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  1. There is an obscure glass design not dissimilar to that called ‘everglade’ ,some customers still choose it but it really is not for me !
  2. OK Folks , no time to stand on ceremony Dive in !!
  3. Having been humbled by the BC collective who most kindly showed a voting preference in my direction for the July Challenge I am honoured to offer the following image for you for the August Challenge. I hope this one offers a bit of intrigue for you, but I do have to come clean a bit on this, this particular image is a scene that is very familiar to one amongst us. It totally did my head in when I stumbled on to it , but maybe that was due to a little refreshment that I participated in beforehand. It has been slightly edited , but is reasonably accurate in its portrayal of the scene Usual rules apply. You know the drill: ✔️ Entries must be <5 minutes and written/recorded this month. ❌ No illegal samples, copyright infringements or other snide goings-on ❌ Bagpipes. please no bagpipes, its August, all the pipes should be in Edinburgh now . panpipes only if you have too. ❌ No voting for your own entry. We'll know. And we'll shame you. A line or two offering an insight to your inspiration will be good as well , it works nicely on the voting thread. Deadline wise , we will split our just desserts and call midnight on 'National Banana Split Day' , and yes, you probably have till about 19.00 on the 26th, ( the clue given here is that 'National Banana Split Day' is the 25th). I'm definitely getting this day off a U.S. site, but, as today is U.S Universal birthday for shelter dogs , don't paws, give yourselves a treat
  4. I’ve got a photo , just need to edit it a little then send it to myself , I will have it up by this evening 👍
  5. 😂😂 many thanks , and yes , I have the auto tune as a set default on my vocal track template , then it takes so long to actually work out what notes I am supposed to being singing that I turn it off anyway 😂
  6. Woo Hoo cheers Douglas, thanks for that , thanks for the votes folks I’ll have a dig through my photos in an hour or so and see what I can offer you for August
  7. Just whack the camera with the headstock , that should do it 😎
  8. I might get this fir the grandson it seems properly fun
  9. Yeah but , Is it any good for metal 🤦‍♂️ excellent review , but It sounds like you are using multiple limbs and coordinating them , I Think that’s cheating 😂
  10. Have you got his phone number, can I have it 😉
  11. I’ve tried a few auto tunes but I probably just don’t know how to use them properly , I spend far more time on a vocal ( recording, retaking , rehearsing, retaking , re-recording and then removing ) than I should. I think however, that at least I can count on @Dad3353 support on my journey. I think singing lessons are the best place to start and sometimes the mute button is your friend, but mostly I use the old adage ..., Sod em , I love it 😁
  12. I’ve absolutely no idea what you are talking about ! 😂
  13. On a health level I would be perfectly happy to blast on with gigs and rehearsals , on a professional level , the risks to my business continuation, with isolation or infection, would absolutely make the decision for me !
  14. If I’m not mistaken, this is a cynical construction to aid the illegal import of Zulu spears
  15. I’ve Edited the main blurb for you Graeme 👍
  16. They are all in the stalls......... Under orders ............ and........ They're off..
  17. This is it, the start of the second half of the calendar year , July is coming to an end and we are thus in need of a voting poll to decide on the BC favourite composition of this very month. The compositions have taken the following picture as inspiration which was splendidly chosen by last month’s victor @Leonard Smalls Voting will close at midnight on 31st July Your choices for this month are as follows , please pick your fave 3 1 @Dad3353 Nature has a way of responding to misuse and abuse of her bounty. Now abandoned by those hoping to make a quick (on Nature's timescale...) profit from this area, winds whistle and howl through the broken panes, rattling anything left loose, echoing in and out of the cisterns and tubes, pipes and wires; anything to display some disapproval. Are they voices, or is it our heightened imagination..? Heavenly choirs or shrieking demons..? Let your conscience be your guide... 2 @Rikki1984 For some reason I keep on including vocals despite my innate lack of ability to sing or write lyrics! 3 @Nicko The theme of the song is Urban Decay. The lyrics (such as they are) are about towns disappearing but the music starts with a clean, simple theme and the idea was to add more and more layers to represent the graffiti that builds up over time . Of course, it's urban so I went for a bit of poor rapping. 4 @Waddo Soqable you can call it Orchestral Piece 4 if you like.. 5 @Leonard Smalls We have "Flowers", a song about decay of relationship, plus a general musing on how folks live closely together. 6 @Nail Soup The picture bought to mind the decayed industry we see around us, a thriving workplace has become a void. I called the song "Into The Void" and that in turn led to a downbeat, goth-y feel. 7 @xgsjx This one is a different view on the pic. Looking at it as a great memory. One where you feel warm and happy. Maybe you worked in the factory? Maybe it was a party in this factory? Maybe you found love here? Whatever it may have been, it's a happy place to visit. 8 lurksalot The track starts in sombre reflection of times past , but very soon jumps into the lively present, whilst also giving a nod to the incompleteness of its current state ....really !! 9 @upside downer The image struck me as eerie, erratic, sparse, curious and out of time so my strange effort hopefully reflects that oddness. Voting will close at midnight on 31st July Good luck everyone
  18. That would be great , I can then re-post it into the voting thread tommorrow 👍
  19. It shows up here where @Waddo Soqable has shared it , but I can’t access it on soundcloud or share/copy/paste the link . Thus I can’t put it in the voting thread 😳 this happened with some of your stuff when you hosted in a different soundcloud account I recall
  20. I have prepared the voting thread ready for the morning , so any more need to be in fairly sharpish! I have a little issue with the soundcloud sharing for @Waddo Soqable , I think you may have some permissions switched off or the track maybe private. I recall @Dad3353 had a similar issue at one point so might be able to pin point the exactitude of the matter May I just say that not only do we have a most splendid offering again this month , I also think that the production values seem to improve all the time , it is genuinely a great pleasure to be a part of this challenge
  21. Okey Dokey , I think I've rinsed this one for as much as I can get out of it just now. Not yet managed to convince the neighbour to let his lungs loose on it but I live in hope ......(die in caergwrle) The track starts in sombre reflection of times past , but very soon jumps into the lively present, whilst also giving a nod to the incompleteness of its current state ....really !! EZdrummer , I found a new kit that works on this, ibby 6 string through waves gtr 3 offering some twang , Gordon Smith applying some low end and of course the much in demand sweet vocal tones of yours truly .... which I will ditch if an offer of a superior performance makes it to tape !
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