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  1. .....after lights out when 'the screws' aren't watching!
  2. I agree. It’s all part of owning an instrument. When you read some of the comments on here you’d think setting up a guitar is a black art? Plus the amount of times I here guys complaining about the set up they’ve just paid for not being right. Crazy.
  3. You need to summon up the strength to adjust the truss rod again before it's 'home' to stay.
  4. Just don't mention Rick's to him!
  5. Hopefully with the new titanium one you’ll be able to really lean into it! 😀
  6. Until he starts using a breaker bar on the truss rod again! 😀
  7. I messaged the guy and asked if he had any paperwork to ‘back up’ the original build claim. He gave me a name that I could approach overwater with regarding its history from 2010? Not sure that they’d give out that info, also implies he’s obtained the instrument to resell and it came with a ‘story’. He said he will apparently be relisting it soon, after some ‘work’ and new better pics
  8. Could this become a regular series?
  9. Congrats! Don't forget your old mates on here, we knew you before you were famous!
  10. No I don’t think so. It’s always there, but selling multiple items from one listing requires choices, for example, if you are selling envelopes you would offer different sizes fair enough? But some people exploit this by listing a few items knowing that the cheapest will be the price shown in the listing. Bit naughty really and somewhat annoying when you are researching prices
  11. Hmmmmm it’s the lefty bit that puts me off not the twist (love a challenge)
  12. And you always see the cheapest price to lure you in
  13. It’s an eBay thing. Eg You list a guitar with a case and a strap. You price each thing individually and the listing will show the cheapest item. Until you click on the drop down box and realise £3.99 was the strap? I think it’s a variation on ‘bait and switch’
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