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  1. @cgg199 How much did Shuker do your neck for and what was the turnaround timewise? @nancyjohnson Pretty much what cgg199 said. Opportunity to get a neck built to a specific and try it out at various stages. Even if I were to buy off the shelf I'll still be 'guessing and hoping' I get the right neck. I'm happy to spend a bit more and talk to a luthier (with good rep) to get the right feel neck. Thanks for both of your inputs anyway.
  2. Basschatters, I'm looking for someone to make me a replacement 5 string jazz bass neck to go on a precision body. Looking for a one-piece maple neck. Any takers?
  3. Hello Basschatters! I have black Fodera hardware that has been removed from an Imperial I used to have...(bridge, 5 tuners, knobs, screws etc). Brought new from the NYC guys. Let me know if you have any questions.
  4. Looking for a blues/jazz/funk influenced bass player to replace me with my current band, the Ravi Rajani Band. https://soundcloud.com/ravirajani Ravi is an exceptional blues player, who does the Robben Ford things, mixing the Blues and that jazz thing. He's busy writing his own songs that I may say are of a professional standard and he's only going to get better! The band is currently gigging 2 sets, 1 of originals and the others, Blues standards. Now joined by an awesome, swinging drummer this band can really go places. Unfortunately, I've got another project that is more closer to my heart so I've made the decision to more on. This is a fantastic opportunity for a player who's based in North London (free band rehearsals in Wood Green) to work with the band to take it to the next level. He could possible be interested in deps who can read the dots. Anyone interested, let me know. I'll put you in touch.
  5. Cheap Hartke cabs (4x10 and 15) cabs for sale. Condition is used but in good condition. These cabs are getting too heavy to lug around for my bad back (3 bulging discs in lower back) so could a good deal for someone. Cabs are in Heathrow. Cheers.
  6. Top bloke. Delivered the markbass tube amp, quicker than expected. Very impressed.
  7. What is the weight of the bass, any chance of seeing the bass in person?
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