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  1. FFTW in the past I had 2 fours and a 5 string. All were very comfortable to play sitting down and were great basses to play generally. A 4HH in Lava Pearl has just been put up for sale at Bass Direct if that's not to far away....
  2. Almost! It's called Shoreline Ultaviolet.
  3. I do! Although I use it with Berg 212NXT. Without doubt the best rig I've ever had or played through. Only used it at rehearsals so far but it's a great piece of kit.
  4. I was there. Must have been the 11th because I remember Chas and Dave, the New Barbarians, Keef's band. I also recall Todd Rungdron nearly falling of a speaker stack he'd climbed and some bloke brought his newly married wife complete in a wedding dress to the show! Of course I loved seeing Led Zeppelin, eating Watermelon's always remind me.of that weekend. Happy Days.
  5. Congratulations, I'd been looking at this one ever since it arrived. It looks even better in your pics than those at Bass Direct. Slightly envious and not a little jealous....I'm a recent Spector convert myself and can't see myself playing any other bass now. Enjoy!
  6. Didn't spot that😅 It's a custom order of sorts. Mark at Bass Direct spec'd and ordered it. I just fell in love with it when I saw it and had to have it.
  7. Just got back into rehearsals with my new band and got to use my Bergantino rig "properly" 😁. Totally blown away this amp/cab/bass combo...this is the tone I always had in my head. Very happy.
  8. ABM600 sold to Andyneeds. Thanks Andy, +ve feedback left for you.
  9. Andy has just bought my AMB600. Really nice guy to do business with and a pretty tasty bass player too.
  10. Thanks for the message. But it's simply not possible, sorry.
  11. Agreed, but as the others have said it was a bit grotty and IIRC not a little smelly 🤢
  12. Just had a look in an old photo album and here's a couple of pics from '78 taken at Alan Gordons...we didn't use the amp equipped room very often...this would have been after the Iron Maiden event. Wish I still had that 70s P though...mind you it was about as heavy as boat a anchor! Note the HH gear!
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