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  1. I'm about to pull the trigger on a Super Twin myself...is three week delivery relalistic?
  2. Do your travels take you into the wilds of Lincilnshire?
  3. Arggg...wish I had the funds, it's only an hour's drive from me...this stuff hardly ever comes up over hear....πŸ˜–
  4. For me it would be The Yes Album, then Fragile with Close To The Edge 3rd. Relayer would be my 4th choice tied with Going For The One. I also think if I had to choose one, in a Desert Island Discs stylee, it would be YesSongs, which is pretty much my top 3 albums all in one. I love the extra energy on the live album. Saw them live many times all of which were fab.
  5. I used CMP Studios in Eastbourne few years ago. They were very good I thought.
  6. I've got one of these too, works for me.
  7. Not seen this before, couldn't find it here. Jaco with a JayDee...
  8. I've long looked at Sandbergs and thought I should try one and see for myself if all the love for them is justified....and I concur. Just given a new home to a 20th Anniversary Edition Ken Taylor Basic 4 and it's fab. Lovely neck, great slabs of tone from the pick ups with very usable EQ. It will be my only bass for the foreseeable future, I couldn't be happier and I'm pleased to be in the 'berg Club.😎 Here's a pic.
  9. Finally got it off! Sticky Stuff Remover did the job but it took 4 applications and a reasonable amount of elbow grease. There's one small patch that stubbornly refuses to shift which I'm going to leave and it'll become part of the bass's story along with a few other dints and dongs...genuine wear and tear. So I'm happy 😁. Thanks to everyone for the help, advise and humour.
  10. Sooo, Isoprop arrived this morning and...well.... it nearly worked. See pics, before and after. I'm left with some really stubborn marks that won't shift πŸ˜‘ Have to re-think this.
  11. Thanks for all your help and advice guys. I've ordered some Isoprop which will arrive on Monday, so I'll post an before and after pic😊😁
  12. It's in a fairly inconspicuous place already but I want to avoid any chance of making it worse. 😊
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