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  1. Never knew such a thing existed.
  2. It wouldn't be some sort of talk box would it? The sort of thing Peter Frampton, Dave Gilmour or Slash use.
  3. So few? "You Suffer" is 3 seconds long, so they could probably squeeze in about 700 songs if they eke them out a bit.
  4. Chat? Surely nothing more than "Hello Cleveland!" is needed.
  5. That sounds terrible @CyberBass I hope all comes right for you.
  6. SOTW was one of those songs on the "banned" list in my local music shop years ago, along with Stairway to heaven and Smell's Like Teen Spirit.
  7. I imagine it must be tricky for a band to play. I read somewhere that they deliberately made the time changes awkward so that other bands would find it hard to cover.
  8. I had a go at Black Dog earlier. Tricky one. That John Paul Jones is a bit good.
  9. I never expected to come across Ronnie Pickering references on a bass guitar forum! 😂
  10. at this very minute, Golden Brown by the Stranglers.
  11. More or less. I've noticed that the neck pup is quite a bit lower than the bridge so I might try raising it a fraction.
  12. It is. '92 Squier Silver Series Jazz bass
  13. Thanks tauzero. I do have the input turned on. I'm beginning to think it is an input issue of some sort, but quite what I don't know. If I apply an effect it is definitely loud enough but when I turn the effect off it's back to a muddy, low volume. I suspect it might be something to do with gain but don't know if that can be adjusted for the clean signal.
  14. I'll probably be in the market for a new practice combo soon too. My 27 year old Carlsbro Viper 30W is doing the same as yours - crackling pots, even cutting out altogether. I've been looking at the Fender Rumble 25 V3 and the Laney Richter RB2 30W, but might even look at the Fender Rumble 15 as I doubt I'll ever be playing outside the bedroom.
  15. I'm not sure if the issue is with the Tascam or my bass. I only got the device yesterday and when I tried it the bass volume is very low, even with the input turned up full or almost full. Playing recorded music sounds fine but when I try to play along with a song I just can't hear my bass. I tried adjusting the balance but it didn't make much difference. does anyone have any ideas?
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