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  1. RIP Peter, another legend passes 😑
  2. All my favs already mentioned; Joni, Kate, Skin and a few others but I've not seen Sam Brown mentioned yet. Her version of STOP is fab. Also John Bonham's sister Deborah Bonham is a great, bluesy vocalist and worth checking out.
  3. +1 for Yes Songs, their first live album....fabulous stuff.
  4. First thing first....protect your ears! Ringing ears after a rehearsal is not good. Save a bit of your budget for some quality ear plugs...if you do you'll probably hear yourself better for a start and your hearing will be saved, you really don't want tinnitus.
  5. How about Enfield Guitars, part of the Simms LED outfit http://enfieldguitars.com/index.html The Fusion range might be a fit.
  6. Very nice and I like it that you've bought matching cushions 😎
  7. All recently acquired. I'm very pleased with my rig. Not the lightest but still very portable and sounds great!
  8. Oh my! My year of birth.....sadly I'm about £10,000 short of funds 😔. GLWTS though, someone is going to be very happy!
  9. +1 for the La Bella RX Nickles. If you are a Rotosound fan, then their RotoBass Nickles aren't bad either and reasonably priced too.
  10. Easily as good as the best I've had, which includes two vintage 61's. The neck is more comfortable for me, between a P and a J and the build quality is spot on. Can't fault it on any level.
  11. For thr past 8-9 years I've been D Class, Markbass, TC, Eich and associated "lightweight" 2x10 and 2x12 cabs. They all sounded OK and at gigs I'd get the occasional complement on my tone etc. But....I did feel that they could be a little lacking in something, which was hard to put my finger on...soul? organic? It seemed, to me, that something gets lost in translation between analog to digital and back to analog. Who knows? Very subjective and not a little inconsistent. Anyho...After nearly 12 months without a band it looks like I've finally got something going and in need of a rig... and here it is. I'm super pleased with it and to my ears, sounds fab.
  12. Just a quick pic of my new (2016) VM4. Loving it!
  13. What about Brian Pern and his band Thotch?
  14. Pete Trewavas lays down some fab bass for Marillion, Transatlantic and Kino. Always a great tone and feel...currently playing a Thumb Bass.
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