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  1. His on earth is that neck to body bracket holding?
  2. I would love to be able to play sax. Back in the 80s everyone seemed to include a sax part 'middle eight' by Michael Brecker. Remember the then ground-breaking video Candy by Cameo using multi layering? That sax solo by Michael Brecker and the way he played the song out was nice. Maybe I'll have a poke around cash converters?
  3. Perhaps he sees his designs as thought provoking, like a South bank art installation. He expects people to be shocked? Maybe he accepts the negative comments as being people who don't understand his unique design flair and engineering solutuons? But, at some point he needs to discuss his output, with experts?
  4. Why is he obsessed with players with big hands? No wonder SRV never got anywhere?
  5. I understand that some people find his quirky style interesting, but i've not found a muso who feels he has saved/improved an instrument with his unique approach?
  6. Yes, he is very good at making his work sound justified in his listing. In fact he is very good at writing his listings? I would imagine all that psuedo tech talk could sound impressive to some people. Feedback 99.8%?
  7. Agreed. The absolute worse for this are the Chinese sellers. If they are selling at £19.95 and you offer £19.90 they'll decline!
  8. You guys have missed a treat, check out the sellers 'rock' clothing range?
  9. "But I want nothing this society's got!"😃
  10. All the strings look short! Barely one turn on the post?
  11. You forget the latest 'grime' person to appeal to the urban yoof
  12. IBTL Looks like he's tried to re-profile the bottom of the bridge to compensate for the guitar 'bellying up'. But instead filled the void with glue. Plus a couple of B&Q allen head bolts to make damn sure!
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