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  1. Depends entirely on what "drivel"! If it's ill-thought out slogans with little or no new content or with no level of thought, fair enough. If it's something that makes you think, I'm quite happy to hear it, whether I agree with it or not. Frinstance, our singer always does a little anti-hunting spiel - it invariably goes down well even though we've been playing quite a lot of gigs locally, which is proper hang 'em shoot 'em fish 'em country. But then all our songs are a bit (a lot!) political, or at least about some sort of issue as that's what our singer writes lyrics about. Me? I'm easy either way on that as I'm only there as eye candy...
  2. Indeed... After all, all human interactions are politics! I remember back in the 80s when Queen were vilified for playing Sun City at the height of apartheid, the England Cricket team also got grief for similar. And the justification was "keep politics out of music/sport"; but what that failed to take account of was the fact that they gave tacit approval to the SA Govt's policy. So not only were they condoning extreme racism, they were getting a nice bit of bunce for the privilege. What's the saying? "All it takes for evil to succeed is for a good man to say nothing" (or words to that effect)
  3. To be fair, I've not seen much hatred of him here... Some folks aren't fans, and say so, others are, and they also say so. Though it appears that the fans tend more toward the "oooh Adam you're so tight and rich and I want to have your babies" than the not-fans tend toward Hatey McClaytonHateFace... It seems that some minor criticism, or not really liking The Clayton is interpreted as full-blown hatred!
  4. Funnily enough, this is my experience of U2 as well - I saw them in 1980 on the Boy tour as well (in Liverpool). Guitar was great, singer charismatic, band sounded fine but rhythm section-wise, nowt to write home about (especially as I'd seen ID and the Blockheads the week before). Next time ('83) I saw them The Edge was still good, rhythm section competent but nowt compared to Bauhaus, Simple Minds or Kid Creole who'd played at Leeds Uni not long before. However, Bono had discovered Messiah Mode; he clambered onto a scaffold and held forth for ages in quite an annoying way. Since then I haven't really bothered with 'em.
  5. Excellently shouty punk rap... Expect some bad language!
  6. Funky as! Slightly raunchy vid, but unusually for rap, there's a guitar solo!
  7. I love a good bass solo - more notes the better! Though I prefer ones where the drums keep going, and perhaps guitars and keys do a rhythmic stab on the one or wherever... I tend not to do many at all, probably because most of our band's songs are built from a number of busy bass riffs so there's only so much our poor audience should be burdened with. However, the 3 I do are a 16 bar intro, with melodic bass playing the actual song melody in reverse with guitar feedback and cymbals slowly joining in, a 4 bar with lots of notes slappy groove that's a pre-amble to a crazy chromatic guitar solo in a You've Got Foetus On Your Breath style (!), and a fast chromatic run down the fretboard based on roots and 7ths lasting 2 bars.
  8. Got one of these coming soon, and this is the feature I'm looking forward to most:
  9. I'd be extremely happy to be fiercely, even violently, loyal to a brand if they would be so kind as to bung me free stuff and put me up as an edorsee on their publicity... And if another brand came and attempted to buy my loyalty with bigger and better free stuff (in much the same way as the first one did), there's absolutely no way I'd jump ship, oh no.
  10. Spent far too much time on the this over the last few days... Still, 'er's funky! This month we have a celebration of the Full Moon, in all its forms 😁 Contains basses by Sandberg and ACG, plus lots of fiddling with my new organs. Guitars by Strat (with some widdling by J - cheers!). Drums programmed in and/or using loops by EZ Drummer. Mixed with Neutron 3, Ozone 9 with plenty of Phasis and Raum and a large dollop of BassRoom.
  11. Finally able to make a start... My laptop had decided not to recognise my password - I eventually noticed that it wasn't actually recognising 1/2 of the keys on the keyboard. So I got up the ease of access on-screen keyboard to get into it. After some investigation I discovered that a most helpful Windows update had decided to save power by shutting off some USB buses, which just happened to be connected to part (not all, for some reason?) of the keyboard. Turned that off in power management and all was fine. Cheers Bill! Anyway, so far we've got some quite groovy jazz funk with, mercifully, no singing or (eek!) rapping. Will hopefully get it finished!
  12. Nice to see some Parker Fly geetars... Still use my PB51 bass!
  13. Fan of George too... Here's one of my favourites:
  14. Now this is what I call a good drummer - you should hear his versions of Summer Bries, Camembert Feel The Noize and Relight My Gruyere!
  15. I suspect I'm not one of the Zombies, but I may have a touch of vampire in me... Because I can't be doing with any flat pick'ey P bass tones, or that Danelectro Eurovision tone, or Flea's horrific Maggot Brain sound, or anything at all by Future Islands apart form CrazyMan Dancing!
  16. Perhaps we should merge this thread with the worst bass sound thread, as one man's "this is awesome!" is another's "f$$$ me wot a racquette!"
  17. Our new drummer (if 7 months is new!) wears industrial ear defenders due to tinnitus; however, he's right on time and listens to the rest of the band enough to produce fills and grooves that are actually musical, as opposed to neanderthal!
  18. Slightly odd gig - 'twas a benefit for a local community enterprise in a village hall. Place was full of kids and felt like a house party! However, despite the tiny 400W PA they'd provided (could barely hear vocals!), a real effort had been made making the place look like a haunted castle (including papiere mache autopsy room next door!). We played very well, I was very happy with my bass sound and loads of people danced about - apart from 1 kid who stood at the front telling us it was too loud. We had to do 2 encores before they'd let us leave so all was good!
  19. I'll give this a go! I change strings about every 3 months, depending on how much I play, and I've got 4 basses I use regularly...
  20. I've still got my copy! And I've still got my copy of the Bunnymen's 1st single, from when they had a drum machine. I remember seeing them at Chester Arts Centre, with Teardrop Explodes - £1 to get in iirc, and there was a huge punch up afterwards for some reason, but we managed to escape with inflicting or being inflicted!
  21. Funnily enough, in my 1st band back in the ATs our "drummer" programmed a basic beat into a Roland 606 (or whatever it was) which was strapped to a stringless guitar body. He jumped about with it live, and played stuff over the top. Worked surprisingly well! And last year, after our "real" drummer left, I programmed drum parts from all our songs into Ableton using EZ Drummer, then outputted onto my phone which we plugged into the PA to do a number of live-streamed gigs... And that also worked very well indeed.
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