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  1. We're aiming WAY lighter than that. 😎
  2. Occasionally, my moves go above and beyond the call of duty ...
  3. Ah now, that's a lovely thing, and brings back many happy memories. I only sold it because I commissioned a custom uber-longscale 5-string Safran Iris bass, which rather left the TB-10 redundant. Whoever gets this one is in for a treat.
  4. I thought Mire Drugs was a film by Tarantino?
  5. No offence intended Luke, and I'm well aware that there are plenty of honest people out there, but would you (for example) advise your teenaged son buying his first car to simply plunge into the market assuming that the dealer is going to tell him the whole truth and charge no more than the car is worth? We've never met but I'm guessing that you wouldn't do that. If a market or industry has spent decades earning a reputation, then it can only make sense to be on your guard. I repeat: The second-hand instrument market is every bit as honest and reliable as the second-hand car market, and should be approached with the same degree of caution. You can read that in more than one way, y'know.
  6. I tried this route several times 10/15 years ago, and I had uniformly lousy experiences every time ... payment 'postponed', basses sold at the 'minimum acceptable' figure with no effort to get a decent price, basses very deliberately (and in one case fraudulently) misdescribed so as to fool the shop's customers. The second-hand instrument market is every bit as honest and reliable as the second-hand car market, and should be approached with the same degree of caution. I'll name no names, but my bad experiences (a decade ago, remember) involved some shops that normally get a free pass on Basschat.
  7. My needs have changed entirely since I bought these, so time to offer them to the Basschat collective. These are NOT vintage and rare. They're better than that. These are unusual and rare. And aluminium. Unless you're American, in which case they're aluminum. And the wiring uses sodder. Some would argue that this ^ is their good side, but actually I prefer Specs? You want specs? https://www.alusonic.com/aluminium-cabinets.php The reason they are so stylish is because they're Italian, made in Italy by Italians. They were already appallingly expensive before Brexit. Now they're even more appallingly expensive. But because I'm such a friend of Basschatters, I'm listing them at the same price I paid. Note that this only really helps you if you're a British Basschatter. Can I offer my condolences to all the Basschatters who are forced to live in warm, sunny countries which aren't governed by Boris Johnson? The carry-handles are a nice touch. Those Italian designers clearly know a thing or two. That nasty nick in the back of the tweeter cab was already there when I bought it. It's still there. Do I really need to use cliches about not affecting playability? In a nutshell, these things are cool as. You know you want them. Photos: @Silvia Bluejay
  8. Relaxed & easy-going Stax/soul band based near Wallingford needs a keys player. We play a handful of gigs a year, mainly as an excuse to keep playing such great songs. We will never be a high-intensity functions outfit playing big parties and weddings for megabucks, this is strictly low-pressure stuff ... could suit a relative newbie to keys who wants a 'soft' environment in which to improve. Everyone in the band is over 50 and we rehearse DAYTIME (11:00 - 2:00) on occasional Mondays outside Chalgrove, so retired or self-employed status would work best. Mind you, in these post-Covid times you could probably get away with bringing your laptop to the rehearsal - hey! I'm just saying ...
  9. Then you should probably place a listing under Bassists Available, rather than Bassists Wanted, neh? 😉
  10. Ah but who do you post them to ... @AndyTravis or @Machines?
  11. Then it's an SB310. There's only 24 pages of this topic ... surely you've read them all? 🤨
  12. Have to agree on this. I've tried (repeatedly) to get various Sansamp units to produce a genuine all-valve sound/tone without the baggage that comes with real tubes and I've never got anywhere close. Makes very little difference whether you use the pedal or the rackmount - what you get is the Sansamp sound and that's not the same as an all-tube amp.
  13. In all fairness, there is a photo of the back. The rather un-Fender burst is suspiciously unmarked by any playing wear, but there's evidence of cosmetic modifications in places. Looks to me like someone tried to turn something into a Fender and didn't make an awfully good job of it. Mind you, there have been periods when that description would have fitted Fender themselves ...
  14. See the umlaut? That's Heavy Metal Maria, that is ...
  15. So ... tell me about adjusting the intonation:
  16. Much nicer than the cheap white plastic one that comes with the bass.
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