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  1. bonzodog

    Later with Joolz last night

    Lots of ups and downs this week. I enjoyed the Lemon twigs especially their last song. Sam Fender was good too as I had never heard of him.
  2. Bit of a strange one but here goes. Having to move things round the house for various reasons and my new home for my gear is the cupboard under the stairs. Gear consists of my bass cabs, two basses in hard cases box of cables and amp head. Plus our bands two active speakers and boxed mixer. All fine except the main supporting wall in the cupboard (opposite the door) is also on the other side as to where our log burner is for our lounge. This is only small 3.5K oven but it heats the lounge great. When it's on and I touch the wall inside the cupboard it's hot to touch but not to the point where you can't leave your hand on. My question is whether this cupboard will be too warm for my gear as we are just about to start using the log burner again through to next Spring. I could just keep opening the door when I use the burner but not sure if I need to and may forget. I could possibly move the basses elsewhere if they are most likely to suffer? Anyone know if I am worrying over nothing?
  3. bonzodog

    New cab suggestions

    Thanks for the advice guys. I did already have roundwounds on before my flats and did not notice much difference. Anyway I decided to buy a couple of Gen 1 Compacts off here. These are the 15s and no doubt I only needed to buy one but they were both at a good price and it's nice to have a spare and also when using one I can have it on top of the other nearer my ears. First gig last night and as it was a huge room I decided to run both. Got to say I was blown away by how much bottom end there was. Lovely tone and surprising amount of top end too. Only one gig in but so far this is the sound I've been trying for. Pics below taken at home
  4. bonzodog

    Feedback for haruki

    Bought a BF compact from Martin today. Great guy to deal with and very happy with cab.
  5. bonzodog

    Sign of the times

    I think the older players amongst us are now worried about our backs (me included) and the younger ones have only experienced lightweight gear so all the old heavy stuff is definitely losing its appeal. Collections on eBay are always hit and miss too unless you fall lucky and have someone local to you.
  6. bonzodog

    Behringer B205D personal monitor (case required)

    I've only ever seen one of these personal monitors once but from memory it seems similar size to 2 of our mini LED moving heads. I use this bag to put them in and it's great quality. Dimensions are on web site and it's available from most online music shops and Amazon https://www.americandj.eu/en/flat-pak-bag-4.html
  7. bonzodog

    New cab suggestions

    Hi all I'm looking for some new cabs. My current cabs I feel have a distinct lack of bottom end which ive noticed more recently as we've done a string of larger pubs (no PA support for bass) I currently use 2 x 112 Fender Rumbles V3. They look great and are lightweight which are a real plus. I currently use it with a GK MB500 as I like the tone from that amp but have also used them with my Hartke LH500. With both amps Ive never felt there was much of a bottom end which is what I want. I play in a 3 piece doing Mod /Rock/punk songs and use MIM P bass with flats. The problem is I don't have the money to go to barefaced territory so I think with maybe £300 for my rumbles I can double it and spend around £600 mark. I'm looking at a 2 cab solution due to back issues and was thinking of trying out 15s. I quite like the look of the Rootmaster series and may even try a 210 and 115 configuration (although it's not always recommended). Not sure if this would be trade up from a rumble though due to similar price. I could just switch to rumble 15s but was keen to see if anyone else had any recommendations. Plan to visit PMT next week to try some out Thanks
  8. bonzodog

    Active floor monitor advice

    +1 for the Alto TS312 We use them as monitors and they are plenty loud enough. One would be fine for a small pub band. The great thing about using a speaker this size is it also acts as a back up if one you main speakers goes down (assuming you are using active FOH speakers)
  9. bonzodog

    Floppy Hercules microphone stand legs

    Not had them long and they've always been like it. Just wasn't sure if they were supposed to be like that as it doesn't appear you can tighten them. Bit of a bad design if that's the case so will take them back.
  10. I bought a couple of new Hercules microphone stands as I was told they were good quality. When I fold them up to put back in the bag the three legs remain loose and flop backwards and forwards rather than keep tight to the main body even though I have slid the base up the main pole (hope that makes sense). They are stable when being used but it's a pain trying to get them into the narrow case as the legs flap about. Is this normal for Hercules? Other stands I've had in the past the legs can't move when you slide the base up to fold away. There is no way too tighten each leg either.
  11. bonzodog

    Tiny amps for backup purposes

    +1 for the elf. I bought it as a backup to my MB500 but now use it more as main head as I like the tone. It's capable of doing noisy mid sized pub gigs with my 2 x 112 rumble cabs with no PA support. The lack of speakon is a pain but the size is incredible. I have hard cases for my basses and it fits into the compartment where you normally put a strap so i don't even notice it's there.
  12. bonzodog

    8U flight case SOLD

    Now sold on ebay