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  1. We had a family weekend in London last October and probably the thing that we all enjoyed was a speedboat trip along the Thames. This departed from a pier next to the London eye, done the touristy bit at the start. When it got to a certain point they gave it the Beans and turned on the James Bond music. It wasn't to expensive either if I remember correctly, about £130 for the four of us.
  2. We use one of those Egg box shaped acoustic tiles with a hole in the middle for the pole to go through., works a treat.
  3. I own this now, as stated above I bought from a guitar shop in I think it was Berkshire. Had it about 18 months now and it's a cracker.
  4. Thanks for all the replies. Got plenty to think about. Ash
  5. Cheers, just finishing work will have a look when I get home. Ash
  6. The lights I have are 6/10 channels switchable. I assumed that if I had 4 lights I would need a controller which was capable of 40 channels. You say that the cheap ones can handle 256 channels which will be more than enough surely? I'm just looking for something simple the singer can change via the footswitch. Thanks for the advice. I'll have a look at Thomann. Ash.
  7. The band are needing some new lights so I started looking for something half descent. Our old lights were just set to sound and done an OK job. After a bit of research, which entailed calculating how much it cost per Watt. I decided to purchase four LEDJ Performer 18 Hex. These are 18x12W 6IN1 colour LED's [ RGBWAUV] which are 6/10 channels. The idea was to get the Singer to operate the lights via a footswitch. However trying to find a controller/ footswitch which is compatible has been a bit tricky. I take it I need a controller that can handle at least 40 channels and the 6 colours, which has the ability to run a footswitch off it? Does any such thing exist? And if so can anyone point me in the right direction. Cheers Ash.
  8. [i]Oh well worth a try. I've got a friend who lives nearby,i'll see if he is coming up the road any time soon.[/i]
  9. [size=4][b][i][sub][sup][size=5]We use the T-Bone wireless system from Thomann and have had no problems [/size][/sup][/sub][/i][/b][/size] [size=4][b][i][sub][sup][size=5] using it for vocals only.[/size][/sup][/sub][/i][/b][/size]
  10. We use a label writer. Once you have worked out how many letters per channel its a doddle. Looks good to.
  11. Hi, i have a G.B. Streamliner 900 available if you are interested.
  12. I was bidding on a few items and was winning on all of them. With 10 mins to go the site crashed. At the end i thought i had won all the items. However i was out bid on most things at the death, which may have been a blessing in disguise as Mrs BA would of had a sh*t fit when she found out. I did win a powered Peavey XR 1212 Desk which was handy as the desck in our studio died a while ago. According to the Peavey site these retail at £925, i managed to get this for about £170 all in. When my invoice arrived i discovered i had also won 9 yes 9 Trace Elliot footswitches. Went down on Friday [ left at 5am ] picked the stuff up, all seems brand new. The only problem is only two of the footswitches had cables with them and i cannot find where to buy the cables from. They appear to be din 9 pin cables. Anyone one have any ideas where i can pick some up?
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