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  1. Thank goodness for that. I don't really read music and only know about the Circle of Fifths in theory, so when I looked at the music I decided to try and work out the key, not noticing that you had given the (incorrect) key in the title. Then I got really confused.
  2. I always loved this sketch. "Sorry wrong page"
  3. Wasn't there a bit of a stink kicked up recently about Burberry or some other fashion house doing this?
  4. They couldn't have salvaged anything? Necks? Bridges? Tuners? Knobs? Nothing?
  5. I remember Bassist magazine did a transcription many moons ago. I nearly tied my fingers in knots trying to play it.
  6. I want to form a band with Eric!
  7. I suppose this is the point where someone points out that the person in the photo is either someone famous, or is an esteemed member of the forum, thus making me look like a right tube.
  8. I'm not especially judgmental, but I hate him just from looking at that photograph.
  9. I don't think it fits the criteria as I would fall asleep during it, thus brining the song to a halt, rather than driving it along.
  10. no no no no not Zombie. When I started playing bass, many moons ago, we covered zombie and I hated playing it.
  11. I only have one bass. It's kept in it's case in the bedroom. I don't have a lot of kit lying around but do often find myself playing air bass.
  12. I buy it in my local chemist so that scenario would never play out.
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