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Hello Basschatters!

I have black Fodera hardware that has been removed from an Imperial I used to have...(bridge, 5 tuners, knobs, screws etc). Brought new from the NYC guys.

Let me know if you have any questions.












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    • By davideuck
      Hi all,
      for sale 4+4 Gotoh GB 707 machine heads in black, these were on my 8 string bass for around 1 year and half, upgraded yesterday with new hipshot... perfect conditions. SOLD.
      For sale are Goldo 8 single bass bridge saddles in chrome, these were purchased for another 8 string under construction but at the end I bought new black hardware for this bass too, so, these are new, never mounted. They seem of good quality, have a good mass to them, 34 gr for one. At the moment I don't have the screws to attach them to the body but despite these are good quality, the screws were'nt, so in my opinion it'll be better to fit new ones anyway... 45 £---> dropped to 40 £ for all the 8 saddles.
      I'm in Italy, obviously I can ship without problems.
    • By maximumbass21
      I'm not sure about this sale at all but thought I'd put out a feeler! Reason for sale is after purchasing a CS Pino Palladino Precision, I seem to be turning to that bass more so as a 4 string.
      I would ideally like to trade the VW Classic for a Fodera Imperial 5 string 34" scale.
      But I am also willing to sell the bass (if that's the decision I land on) and will also be selling a Fender Jazz Elite 5 too.
      Bass was bought brand new in 2016 (I think) by a fellow BassChatter from Thomann.
      Victor actually played this bass, here is the link to the video on my instagram profile where you'll also find other videos of myself playing the bass:
      Specs for the bass:
      •Mahogany Body
      •Flame Maple Top
      •Indian Rosewood Fingerboard
      •3-pc Maple Neck
      •Mother-of-Pearl Dot Inlays with Tulips on the 12th and 24th Fret
      •Dovetail Neck Construction
      •34″ Scale Length, 4-String, 19.0mm String Spacing
      •Fodera / Pope Custom 3-Band Preamp
      •EMG P/J Pickups
      I have pictured the only real visible marks which are at the top of the headstock (as usual) and on the bridge (which just needs a good scrub!)
      Based in Gloucestershire.
      Asking £5,000 or trade with Fodera Imperial Elite 5 String 34" scale (cash on top if needed)
      Please remember, this is just a feeler as I'm really not sure whether to sell the bass or not! I have developed a special bond with the ol' girl.


    • By Marcus♥Bass
      My first post, so hello everyone! 
      My Ibanez Mikro (PJ style) bass has developed a fault in which it buzzes when I am NOT touching the strings. Also, the J pickup has become microphonic. It sounds like I am tapping a live microphone especially when playing the A note, and tapping it with my hands. I don't know if these 2 faults are linked, I am guessing its an earthing issue. 
      I have attached some videos to try and show the issues.
      Any help would be appreciated! :)
      IMG_0715.MOV IMG_0716.MOV
    • By Apothem
      Following a niggling problem with my left arm that will take a long time to heal, I am thinning the herd, no point in keeping them laying there untouched.
      For those of you who are not familiar with Fclef, they are an American boutique whose ties with Fodera go back a number of years (for instance, Fodera NYC line has been produced for some time by the same people as Fclef's, and also as dealers). They make tremendous, high-end basses, and are well established in the USA, although still less this side of the Pond.

      Expect to pay Sadowsky NYC prices, starting around 4,000 USD for a 4-string like this one, 20% VAT, 4% import duty, plus shipping to the UK.... for a total equivalent to more than £3,750!! To get an idea of their quality, the guy in the following link paid 5,200 USD for a new 5-stringer with a couple of options in 2013, and he had a discount too!!


      On Youtube you can see several videos of Tamas Barabas (Tomika here on BassChat), Marcus Miller, Federico Malaman and others playing Fclef basses. Or listen to the extensive audio library at the website:

      What we have for sale here is a Jazz FCLEF 4 CUSTOM SERIES in Black nitro, vintage neck with white binding and pearloid blocks, designed to look and sound as a '70s Fender Jazz clone when in passive mode, and as a slightly more modern take when active.


      Full size ash body, slim maple neck, Seymour Duncan Custom Vintage single coils in '70s position, 18V Fodera / Mike Pope 2-EQ preamp (Michael Pope is the guy behind all Fodera preamps: this is a very transparent piece of kit, it adds a touch of hi-fi without changing much the tone of the bass: volume / tone control working both in active and passive, pan, treble cut/boost, bass cut/boost; gain trimmer in the electronics cavity). Pickup bell cover included (only placed on top in the pictures as I have misplaced the screws... sorry). Set with a very straight neck and low action. Standard 19mm strings spacing adjustable by 0.5mm. 4.4kg / 10lbs. Comes in a black tolex case (Warwick, I believe) with black velour interior, with keys, in good shape and in full working order (handle, latches, hinges....).

      The bass is 100% original and with very light signs commensurate with normal use: a little tarnish on the bridge pickup polepieces and some patina on the tuning keys, the customary scuffs on the headstock, a very little knock through the finish the size of a nail's head on the bottom edge of the body, and in general some grazing/swirls/light scratches really only visible at an angle (on the pickguard and here and there on or behind the body, as a light buckle rash), although all superficial and nothing affecting in any way the sound or the playability. Overall purely minor cosmetic factors to be expected on an instrument that is not new anymore and has seen light use, not abuse. Excellent neck, fingerboard and frets.

      Price is £1,700 1,399 plus shipping, paid with a bank transfer like I usually do here on BC, please. I will only post through the UPS website, as most couriers and all the agents like Interparcel do not insure musical instruments above £1,000 (and in order to fulfil UPS requirements, it will be shipped without batteries, please have your 2 x 9V ready). That makes is £50 for a mainland UK tracked and insured shipment (excl. some remote postcodes and some islands): because of the hefty insurance, the real shipping cost is actually higher but I will absorb the difference in order to remain somewhat competitive.
      Sorry, no trades considered.

      BassChatters with an established history and reputation / feedback on the forum but living outside the UK (although in EU) may contact me, otherwise this is strictly a UK sale. The bass will also be very soon on eBay in order to appeal to the largest possible audience.

      You can find my feedback at the bottom of the page.

      Thanks for looking.

    • By Osiris
      Does anyone have a Fender hi-mass bridge for a 4 sting bass that they are looking to re-home?
      It's one of these that I'm looking for - https://www.thomann.de/gb/fender_hi_mass_bridge_iv_brass.htm but I'm too impatient to wait until they're back in stock 
      Please drop me a pm if you have one going spare.