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  1. If need be. Although I have a small soft padded case which it sits in and is quite protected. I can always find a place to perch it or tuck it away.
  2. I also run a TC BH550 and Zoom. Why consider a DI box when you can use your head as a DI? TC BH Heads don't need speakers connected to operate. What I have recently added is in ears and all it means is that I use the TC head effectively as a DI box (small, light, sounds good!) I keep my cabs as spare and use where necessary. Outlay wasn't massive as we are using wired in ear options rather than wireless. So Behringer P1, some cables and some decent quality in-ears. You already have a mixer, so job done.
  3. Great unit in excellent condition. I'm just not using it and I want to buy other things! Tiny scratch on the body which I have tried to show and also the tin has a dent in it (also shown) All instructions and original paperwork included. I'll also include the original power supply. Pick up or £185 £170 posted. (PRICE DROP) Thanks
  4. Does the G75 work with pedal boards?
  5. That's a cracking idea EBS! Seems a much more "on the fly" type solution but nice and simple.
  6. In my VERY ltd experience, you can only hear (through the monitors) instruments are coming through a common mixing desk...so yes. Although we didn't have the drums miked, but that didn't matter in a smallish rehearsal room!
  7. This chap surely..... Some interesting lessons by him out there
  8. Hi All, Just toying with starting a potential build. Has anybody gone any recommendations on the best on-line place to purchase timber? I'm specifically after some harder to find woods like Holly and Wenge... Thanks!
  9. New for 2019 and its a good price too. £685 from Thomann.... The full fat custom (Frank Bello) version probably many many many more dollar!
  10. Loads of options out there. Schecter Model T or this from ESP
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