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  1. Hi Folks Got a new one of these a couple of months back. Think it is quite possible one of best sounding amps I’ve tried....but I have noticed the ground noise is a bit higher due to the dual fans. However, attached to a 6x10 cab last night it there was a loud noticeable hum at higher volumes. Its definitely linked to the output master volume in that it gets louder when the knob goes up past 12’ o clock. anyway, after those with experience with these. Do you find yours operating with more “hum” then other amps you’ve tried? Thanks
  2. Whats the difference between these and the SVT 4-Pro?
  3. I'm unsure why a top on a bass is an issue? It's common practice to put a figured top on a ash/mahogany body isn't it? Yes, the top end Schecters and ESP Ltd basses (Korean) are quite close to some Fenders, but in my humble opinion you often get quite a lot of instrument for the price. I like it because its different to the standard. I think the only issue is you wont get the resale you might get on a Fender. But if you buy them as well made, good sounding solid workhorses...you cant go wrong.
  4. Hi Raslee, I'm happy to ship if you arrange it bud. Thanks
  5. Weight has never even remotely crossed my mind as an assessment as to whether I’d own it or not. Maybe this comes from a place where I was lucky to even be able to get hold of a relatively decent sounding: instrument back in the 80’s and early 90’s, so anything would do! i suppose I’d have to think about it if we were pushing 7-8 kilo instruments. But even then I’d have a good crack at playing them if they sounded good and played well!
  6. **BOTH SOLD** Have just added a 6 x 10 cab cab to my collection and I have 4 of these Hydrives, so two need to go to make room. Hydrive 112 cabinets, these are lovely little cabs. Really punchy and loud and very portable. I have run them with multiple D class heads and also some class A/B and they are rock solid. These have the switchable impedance which is a very cool feature so can run at 4 or 8 ohms. Also have adjustable HF horns. One is in mint condition that I purchased new and the other has 1 small ding and some minor lifting tolex around the grill (see pictures) as its slightly older. Both have Roqsolid covers. 1 padded and one standard. I have boxes so could post (buyer would need to organise) but pick up preferred due to weight. I could deliver within reasonable distance. Also happy to split. Thanks
  7. Think it’s very new, something “exotic” or other. Not even sure it’s available yet to be honest. Was on their web site.
  8. Usually find P’s a bit boring....but I think this is lovely. And there’s a Jazz version..
  9. @Lozz196, went with the Ashdown. Cheers for the info!
  10. Any views on how this would compare to an Ampeg 6x10? There is one one Ebay going for quite a good price too
  11. Hello I find myself in a position of maybe needing a 6x10 cab for a valve amp I just bought. Would love to go barefaced, but cost is an issue. Has anyone got or tried one of these? Seem a crazy good price new for a 6x10! thanks
  12. I may beat you to it @stewblack, I have keep coming back on and checking it’s still here...calling my name big time!
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