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  1. It’s a nice thing, but.... “Omega,Breitling and even Rolex. None of these brands can even get close to the build quality......” That’s a pretty ‘Ballsy’ statement to make? Was it in their advertising blurb?
  2. It’s almost as though someone who’s never seen a guitar before was given a kit of parts and no instructions?
  3. on the plus side, the carry handle looks comfy?
  4. Oh my days! You could drive a bus under those strings, and the ‘D’ is still buzzing?
  5. Hi, is it unlocked? And can you expand on the battery situation, will that battery swap require expert attention? thanks
  6. No, that’s setting the string height on the treble side!
  7. I think the pick guard needs another ‘try’ to properly match up with the body mods
  8. Have you actually measured the neck relief to see how out of spec it is?
  9. Hi Jack, I’ll have a punt on these if that’s ok. How do you want paying?
  10. Hey Andy, love the pics! But once she hits 13yrs, all hell is gonna break loose! Trust me! My two boys were nothing in comparison! Fighting, crashing cars and competing over everything is nothing compared to the psychological torture of teenage daughters! Enjoy the ride?😊
  11. The seller has nicely 'sidestepped' dating anything or committing to what is or isn't genuine?
  12. How much of this do we feel is 'original'? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fender-Fretless-Jazz-Bass-80s/184374194763?hash=item2aed8ef24b:g:TW4AAOSwBztfGcDI
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