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  1. Have you set it as private? The link just shows a "content isn't available" message.
  2. It's funny that what was NuSkool back in the day is now OldSkool! So is Mean Machine and all the Sugarhills OG? BTW, love a bit of Gang Starr and EPMD...
  3. Love it! And (almost) everything up to, and including BSSM. Just not a fan of their more melodic outings. But then I'm not really a melody type of person, I likes it hard, and I likes it funky. I even like slow, so long as it's both hard and funky. Even better if it's Out There as well. Owt else is just that little bit wet...
  4. That was the party I blagged into... IIRC we met GBOA there and went on to support them 5 or 6 times, last time was at Edward's no. 8.
  5. Perhaps! Though I remember blagging my way into the party after one of the Astoria shows and having a rather toke-y conversation with Flea about the difference between Mother's Finest and Funkadelic, and how they compared with the Gang of Four and New York No Wave punkfunk movements... He was very knowledgeable and keen on the idea of funkin' and rockin' hard, both of which have kind of fallen by the wayside since Californication, though not completely. Mebbe giving up the drugs somewhat mellowed them!
  6. I first saw the Chillis at a pub that is now Hammersmith bus station in 1987... A friend of mine had brought back the 1st album and Freakey Styley from LA the year before and I was completely blown away by their hardcore punkfunk and excellent live performance. Saw them again at the Mean Fiddler, not long before Hillel died, then at the Electric Ballroom and twice at the Astoria. Every time they rocked like muthas, though you could see little glimmers of "growing up" or as I would call it, getting old or following the money. And like most bands who discover some sort of success, they did what more punters wanted which was less hard and more nice choons. So they alienated much of their early fanbase by grooving less and allowing Antwan The Swan to sing more, which is a shame as he's a brilliant frontman and rhythmic shouter, but not such a good singer. Still, they probably don't give a toss what I think!
  7. Here's the master of micro-tonal... His band Screaming Headless Torsos groove like muthas!
  8. I much preferred them when George Clinton or Andy Gill were at the controls!
  9. While on a rather fine rock climb called Outside Edge Route recently...
  10. Some Old Skool electro (Jonzun Crew) with poppin'! I bought this 12" on spec as a student for £4 - most I'd ever spent on a single as this was 1983...
  11. What happens if you just turn the actual bass volume down a touch? And if it's a active bass, try changing the battery - I've found distortion can be a sign of fading battery...
  12. Funnily enough when I bought my Wal in 89ish I was playing in a punk band... As a result it's got a few dings and bashes!
  13. I loves it... Funky as! Shame Katrina Wotsit did a p1ssp00r cover I couldn't even recognise...
  14. They'd obviously heard my entry for this month's Basschat Composition Challenge!
  15. No need to be sorry! 😀 I remember buying the original single (still got it!) but hadn't heard the live version before. And I quite like that too!
  16. I'me tending more and more towards overkill... I use a dual channel DBX compressor into BBE preamp into Crown 1500w power amp. But there's also a sneaky pedalboard with 4 loops plus clean - Future Impact/FwonkBeta and Darkglass tube distortion/BassWhammy and 3Leaf Proton/EBS bass wah. By fiddling about with the Wounded Paw Blender these are attached to I can get all sorts of crazy wah distorted synthed octave sounds mixed with as much clean as I want, which I can further blend into the BBE's own tone shaping and overdrive... Me, I like knobs'n'buttons'n'complication!
  17. I've seen things you people wouldn't believe! Staggering drunks knocked into the fire by the shoulder of Brian. I've seen I-beams rust in the dark by the Tref-y-Clawdd gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain... etc
  18. I've sent the link for this thread to the pub involved... Anything for a free pint!
  19. Despite the idea of being in a "we're proper rock'n'roll" hair metal band is,for me, one of the seven circles of hell, I have at least 2 pairs of trousers like that, plus another in faux snakeskin. If I break out my Banzai headband and grow out the mohawk perhaps they'd want me! Now all I have to do is get them to move to the Powys/Shropshire borders where I could get 'em a gig at The White Horse in Clun...
  20. I done one... My "piece" (I hesitate to call it a song!!!) is an impression of who is in the mirror, and what happens when he's summoned. Basses are fretless Lightwave, plus Wal doing guitar emulations and weird noises. Keys are Ableton's own grand piano sound, drums programmed through EZ Drummer using Clyde Stubblefield's Phased Funk kit, saxes edited and resampled heavily from Loopmasters loops.
  21. If your laptop has only 4Gb of RAM, you might find difficulty running any DAW with more than a few tracks! Personally I wouldn't use less than 16Gb...
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