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  1. +1 but must be bolt on neck for me. Be wary of set necks. There be dragons! Lol
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17c8-8uTFfQ
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Bass-guitar/254191978062?hash=item3b2f05c64e:g:8PsAAOSwdGpcqgu7 Sellers other lot looks interesting. The blue one has been played!
  4. If I was local, I'd be all over that!
  5. Its all set up though isnt it. The bit filmed in the auction hall always looks fake. Pretend bidders etc? Maybe i'm wrong?
  6. You've nailed it! I feel that the only way high street music shops can survive is by providing genuine customer service and/or by obtaining unique/vintage used stock. The big online box shifters cannot compete. That said, online shopping is changing the high street whether we like it or not. Why is online shopping always seen as 'bad/evil' and local high street shops seen as good, honest and wholesome?
  7. Yeah, brilliant and flawed at the same time. Such a sad end to a massive talent.
  8. Luthier is a posh word for a bloke in a shed?
  9. Now sold! My attempts at editing the title have sadly failed.
  10. I was wandering around Asda on Easter Monday while 'Let's Dance' was playing. Looking forward to SRV's bit and the lady at customer services talked over it with perfect timing!
  11. I'm selling our iMac. It's a late 2012, with a 21.5" screen, 2.7ghz, 8gb memory and 1TB HDD. All good and working, no damage, no scratches. It's lived in a non-smoking environment and has been sympathetically owned. Comes with a Dell keyboard and a fancy 'colour changing' mouse! I'm not really a Mac guy but will attempt to answer any questions. Much prefer cash on collection or possible a mutually convenient 'meet' up? Postage may be possible at extra cost, but only as a last resort. Read the courier threads!
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