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  1. I'm selling our iMac. It's a late 2012, with a 21.5" screen, 2.7ghz, 8gb memory and 1TB HDD. All good and working, no damage, no scratches. It's lived in a non-smoking environment and has been sympathetically owned. Comes with a Dell keyboard and a fancy 'colour changing' mouse! I'm not really a Mac guy but will attempt to answer any questions. Much prefer cash on collection or possible a mutually convenient 'meet' up? Postage may be possible at extra cost, but only as a last resort. Read the courier threads!
  2. .... and in the morning Human Resources will call you in to discuss 'certain emails'
  3. Hmmm. It's advertising but not as we know it? Lol
  4. Scott certainly picks up plenty of free advertising on this site these days?
  5. I'm just giving a different perspective. Just because you maybe don't think its important doesn't mean the audience feels the same. Sadly, 'near enough is good enough' seems to be the mantra here.
  6. If I had to play music I wasn't interested in i'd be more willing to 'tribute' it too?
  7. I don't think the average non muso audience would notice that you weren't trying to do a note for note copy, but would assume you weren't capable of it?lol
  8. Or how little of the original performance do they need to class as a cover? half assed is a cover, totally half assed, a tribute! lol
  9. Just wondering how many of you guys have ever had to sit in the audience and endure a covers band half assing their way through a song you care about?
  10. Actually its a bit weird using someone elses avatar?
  11. Hmmpf, I see you've still got your avatar Teebs, I wish I was one of the favourites!
  12. Wow, the break angles of the 'A' and 'D' string over the nut looks interesting?
  13. The little pic of my dog that used to be next to my username? Have I been demoted?
  14. Interesting subject. Would a bass ever be too rare and/or valuable to use regularly i wonder?
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