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  1. Noel Redding

    Yes and I think that was the point I was trying to make in my original post. I feel sorry for him. He didn't want to play bass and years later no-one is even sure what recordings he is even playing on. Some might say he was lucky but who knows what he would have done if he had followed a different path on guitar.
  2. Noel Redding

    I've seen that before and quite like it. Towards the end of the experience, Fat mattress supported them on some gigs with Noel playing in both bands
  3. Noel Redding

    The sad thing is no one really know what he played on as there are so many conflicting stories by people who have long gone. I also read Chad Chandler played bass on the recording of Hey Joe. To be the bass player in such an iconic act of the 60s producing only 3 albums, and people not knowing what songs you played on is very sad indeed
  4. R.I.P Fast Eddie

    Shouldn't the album be renamed Ace of Spayed! RIP Eddie. I only ever saw the line-up with Lemmy, Filthy and Wurzel but he had such a great tone to his playing. Sad way to go too.
  5. Noel Redding

    I've just ordered a copy!
  6. Noel Redding

    Yes i read that. He kept the beat to allow Jimi and Mitch to be more creative. From the live performances Ive seen he is a solid player. Jimi is said to have expressed early on it was always the intention to change the bass player. I think he was just waiting till he had hit the big time before he could get his friend Billy in.
  7. Noel Redding

    I've always been a fan of the music of Jimi Hendrix but only recently read in depth about the band history and specifically Noel Redding. Can't help feeling a bit sorry for him From what I've read from various sources - He wasn't a bass player and initially auditioned as rhythm guitar but they decided to go with a 3 piece and Noel was asked to switch to bass as they liked his big hair and image! Many of his parts were over dubbed or completely replaced on all 3 albums by Chas Chandler early on and then Jimi himself on Electric Ladyland. He was eventually replaced by Jimi's old friend Billy Cox and when they decided to get the original three back together he was dismissed again when they changed their mind. Years later he sold his original bass to a collector and signed away his rights to royalties as he needed cash. I suppose you could argue that he was lucky to get the part and should have been thankful for the experience he got (excuse the pun) but can't help feeling a little sorry for him. I find the whole Jimi Hendrix story very interesting.
  8. Advice appreciated - choosing an amp

    I had the Blackline for a while and whilst it sounded good with my cabs I found it a little underpowered. The extra speakers with the TC combo will certainly give you more volume paired with your cab as you are moving more air. I like Hartke stuff and for the genre you're playing it will sound great. Also check out the Hartke LH500. These are built like tanks, very loud and sell quite cheap at the moment. They also have very basic controls so easy to get a great tone with the valve preamp.
  9. Fave and unfave music noises

    Surely the worst sound is what they refer to as the 'orchestral hit' that keyboards were over using throughout the 80s
  10. The Elf club

    I use two of the new style fender rumble 12s.
  11. The Elf club

    If anyone is concerned about the power of this amp then fear not. NYE gig last night and my MB500 died on me at sound check. It was a marquee gig with 250 loud punters and no PA support. I got my back up ELF out and it handled the gig fine. I had to push it with gain and volume at 2 o clock but it still sounded clean. Bumped into an old muso friend at the bar and he complemented me on my sound too. Now to get the MB500 fixed.
  12. The Elf club

    It's the perfect backup head. Sounds great, has a DI out, loud enough for pub gigs and will fit in any guitar case with your bass.
  13. Midnight chimes

    Is anyone playing this New Year that has to do the midnight ritual of Big Ben. We have done it a few times and ive always struggled to find decent midnight music. I was looking for maybe a countdown followed by the chimes and then an upbeat version of auld lang syne. This gives us time to exchange handshakes before our third set of the night at 12.05am. I've found backing tracks online that are okay but nothing that contains all three of the above. I'd be keen to see what other people use?
  14. Music stands - are they as common as I think?

    I think it comes down to how good your memory is. In our 3 piece band where we share vocals I don't use one as I can remember lyrics and notes fairly well. On the other hand our guitarist can't remember lyrics no matter how many times he sings them so uses a music stand. He is a very good guitarist and singer so don't think he should be deprived of being in a band just because he has an awful memory. However I do admit if I am putting live photos of us up on our media sites I do try and edit out his music stand from the photo.
  15. Music stands - are they as common as I think?

    I posted this question on here a couple of years ago and it turned into a very long thread with some strong opinions on both sides of the argument.