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  1. Sooo, Isoprop arrived this morning and...well.... it nearly worked. See pics, before and after. I'm left with some really stubborn marks that won't shift πŸ˜‘ Have to re-think this.
  2. Thanks for all your help and advice guys. I've ordered some Isoprop which will arrive on Monday, so I'll post an before and after pic😊😁
  3. It's in a fairly inconspicuous place already but I want to avoid any chance of making it worse. 😊
  4. Thanks Guys, I'll try some white spirit first and report back...
  5. Hi all I recently acquired a rather lovely Sandberg Ken Taylor 4 which is fab....however the previous owner stuck one of the pick holders on the back.of the bass on the belly cut. I took it off because I didn't want it there but of course it's left behind a sticky mess...see pic. I'd like to get it off but I'm pretty sure that cleaners like white spirit, nail polish remover/acetone snd the like would damage the finish. So can anyone suggest another way to remove the residue without affecting the finish? All advice gratefully recieved. Cheers 😊
  6. Just shared these on the Wal FB page but I thought I'd put them here too. Geddy's bass book just landed and here are the pages with his Wals. The book is great by the way.
  7. My copy arrived this morning...weighs about the same as his 72 Jazz... Only dipped in so far but it's nicely bound and well put together...gonna love going through it😊
  8. Me too. The more I play mine the more I love it. Totally GAS free for more than a year now. 😊
  9. Someone on one the Facebook groups I'm in posted this https://www.slingerstraps.com/ They look like a good solution to me. Apologies if it's been mention before. I thought the harness strap looked very useful.
  10. That would be James Dewer, fab voice.
  11. Yep, I was also at Earls Court for the Wall. There was a live album from those gigs..I Think it's called - Is There Anyone Out There, I've got it somewhere...... I was also at Knwbworth for Zeppelin, one of about 250,000 people that can be seen in various bits of video released over the years.... 1979/80 a great 12 months for memorable gigs for me.
  12. Oh sure. We moved here for economic reasons, the music had to come second, but not knowing anyone in the music community here has made it a proper challenge. I knew it would be but it's even more difficult than I thought it would be. I'm getting there but I feel that I might missing opportunities that don't get as far as a musicians wanted web site or Facebook group, so my post here is one way, I hope, of getting some inside knowledge and trying to think outside of the box. I lived in Suffolk for a couple of years and the music scene there is quite thinly spread...it's much thinner out here...I'm sure I'll find the right band or musicians in time, I'm just trying to get there soonest.
  13. Thanks Tony, much appreciated. Seems like you're in a similar position to me. I hope it works out for you but if not, give me. Shout.
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